High-speed banana-milk diet

The famous British dietician Dmytin Griffin has proved to the public that on milk and bananas it is possible not only to gain excess weight, but also to effectively lose it. How can this be so? We are all used to the opinion that bananas are high in calories and not as not for losing weight. But now we'll see – who is right and who is not!

Just imagine 3 days and 3 kg of excess weight off. Something really hard to believe. Let's sort it out in order.

According to the developer, to lose weight on bananas is quite real, a banana-milk diet is considered a mono-diet, so more than 3-5 days can not be found on it.

To my surprise, in fact, the banana is not a very high-calorie product, 100 Kcal is located in 96. Also, the product contains starch, fiber, phosphorus, pectin, glucose and sucrose. It also has medicinal properties, it is useful for people with cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, digestive tract problems, liver, etc.

Do not forget about the high energy value of the fruit, it is useful to eat athletes and all those who lead an active lifestyle.

Tandem banana and low-fat milk contribute to weight loss and reduce body fat.

Bananas are very nourishing in themselves, that's why they are good for diet food.

Banana-milk diet: good and bad!

Nutritionists recommend this diet, because the body during weight loss will take only these substances from these products, but it is necessary to store vitamin complex, whatever harm the health.

Do not recommend using this diet for more than five days, and maybe three. Losing weight is due to the saturation of the body with useful microelements and enzymes that uncover fat cells. Even after the completion of the diet, the process of losing weight will continue for as long as weeks, gradually removing centimeters at the waist. Herein lies the main plus of a dairy diet for weight loss.

Also, it should be noted the pleasant taste of the fruit, and to sit on such a diet is much better than on cereals or apples.

  • rapid saturation
  • lack of hunger
  • fast cooking of these ingredients.

The downside is the relative scarcity of the diet, not all people can eat for several days with one banana and milk.

Prolonged milk-banana diet will lead to exhaustion of the body, the lack of useful minerals, protein, carbohydrates, as well as fats.

  • Individual intolerance to foods, milk and banana
  • Chronic diseases of the digestive system, diabetes, kidney disease, liver
  • Strict: NO during pregnancy and lactation.

Frequency: not more than once per season.

Obligatory consultation of a nutritionist

The process of preparing for a diet

Before the beginning of a purposeful dietary process one should learn how to choose the right fruits, they must necessarily be mature and necessarily fresh, neither dried, nor green, nor overripe.

  • With a thin skin
  • Average in size
  • Heat-yellow saturated color.

Basic recommendations before losing weight

  1. Visit to a dietician.
  2. Next, we spend the unloading day (tea, decoctions, still water, kefir, etc.)
  3. We begin to use the vitamin complex.
  4. We compose a menu of a dairy diet for 3-5 days, depending on the given goal.

The nutrition system for a banana-milk diet

Note. During the day, you can eat no more than 3-x bananas and drink at least 3-x glasses of milk.

First option

For six meals a day, eat half a banana and drink half a glass of milk or fat-free yogurt, the gap between sleep and dinner should be at least two hours.

The second option

We alternate: breakfast-banana, lunch-glass of milk, banana dinner, lunch-unsweet yogurt, banana dinner, before going to bed drinking a glass of milk or one-percent kefir.

Third Embodiment

During each meal, we make banana-milk shakes and eat one egg a day.

If you strictly adhere to the diet, then in three days you can lose up to 5 kg, the results can be different, because everything depends on the initial weight, losing weight.

There are three types of banana-milk diet for weight loss

  1. Gentle – for the day is lost around 700 g. Daily rate – 4 banana and 1 l milk.
  2. Strict – designed for three days, weight loss up to 1,5 kg per day. Z banana and 3 a glass of milk a day. After six, do not eat.
  3. Diet for gourmets – the optimal period of weight loss up to 10 days. For a day goes 600 g excess weight. In day you can eat three any dishes from the banana. Have dinner no later than 19.00. Green tea, decoctions, herbal infusions in any quantity, it is allowed 1 a cup of coffee without sugar.

A few recipes for a banana diet

Puree from bananas and apricots

Four apricots are doused with boiling water, peeled, a banana floor is added and whisked to a homogeneous mixture with a mixer.

