Highly effective diet for oatmeal porridge

Katerina shortly before the wedding faced the problem: a smart wedding dress, presented by the groom, did not converge a little in the abdominal area. No, she was not pregnant, just came from a rest where she was all-inclusive and recovered for 7 kg. Tears, cries, indignations, apathy, what to do!

And here it is a solution!

Oatmeal weight loss diet

A week later, a luxurious wedding took place, where the bride was in the juice, beautiful, airy, and the ideal proportions of the body simply captivated the views of others. The diet helped not only to return the old kilograms, but also to give a wonderful mood. And in another way could not be.

What you need to know about the oatmeal diet system for weight loss?

Oatmeal is very useful for the body, it gives strength, relieves toxins, cleanses the body and removes excess fluid, burns fatty deposits.

This diet is suitable for all recurring categories, has a rejuvenating effect, low-calorie. Still it is called a mono-diet, with proper use for a week you can reset to 10 kg.

At observance of a diet it is necessary to refuse at all:

  • salty, sour, spicy, fried, fatty, sweet, sour-milk, smoked food
  • off semi-finished and fast food
  • also forget about bakery products, pasta, salt, butter and sugar.

Only oatmeal and fresh vegetables and fruits (except potatoes, bananas, avocados . ).

The diet is designed for 7-10 days, if everything is fine, you can continue for up to three weeks, but no more. 4 meals a day will allow your body not to feel hungry, be cheerful and full of energy, and during this time, not only will the digestive tract work normalize, but the cholesterol level in the blood will decrease.

Drinks: green tea, coffee without sugar, compotes, pure water without gas, fat-free yogurt or yogurt. On the day of the liquid should be drunk at least 2-liters.

After seven in the evening, it is advisable not to eat, but if you want something to eat, you can drink a glass of milk or tea.

Do not forget about physical exercises, in combination with dietary nutrition this will give a wonderful result.

Oatmeal diet menu

Diet on oatmeal porridge looks like this:

Breakfast – oatmeal on the water, without sugar and salt.

Dinner – You are again waiting for a nice plate of oatmeal.

If you need to lose not a lot of weight, then the option of porridge for milk, you can add honey, dried apricots, dried fruits. This diet is not very strict and easily tolerable.

Features and recommendations of the country's leading dieticians about oatmeal diets

  1. Fluids can be drunk very much, especially on an empty stomach a glass of water and before going to bed a cup of green tea or fat-free kefir.
  2. You can eat fresh fruits, but not high-calorie, for example, bananas, melons, avocados.
  3. If you plan to prolong the diet, then it should be slightly varied with dried fruits or milk.
  4. Do not forget to drink a pharmacy vitamin complex.
  5. The maximum on such a diet should sit until 14 days, there is no more sense, since the body has already removed all harmful substances, a purification process occurred, the extra pounds left the body.
  6. Oatmeal porridge rejuvenates the skin of the face and body, the structure of hair and nails improves.
  7. There is a complete cleansing of the intestine, normalization of stool and metabolism in the body.
  8. Better during the diet to eat oat grains, rather than flakes, the result will be much higher.
  9. You can combine porridge with rice, for a change, the effect of this will not be less.

Minuses oat diet for weight loss

  • Many nutritionists consider such a diet unbalanced and low-calorie, so fatigue, drowsiness, apathy, dizziness, headaches, fever can occur.
  • In the diet, we can not tolerate flour products, as well as something sweet.
  • The results vary, one woman can throw off a week before 10 kg, and the other couple can not.
  • You can not lose weight on such a diet for pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • All those who have digestive tract disorders should consult a doctor, in order not to harm their body.
  • Scanty diet and not tasty food.

Diet on oatmeal porridge reviews experienced

"Why such delicious cakes and pastries give such a lamentable result. I love them so much, but I had to refuse, because with the growth of 168 cm – 97 kg, it's just a nightmare. I knew it myself, but when my family became close, and my friends hinted at me about losing weight, I decided. I chose an oatmeal diet, as I respect this porridge. The first time it was very difficult, I dreamed at night of chocolates and cookies, but I did not break, I sustained two weeks, the first result was stunning – minus 12 kg. I honestly did not eat anything except porridge, it's good that I was on vacation, I slept and ate oatmeal, there was a terrible feeling of indignation, but I endure all for the sake of the laudatory responses of friends and colleagues, a new scarlet dress and, of course, for myself and their ambitious goals. But this is not the limit, a month later I will try again this technique, I hope to lose another ten, then everything will be fine. I wish you all do not doubt and go forward, to your dreams and wishes! Yours, Veronica. "

