High hemoglobin diet

The diet with increased hemoglobin in men is one of the compelling moments of therapy, which must be observed throughout the treatment. It is believed that this protein is often increased in the stronger sex; speaking about hemoglobin in women, believe that the percentage is much lower. With the diagnosis of “increased hemoglobin” and diet, and the use of medicines, and traditional medicine – this is part of the complex therapy. Faced with such a disease, it is worth to find out which products reduce hemoglobin in the blood.

Objectives of a diet designed to lower the level of hemoglobin

Hemoglobin plays an important role in the human body. Its main function is to transfer oxygen by blood. Thanks to hemoglobin, the processed carbon dioxide is removed from the body, which adversely affects the general condition. With high hemoglobin, the viscosity of blood cells increases, and this causes complications in the work of the heart and the entire system. Because of this, high hemoglobin can cause a stroke.

Usually, with high hemoglobin (in women, as in men), therapy is carried out with drugs that cause the blood to liquefy. Engage in self-prescribing drugs that lower hemoglobin is highly undesirable, since the consequences can cause death. It is necessary to consult with the treating therapist about taking substances to reduce the level of indicators. Diet with high hemoglobin sometimes is the best way out.

As the general scientific evidence indicates, if the blood condenses, it contains a large amount of cholesterol, and this harms a person’s health. In order to further increase hemoglobin, it is necessary to adhere to a diet.

It has two main objectives, which are:

  1. It is necessary to reduce the number of animal proteins that are ready to eat.
  2. It is necessary to reduce the level of cholesterol because of the risk of formation of vascular-type plaques.

Foods that are approved for consumption

Nutrition with increased hemoglobin should be balanced. And for this, the patient needs to understand the types of iron present in nature. Given that not everyone knows what it contains in its pure form, it is better to contact a dietician or (as a last resort) to the treating doctor. However, there are general recommendations for the formation of a diet to achieve a decrease in hemoglobin.

The products that can be eaten with a high level of hemoglobin in the blood include:

  • plant food;
  • boiled porridges that have been heat-treated;
  • vegetables cooked, processed;
  • white meat of low-fat type (turkey, rabbit, chicken);
  • fish products (horse mackerel and cod);
  • soup dishes cooked on vegetable broth;
  • dairy products with a low percentage of fat;
  • soy and beans;
  • egg whites;

If, when dieting, elevated hemoglobin decreases, it is possible to include some prohibited foods in the diet, so as not to lower its indices.

A low level of hemoglobin in the blood is much worse for a person than an elevated one, so you should not allow it to decrease as much as possible.

Adhere to proper nutrition as much as possible, the best treatment for reducing hemoglobin.

Prohibited foods

If we consider that there are products on the basis of which food is built, then there are also foods that can not be eaten with elevated hemoglobin. In general, they include those that are characterized by a high content of “iron” molecules, proteins that have an animal origin, and fats.

  • red meat;
  • by-products from meat (kidney, liver, pork and beef tongues, lungs);
  • all kinds of seafood;
  • fish smoked, dried, dried;
  • caviar (both red and black), the more so – squash;
  • yolk products from eggs;
  • seeds of vegetable origin (both pumpkin and sunflower);
  • vegetables that have a red color;
  • beans, spinach, rhubarb;
  • berries, which have a red color;
  • cereals – buckwheat, oatmeal, wheat.

If these products are excluded from the diet, and the body’s condition worsens, the hemoglobin level rises, it is necessary to see the doctor immediately, so as to reduce it to the norm by necessary treatment. Perhaps, in this case, an individual nutrition table will be needed, which a qualified nutritionist will be able to fill. Then forbidden foods for a long time can not be eaten.

The use of various drinks with increased hemoglobin

When the hemoglobin rises in the male, they switch to a diet, it is necessary to increase the amount of water consumed per day.

Permitted beverages are:

  • Fresh juices, freshly squeezed;
  • tea;
  • dairy;
  • cocoa;
  • mineral water without additives;
  • boiled water.

The main thing is to remember that the drink should not contain any amount of sugar, since it helps increase the viscosity of the blood. To keep the balance of the body, you need to drink from one to two liters of water per day.

Prohibited to drink drinks in this situation are:

  • fizzy, sweet;
  • Those that contain alcohol, even in small quantities.

Sugar, contained in soda, helps to increase the viscosity of the blood, according to the same principle, and molecules of alcoholic beverages that bind to blood molecules. For this reason, their use should be completely excluded from the diet. And even at the festive table it is better not to encourage yourself to digressions from the diet, letting others convince yourself that this will not do any harm.


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