Herculean diet for weight loss on 7 days

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Today, you can find many different systems, recipes for weight loss. But, it is important not only to reduce weight but also to maintain health and not to harm. The most correct variant of this situation is the Herculean diet. Further, we will find out what it is and the basic rules for conducting it.

How to lose weight on a Hercules diet?

Herculean diet has many positive aspects for the body when losing weight. First, gruel porridge is one of the most useful for humans. It contains many vitamins and minerals. This product cleanses the intestines from slags, other unnecessary substances.

Positive effects from the regular use of Herculean cereals:

  • lowers the cholesterol in the blood;
  • stabilized glucose;
  • teeth and bones become stronger;
  • immunity increases;
  • the state of the flora of the gastrointestinal system is improving;
  • reduces the risk of heart disease, blood vessels.

Also, the reception of Herculean porridge with weight loss strengthens the nervous system. Herculean cereals are containing starch. It gives the body “slow” energy with a rapid assimilation at the same time.

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100 grams of Hercules flakes have only 84 kcal, of which 5% fat. So, they are often prescribed by doctors to diabetics.

Fundamental rules

hercules meal plan

Losing weight on the oatmeal is a rigid diet. Its varieties are on 3 or 7 days, and also an easier way. It is necessary to take certain rules:

  • You need to eat at least 6 times a day in small portions;
  • Every day you need to use a least of 1,5-2 l. water. But you can drink water at least 1 an hour after eating;
  • You only need to choose a natural product. It is necessary to abandon the extra-cooked flakes with all kinds of additives. They contain a lot of sugar and not suitable for a dietary nutrition;
  • You can not sweeten the dish with sugar, butter, salt. To give a taste it is possible only with the help of berries, fruits, nuts, drying;
  • You can take a multivitamin to maintain the number of useful trace elements;
  • Before diet for 10 days, you need to go through a course of cleansing with rice decoction. The recipe for its: 4 tablespoons of rice covering 1 liter of purified water. Leave it for the night. In the morning on low heat cook for 1 hour without adding water. The rice jelly filtering. You can drink a glass every morning, replacing them with breakfast. To eat, after consuming rice broth, you need at least 3-4 hours;
  • The last meal should be no less than 3 hours before bedtime.

You can not sit on a Herculean diet in the following situations:

  • if a person has an intolerance to the protein present in cereals (gelatinization);
  • during pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • with ulcers, gastritis, colitis, any other lesions of the gastrointestinal system.

Herculean diet plan for the week. Menu

herculean diet plan

Approximate menu for a week for a Herculean diet with losing weight:

Day 1

  • breakfast – 100-150 gr. grated cereals with a sliced apple, a small handful of raisins, a cup of green tea without sugar;
  • snack – an apple or diet yogurt;
  • lunch – 100-200 gr. Herculean porridge with 1 a teaspoon of honey, a mug of light yogurt or kefir;
  • afternoon snack – grated small carrot or apple with a spoon of honey;
  • dinner – 120 gr. Herculean cereals with a glass of milk, a glass of water.

Day 2

  • breakfast – 150 gr. oatmeal with honey, some nuts or dried fruits, a mug of green tea;
  • snack – half apple;
  • lunch – 150 gr. oats flakes with yogurt;
  • afternoon snack – half an apple;
  • dinner – 200 gr. Herculean cereals with kefir, honey.

Day 3

  • breakfast – 140 gr. oatmeal, 150 gr. yogurt;
  • snack – nuts, green apple;
  • lunch – 150 gr. oatmeal with nuts;
  • afternoon snack – 200 ml. kefir;
  • dinner – 150 gr. Herculean flakes with honey, pieces of pears, a cup of green tea.

Day 4

  • breakfast – 120 gr. Herculean cereals on water, half an apple, a cup of tea;
  • snack – half a grated carrot with an apple;
  • lunch – 150 gr. oatmeal on milk with dried fruits;
  • afternoon snack – a cup of yogurt;
  • dinner – 150 gr. oat flakes with honey addition, 200 ml. green tea.

Day 5

  • breakfast – 200 gr. oatmeal with honey, a cup of herbs;
  • snack – the apple is small;
  • lunch – 150 gr. flakes and a half of pears, 150 gr. yogurt;
  • afternoon snack – nuts, a cup of tea on herbs;
  • dinner – 150 gr. Hercules with honey, nuts, water.

Day 6

  • breakfast – 150 gr. oatmeal with yogurt, 300 ml. green tea;
  • snack – a small apple or pear;
  • lunch – 120 gr. oats flakes with honey, apple, a cup of water;
  • afternoon snack – 250 ml. light kefir;
  • dinner – 150 gr. oatmeal on the water.

Day 7

  • breakfast – 200 gr. oatmeal, 100 ml. kefir;
  • snack – an apple, some nuts;
  • lunch – 150 gr. oatmeal with yogurt;
  • afternoon snack – a glass of green tea, an apple;
  • dinner – 200 gr. oatmeal with honey, a cup of water.

More effective kind of Hercules meal plan

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For the first three days, You must take only one oatmeal 3 once a day with green tea or water. On the fourth day, you can add a little apple, kefir in small portions.

There is also a herculean diet consisting of taking oatmeal and kefir. It can be drunk between meals or soak the flakes of kefir with kefir. The amount of kefir per day should not exceed 1,5 liters, and the fat content is not more than 1%.

Hercules mono-diet

The menu includes a single main product – oats, boiled in pure water without sugar, oil. This meal plan can remove 4-7 kg. during the week. But, experts recommend using it no more than 1 times for 4 months.

Herculean diet recipes

Herculean porridge

On a glass of herculean cereal, you will need 3 parts of water. In boiling water, you need to pour the oatmeal, mix, simmer on a small fire for 10-15 minutes. As a result, porridge must turn out thick.

Also, you can steaming oatmeal with boiling water, cover with a lid, insist for minutes 10. This preserves more useful elements.

Another recipe – oatmeal covering with kefir, left to swell for the night in the refrigerator. In the morning you will get a thick swollen mess.

To salt a dish it is not necessary, as the salt keeps a liquid, and at growing thin it is unacceptable. Cooking Hercules porridge is better before consumption, so it will be more delicious. Although some prepare immediately a daily serving and then reheat during the day.

Exit from the diet

hercules diet

To maintain your weight, you need to exit the diet. To do this, you must follow certain rules:

  • You need to expand the diet with new products;
  • You need to start with the input of boiled vegetables: potatoes, zucchini, carrots;
  • In the first week, you must refuse heavy fat, spicy food, half-finished products, soda, alcohol;
  • The first time after the completion of the diet is to eat low-fat protein foods. This includes boiled fish, poultry, hard-boiled eggs, lean meat, light sour-milk products;
  • It is also desirable to cut sugar, but to choose sweet honey, dried fruits;
  • In the majority, there should be fresh fruit, vegetables, food rich in protein. Then the figure will be normal, and with health problems will not be.

Also, to preserve the result, you need to add physical activity, prefer in the fresh air.

Herculean Dietary Reviews

Reviews on the effectiveness of the Herculean diet is very controversial. Here are examples of several reviews from forums that have lost weight:

  • Helen, 30 years: I decided to sit on a Herculean diet for a week. The result is 4 kg per week.
  • Anastasia, 25 years: My experience eating a whole week of oatmeal did not bring any result. Besides, after the diet, I had constipation and stomach problems.
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