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High-calorie diet for weight gain

At a time when the absolute majority is trying to get rid of excess weight, it is strange to hear about a high-calorie diet, which allows this weight to gain. However, this type of diet exists and it is in demand not only in sports circles, where it is used for levying muscle mass, but also in medicine for dystrophy, severe forms of exhaustion and lack of weight.

With high-calorie diets, active physical activities are important, making it possible to make the figure healthy and beautiful.

Feature of high-calorie nutrition

This high calorie diet allows you to gain a uniform weight and does not harm the body. High-calorie diet is a diet, adhering to which, a person will receive a number of calories exceeding the daily rate.

Consider a high-calorie diet routine addition of products containing sugar or fats, in addition to the standard meal, wrong. Diet for weight gain is carefully selected and must be balanced.

Any kind of high-calorie diet means batch food. The menu for weight gain should consist not only of standard breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also additional late breakfasts and afternoon snacks.

Basic principles

Diets for a set of muscle mass can be conditionally possible divided into three main types.

The first type of diet is a normal menu, in addition to which a person consumes protein-fat supplements.

  • Usually this type of high-calorie diet for weight gain is used in power sports for beginners. In this case, a high-calorie diet is used not only to gain muscle mass, but also for the growth of the entire body.

High-calorie diet of the second type is called a diet on a dry basis.

  • The amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats necessary for the growth of muscle tissue is calculated depending on the body weight, based on of the approximate formula: 5g carbohydrates, 2 g protein, 1 g fat per 1 kilogram body weight.
  • This type of high-calorie diet is in demand in bodybuilding and power sports again for a set of muscle mass. Less often it is used, for example, in fitness, for fear of excess fatty deposits.
  • With sufficient physical exertion, the fat layer will not form.

High-calorie diet of the third type for weight gain is considered an extreme type of food.

  • It is one to one coincides with a diet for dry weight, with the exception of carbohydrates, the consumed volume of which is increased to 7 g by 1 kg of body weight.
  • This type of high-calorie diet is not in high demand and is used mainly as a support for mass gain in dystrophic people.

Trying to gain weight do not rush into any food, there are a number of high-calorie, but not harmful to the body products.

During a high-calorie diet, one way or another, metabolism will be accelerated, that provokes a shortage of water in the body. It is important not to limit yourself to the consumption of liquid, the daily rate of which can grow from 2,5 l to 3-3,5 L for an adult.

Choice of high-calorie foods

Before you sit down on a high-calorie diet, you should carefully work out the menu. You can use the already ready menu, an example of which will be given below, and you can make it yourself, based on personal culinary preferences.

Firstly experts advise to use:

  • at least a few eggs per day, lean meat (preferably poultry), fish, nuts, various types of cereals (among which the most caloric is oatmeal), legumes, cheese, cottage cheese, natural yoghurt, kefir, sour cream, milk, sunflower seeds, butter , honey, bananas (and preferably dried).

To choose high-calorie products for a set of muscle mass will help calorie tables, which describe in detail the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Menu for the week for men

A high-calorie diet for weight gain in men is presented by a special menu that will allow you to gain muscle mass and achieve a relief body. The most important with this method of nutrition is active physical exercises: running, swimming, sports hall and so on.

Menu for the week for men (breakfast, lunch, dinner):

  1. omelet from 3 eggs with bacon, baked muesli with banana.
  2. oatmeal with milk, sandwiches with butter.
  3. Fish fillet baked in the oven with vegetables and sour cream sauce.
  1. boiled potatoes with butter, eggs.
  2. pea soup with greens, meat in French, a glass of tomato juice.
  3. boiled potatoes with stewed vegetables.
  1. egg omelet, vegetable salad from Peking cabbage with sour cream.
  2. rice with chicken breast, curd casserole, a glass of milk.
  3. vermicell soup based on chicken broth, chicken cutlets, rye bread.
  1. boiled eggs, oatmeal, croutons.
  2. stewed beans with tomatoes, baked vegetables.
  3. mushroom julienne, boiled potatoes with greens.
  1. fish in batter with cream sauce, rye bread.
  2. soup kharcho, cutlets in Kiev, a glass of apple juice with biscuits.
  3. pork chops, pasta with meat sauce.
  1. omelet from 3 eggs with onions and tomatoes, sandwiches with ham and butter.
  2. stewed cabbage with pork and mushrooms, boiled potatoes, mannik.
  3. rice soup with chicken, wheat bread, potato zrazy.
  1. buckwheat porridge with meat sauce and vegetables on the grill, a glass of carrot juice.
  2. soup with pork meatballs and greens, rice casserole.
  3. baked baked pork with potatoes and vegetables, chicken broth with vermicelli.