Banana in egg sauce

One banana to clean, put in shape, sprinkle with lemon juice and send to the microwave for 2 minutes. Next, pour the fruit with a beaten egg with milk, and bake until the sauce thickens.

Fruit banana salad

We cut the banana and apple cubes, add 100 g skim yogurt, pour honey and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Variety of food – banana-cottage cheese diet

Not less useful and tasty is obtained if you add a little cottage cheese to bananas, especially it will be in the spirit of those who do not really like milk.

Lasts such a weight loss therapy 4 day, diet for each day is more diverse, you can eat grapefruit, melon and even meat.

Here is an approximate diet with this diet

The first day – breakfast with low-fat cottage cheese, 100, in an hour you can eat grapefruit, we have dinner with cottage cheese and a slice of melon. For dinner, too, as for breakfast.

The second day is full of bananas. Breakfast – a banana, a glass of low-fat yogurt, banana dinner and a boiled egg. Dinner – 2 banana and 200 g low fat meat, you can chicken or fish.

The third day is the ration of the first.

The fourth final. Dishes of the second day. You can add green tea or coffee without sugar.

A little more nutritious, and accordingly a little less will go a kilogram, but there is no need to worry about the feeling of hunger, the dishes are almost diverse and hearty.

Reviews of the banana-milk system

"I was on a diet 3 days, honestly, did not try hard, did not do exercises, but watched the ration. The result is 3kg. I even got into my old jeans. Very satisfied. "

Rita shares his impressions:

"A BIG PLUS of this diet is that it is affordable for everyone. Nothing for the tricky. Just eat bananas and lose weight. After my positive experience, now all the girlfriends are trying this delicious "therapy". Lifebuoy on the stomach after the winter has decreased significantly, I hear a lot of flattering praise from others. I advise everyone.

"I'm beside myself with joy. Such a sweet diet and minus 5 kg per week. Honestly, I even overdid it a bit, but now I have a gap, and I'm not going to lose weight in the near future. "

Vadim does not hold back emotions:

"This is happiness for the athlete. A nutritious diet, full of energy and strength for victories in the ring. I'm just starting to enter the sports team, I'm training, trying to make my body irresistible. Thanks to the banana-milk diet, I have everything super. Who wants to, but does not dare, I will give simple advice. Go forward only and never stop, and a positive result will always lie at your feet. "

"At me at body height 158 sm weight 60 kg. This is a lot, I understand those who have a similar growth. So, how much I have already tried diets, I do not want to remember. And then a friend comes to visit me and let's praise banana weight loss. Well, I believed my friend. Bananas I like, milk is not very, so I replaced it with yogurt, added a little to the diet of dried fruits, chewed them as seeds in the intervals between meals. Maybe because of them I threw off 5 kg for 2 days, but this is also an indicator for me. Has entered into its norm. "

"Since childhood he grew up as a big boy, he often made up for this. But he grew up and decided to make a responsible decision for his life and health – to lose weight by 10 kg. Thanks to the employee for advice on the milk diet. I tried. Yes, a little carried away, lasted 12 days, which resulted in malaise and sharp dizziness. But the dream came true – minus 9 kg. It's just a fairy tale. Change your life for the better, everything is possible! "

"I lost weight with the goal of cleaning the beer belly. Banana diet was for me the most acceptable. Sat, comfortable, comfortable, fast and efficient. W 5 days lost 4 kg, as there were no "excesses". Now I go to the gym, do sports, because one diet is not full. The belly began to slowly swell, non-cubes did not appear, but it became much easier even in everyday life, while walking, etc. I have such a diet for my pocket. "

"I decided to change cardinally, and first of all – to lose weight on 9 kg. A real sensation in my life was a banana diet. I strictly observed the rules of three days, went in for sports, ran. As a result – a stunning result – minus 5 kg. I did not stop there, and two weeks later I repeated my feat – minus 4 kg. Yes, I felt a little weakness, discomfort in the stomach, and headaches appeared. But I'm going to the finish. Now I am full of strength and energy. I have a wonderful result – a beautiful elastic body. And if you need to lose weight again – only a banana MIRACLE. "


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