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High hemoglobin in women diet

Most people suffer from a decreased level of hemoglobin. It is believed that this can lead to anemia and oxygen starvation. There is a condition in which, on the contrary, hemoglobin in the blood is very high, and it exceeds the norm in 140 g per liter. In this case, a diet with a high hemoglobin in women is shown.

With high hemoglobin, diet is mandatory

Because of pregnancy, hemoglobin can increase

The amount of this protein in the blood affects the climate, exercise and nutrition.

It was found that in women living in the mountains and working hard, this protein is higher than normal. However, this state of treatment does not require. But in most cases, high hemoglobin indicates possible diseases of internal organs. Among the symptoms of a high level of red pigment can be identified headache, red face, dizziness. Usually an overabundance of this protein is found in clinical blood tests.

Causes of high hemoglobin

  • lack of folic acid and vitamin B;
  • employment in the workplace with a high content of carbon monoxide;
  • diabetes;
  • pneumonia;
  • reception of steroids;
  • pregnancy.

Pay attention, pregnant women are not prescribed specific treatment, since after delivery the amount of protein in the blood is normalized.

Eliminate the garnet menu

It increases the density and viscosity of the blood. Accordingly, the risk of heart attacks and the occurrence of blood clots increases. To prevent this from happening, you will have to completely change your diet to reduce the figure to 140 g / l. It is necessary to exclude from the menu proteins of animal origin.

You can not eat such foods:

At the heart of a diet with high hemoglobin should be boiled, stewed and fresh vegetables and fruits. As for meat, the chicken is allowed. You can eat river fish with white meat. There are two types of iron in foods: heme and non-heme.

With high hemoglobin, it is worth giving preference to products containing non-heme iron.

These are cereals, fruits, vegetables and nuts. This iron is absorbed very slowly and not completely, so prepare vegetable stews and pies. To do this, your menu should be wheat, rice and barley cereals. In small quantities, eat seafood.

Pay attention, the diet at the raised or increased hemoglobin means exclusion from the menu of some fruit. Among the forbidden fruits are apples, pomegranates, tomatoes and red bell peppers. During the diet you can not eat sweets. They do not contain iron, but they help him to digest even fruits and vegetables.

Among prohibited drinks alcohol. It forms compounds with iron ions that adversely affect the functioning of the liver.