Hepatosis menu for the week

Hepatosis is commonly referred to as a liver condition, in which there are pathogistological changes in the organ and a metabolic disorder in the hepatocytes, resulting in various dysfunctions. Diet in liver hepatosis, being one of the advanced methods of treating the disease, is designed to help normalize the metabolic process.

In complex therapy, to eliminate the negative consequences of the disease and restore the metabolic processes of the liver, the basic rules for feeding the patient are singled out.

The liver is not the organ that loves the effects of medications. It is important to protect the body and protect its cells from overload, so the greatest value in the treatment of hepatosis is diet.

The main postulates of dietary nutrition in liver hepatosis:

  1. complete elimination of alcohol – about 98% of ethanol is processed by the liver, so the main toxic impact falls on this body;
  2. adherence to the drinking regime – it is necessary to drink at least 1-1,5 liters of liquid per day. It can be like ordinary purified water, and green unsweetened tea, compote, fruit juice;
  3. The food should be fractional, in small portions every 1,5-2 hours. Thanks to the diet is not overloaded the body, food is quickly digested, and, accordingly, reduces the intoxication of the body;
  4. The daily menu should contain at least 100 g of protein. At the same time, the consumption of fats is limited (not more than ¼ of the daily ration). Preferably, there are proteins of animal origin: fish meat, poultry, eggs, milk. They are the most “complete” proteins;
  5. you need to significantly reduce the consumption of preservatives and carbohydrates;
  6. The menu for the week should be varied and include a full range of foods rich in nutrients.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

The patient, for the sake of a speedy recovery, must adhere to the rules of eating and cooking.

With hepatosis, you can eat the following foods:

  • fish and meat of low-fat varieties. Chicken meat, turkey, veal, rabbit meat are rich in amino acids and are well absorbed by the body. You can eat catfish, carp, carp, pike, perch from low-fat fish. Their meat is enriched with a set of microelements and some vitamins of group B, A, PP, E, D;
  • very useful vegetables and fruits. Vegetables (carrots, pumpkins, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, greens) help the liver perform its detoxification function, removing harmful substances. Fruits are a storehouse of vitamins and, in addition, are able to quickly digest in the body. It is necessary to isolate dried apricots containing phenolic substances. American scientists have proven that the components of dried apricots are an effective weapon in the fight against fatty liver hepatosis;
  • it is recommended to enrich the menu with cereal: buckwheat, barley, pearl, rice;
  • of drinks are very useful yogurt, drinking yogurt, fermented milk, curdled milk, low-fat milk. They have a positive effect on the intestinal microflora. Freshly squeezed juices diluted with water are not forbidden. It shows the use of decoctions of herbs: dog rose, milk thistle, artichoke.

Food should be steamed, boiled or baked. To maintain the taste, you can add spicy herbs. Food should be served warm, as cold food injures the esophagus and adversely affects the stomach.

It is forbidden to eat:

  • Smoked, fried, pickled, salted, canned foods seasoned with spicy spices (pepper, mustard, horseradish);
  • fresh baked goods, pastries. Limited consumption of sugar;
  • fatty meat varieties (old beef, chicken with skin, lamb) and fish (salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines, cod, trout and others). Also it is forbidden to eat soups on rich fish and meat broths;
  • dairy products with a high percentage of fat content (milk, cheeses, cream);
  • Some kinds of greenery: green onions, garlic, sorrel, spinach;
  • Tea (except green not strong) and coffee, sweet non-natural drinks.

In order to normalize the work of the main infiltration organ involved in the processes of neutralization and elimination of toxic substances, a diet is applied.

You need to eat oatmeal and buckwheat, cottage cheese, soy flour, lean meat and fish – they contain proteins rich in methionine and choline. Unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin are in proteins of vegetable origin (mainly in vegetable oils). You can drink broths of wild rose, eat berries, citrus fruits and other fruits, because they are enriched with vitamins (especially C, P).


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