"I did not sleep for days and nights, I thought how I could lose weight. I read in the newspaper about the oatmeal diet and decided to try. A week later lost 5 kg, this was my first independent achievement. And whatever they say, the oatmeal is healthy and tasty. I did not feel hunger, I was in good physical shape, went to lectures. I was surprised when I saw such a result. Thanks to nutritionists for such an excellent recommendation. Larissa, 18 years old. "

"Before oncology operation, doctors gave me a recommendation to lose weight on 10 kg, which would be easier to postpone surgery. I agreed, there is no other way out, but again with a sick stomach it was difficult for me to sustain a diet on apples, kefir, oranges. And then I was advised to diet on porridge, I chose oatmeal, because I love her very much. So for two weeks I achieved the desired result, I began to feel much better, the complexion improved, and even the evening tingling in the stomach area disappeared. And why I did not try this diet before. Everything is alright. I carried the operation safely, now I'm alive and well. And I fell in love with porridge even more! Sincerely, Lyudmila Viktorovna. "

Councils of the leading dietician Yemelyanova M.Yu.

  • Diet is first of all the cleansing of the body not only from toxins and harmful substances, but also getting rid of stupid and negative thoughts, like: "I'm fat, ugly, everyone laughs at me", as soon as such thinking disappears, it will immediately become less and a kilogram, because overweight is primarily a psychological problem. But what would really lose weight, you must strictly adhere to all the recommendations. If they say that porridge should be eaten without salt and sugar, this does not mean that you can back off from the rules and break. Then, not only will not be the desired result, and perhaps a few extra kilograms will appear.
  • Oatmeal diet is very useful for the digestive system, to lose weight on it easily and simply, the main thing after keeping the weight and parameters of the figure, after all it is the period after the diet and put all the points on the desired result. Just because we are jumping on all the products and overeat, our former weight regains.
  • Admission of the vitamin complex is very necessary during the diet. Do not abuse this note of nutritionists and doctors. The body should not suffer without the necessary minerals and trace elements.
  • Be attentive to your health, do unloading days and problems with excess weight will not bother you!

Oatmeal for every day

From a small age, you need to introduce oatmeal to the diet. That rich set of vitamins and minerals, which is contained in the seeds of the plant, will enrich the body with the necessary micronutrients, and the enzymes will break down the food faster, which will allow it not to linger and not settle on the walls of the stomach, creating fat cells.

Oatmeal porridge is a natural cosmetic remedy, cleanses the pores of the face, refreshes it, rejuvenates. The hair becomes more docile, thick, the fragility and dryness of the strands disappears. Nails do not break down and grow faster. And for this you need once a day, preferably for breakfast, use one serving of oatmeal, you can with milk and honey.

Your health is in your hands!

Video about losing weight on oatmeal porridge

Reviews of the oat diet for weight loss

Because of the big stresses after the exams at school, I began to get fat, although before that I was very slim. For several years, I could not help it, I tried to eat nothing at all, but then the weight was immediately dialed .

A couple of months ago, accidentally stumbled upon this oatmeal diet, began to fully comply with it and has now lost a decent mass. Now I already feel that I'm starting to like myself and people again!

After the birth, I recovered very much and looked sadly at the photo when I was thin. I just carried in different directions! At first I did not notice it, and then I noticed the sidelong glances of my friends, the whispering, sometimes even insulting jokes. Also has understood – it is necessary to take itself in arms or hand! Accidentally stumbled upon an oatmeal diet for weight loss. Of course, I do not really like oatmeal, but the ideal figure demanded such sacrifices from me. I sat on this diet for 7 days. And threw off 5 kg! For me, this is an incredible record. And I feel more attractive and confident. The downside is that on such a diet you will not stay long. And the body can not stand it and itself will break. Therefore, I gradually switched to a healthy diet and decided that I will periodically return to this diet.

I really like oatmeal porridge, although many do not share my love for her. On an oatmeal diet, I'm not sitting to lose weight anymore, but to restore digestion. Often there were moments in my life when I was eating poorly and this made my stomach ache. Fasting the first day on this diet, I felt great. Perhaps, this is the most useful diet that I have met.

I always liked oatmeal porridge, but I never thought that it could be so useful. After reading the article, I realized that the oatmeal diet for weight loss should help me, although I was afraid that the oatmeal with such a diet would quickly cease to please me. After a lapse of two weeks I can say that until everything is quite tolerable, I even begin to get used to it. And, of course, most importantly – I dropped an entire 6 kilo! I used to gain weight, but I never managed to lose weight so quickly. I'm prone to fatness, but usually it's hard for me to keep track of what I eat, so I quickly gain excess weight on vacation, unfortunately. So it happened this summer. Now I'm trying to get the form back and improve it. Thanks to this diet is very good, so I advise you to use it, if you are not afraid of monotony in the diet.