Diet for weight gain for women

Diet high-calorie for a set of muscle mass for women is quite effective. The menu for mass gain is enriched with useful caloric products, which increase weight and enrich the body with useful trace elements.

Menu for a week for women (breakfast, lunch, dinner):

  1. fried eggs with tomatoes and greens, meatballs in creamy sauce.
  2. pasta with sausages, sandwiches with cheese and butter, sweet coffee.
  3. rice porridge, vegetable salad from white cabbage.
  1. boiled eggs, sandwiches with ham and butter, a glass of grape juice.
  2. fish baked in foil with vegetables, boiled potatoes with greens, sweet coffee.
  3. buckwheat soup with meatballs, pasta in Fleet style.
  1. curd casserole, fruit salad with whipped cream.
  2. milk oatmeal with nuts, baked muesli, a glass of tomato juice with apple strudel.
  3. zrazy meat with onion and egg, spaghetti with tomato sauce.
  1. omelette with mushrooms, pork baked with eggplant.
  2. ear with greens, rye bread.
  3. paella with pork, salad from vegetables, brynza and crackers.
  1. muesli with yoghurt, bun.
  2. milk oatmeal porridge, borsch, wheat bread, coffee with biscuits.
  3. fish cutlets with potatoes, pasta.
  1. semolina porridge with sugar powder and candied fruit, tea with oatmeal cookies.
  2. ham with pork, pizza with eggplants and mushrooms.
  3. vermicelli, salad from green onions and eggs under sour cream.
  1. omelette from three eggs, fried patties with cabbage and potatoes.
  2. Vareniki with cottage cheese and sour cream, pancakes with meat of a brisket.
  3. mushroom soup with chicken, potatoes stewed with pork and mushrooms.

Menu for children

High-calorie diet for weight gain in children is quite diverse.

  1. rice porridge, boiled eggs, sweet tea with casserole.
  2. vegetable soup with chicken and greens, pasta with chicken cutlets, a glass of cherry juice.
  3. semolina porridge with prunes and nuts, milk with a bun.
  1. egg omelet, prune with whipped cream.
  2. Boiled potatoes with meat sauce, beet salad with prunes, apple compote.
  3. a piece of baked duck with vegetables, sweet tea with a cheesecake.
  1. pea soup with herbs, rice casserole.
  2. homemade ravioli with sour cream, cabbage soup, cup of cocoa with bun.
  3. pasta with pork loaf, buckwheat soup, warm milk with honey.
  1. fried eggs with mushrooms and green beans, tea with shortbread cookies and sweets.
  2. cabbage rolls with sour cream, mushroom soup with greens, cocoa with berry cheesecake.
  3. baked cod fillets with broccoli and carrots.
  1. buckwheat porridge, sandwiches with butter and cheese.
  2. rice soup with dumplings, fruit salad with whipped cream, sweet tea with cottage cheese mass with raisins.
  3. Pilaf with lamb.
  1. omelette with bacon and vegetables, sandwiches with butter and red fish, a warm compote of rhubarb.
  2. barley soup, buckwheat porridge with squash caviar, cocoa with pirozhkom.
  3. potatoes with pork chops and vegetables.
  1. Millet porridge, sandwiches with turkey and vegetables.
  2. stewed cabbage with meat, boiled potatoes with butter.
  3. spaghetti with meat sauce, salad of fresh vegetables with ham under sour cream.

High-calorie diets are effective and useful for weight gain. Proper, healthy diet allows you to achieve the desired result without harming the body. Food that enters the body should be useful and balanced.

A high calorie method, with a properly composed menu and diet, heals the body, improves digestion (with the right selection of food) and contributes to effective weight gain.