Oatmeal-I can not stand. Oatmeal diet for me is just a guard . But quickly. You collect all will power in a fist, you chew porridge for a week and feel like a horse. You can "pamper yourself" with apples, carrots or cabbages. I even eat curd once a week and one or two boiled eggs. Then you stand on the scale-hallelujah! -5 kg somewhere to share. I believe that five pounds per week is a very good result))

I remember once I used this kind of diet. I do not like oatmeal, but cook it not necessarily sweet (I also do not like sweet dessert, but I cooked a sweet oatmeal myself with raisins – I recommend it, it's tasty and useful!), You can add salt with ginger and get a completely interesting taste, unusual, original . The fact is there – rested, cheerful skin, down with extra pounds!

I'm not a tall girl, about 168 cm, but my weight was within 100 kg. I really did not like my figure, and somehow I noticed the disgusted looks from the guys. I stopped loving myself, but accidentally stumbled upon this article. Thought and decided. I will say that at first it is very difficult to wean from previous food. Oatmeal seemed very tasteless to me, in principle, so it was. On 5 day I felt light in my body, the porridge became for tasty. On 10 day looked in the mirror and saw that my stomach was half disappeared, the former T-shirts began to dress. 15 day began with the fact that I got on the scales, and about a miracle, I dropped 13 kg. I myself did not believe it, I'm so happy. However, I agree with others that it is impossible to sit for a long time, and it will not turn out. It is better to eat healthy food, alternating and diet.

Girls! The diet is excellent! Suitable for those who need to lose weight urgently. Itself was sitting on it before the wedding, because in the hope of losing weight, she bought a dress for a size smaller (girls are such girls). Discarded 5 kg, the rules are strictly observed. A nice bonus was clean, healthy skin. Just remember that the oat diet for weight loss is contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If your stomach is okay, but with a figure – not really, I recommend this diet!

I was on this diet, I can say one thing about it, I always went hungry. This I think is not very good. That is, not only do you want everything, but you must eat porridge, so plus to this, and the feeling of hunger you are constantly worried. I was a little killing, constant struggle is difficult, not everyone can live like this. But in the end, I lost weight, I did it and I'm proud of myself.

Girls, I confess honestly, I like many, did not tolerate oatmeal from childhood. Her consistency caused me to vomit reflex. But with age, I realized that if this porridge is properly cooked, then it will be very tasty.

Oatmeal diet tried in my student years and I liked it.

True, I personally made up my own diet, which I now use. He at me the following: for a breakfast – an oat porridge with slices of fruit + green tea, for a dinner – kefir / yoghurt + water, on a snack – again oat porridge (already without additives) + tea, for a supper – vegetables + water.

But after such a diet you need a small break!

To say that I do not like oatmeal means to say nothing! Being still a student, she ate it so that for a couple of years she could not look without disgust. Naturally, I have eaten a lot over these years, but the case helped me remember this product.

To my horror, somehow my husband quit his job, I worked in a place where I and 100 $ were not paid a month (was an intern). In general, it was necessary to save on everything. And, first of all, on food. And, what's the cheapest porridge? That's right, oatmeal!

So, I sat down on a forced oat diet. For two weeks she ate it for breakfast, and sometimes for dinner. In due course has entered into taste: that a raisin slightly I shall splash, dried apricots, I will cut an apple. And, about a miracle: for these two weeks has dropped already 5 kilograms!

Such stunning results, I even had no separate food!

Since then, I love oatmeal and periodically sit down on an oatmeal diet of the day on 2-3 to lose an extra kilogram. What do you advise

I just love oatmeal! Since childhood she was very fond of. Always afraid of diets because the body will not get all the necessary substances, but in oatmeal was confident and knew that it is very useful. I tried a diet and did not regret it at all. When I was at university I used it a couple of times. Lose weight steadily at 5-7 kg. Then the highly effective diet on oatmeal saved me. And it is prepared very quickly and delicious.

I'm very bored with oatmeal, I could not sit on such a diet, it's too fresh for me. Found an alternative in the form of flakes Fitness. They are very tasty, have different tastes and do not bother. Maybe they are certainly not as dietary as a simple oatmeal without everything, but delicious and natural, from whole grains, so that you can also lose weight well.

Oatmeal is certainly very useful, but the diet with it did not suit me (


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