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Highly effective modern diet 1200 calories

Why exactly the diet 1200 Kcal per day?

Such a diet is considered the most harmless and adequate for any organism, after all such quantity of calories is necessary for the person leading an not too active way of life. If you use a lesser amount of saturation of foods with vitamins and trace elements, the metabolic rate will decrease and the muscle tissue will be recycled to obtain the necessary daily energy.

To prevent this, it is important to stick to the indicator 1200 Kcal per day. This balance is useful not only for those who lose weight, but also those who are forced to adhere to proper nutrition due to illness and many other reasons.

The main advantage of the diet 1200 calories is the fact that it has no contraindications. Of course, pregnant and lactating breast should independently control the reaction of the body and use an individual complex of foods, well, in general, this food system is simply wonderful for every person.

All efforts during the diet will go on with the brand, if you neglect important important points:

  1. NO to fat, fried, sweet, carbonated, fast food and alcohol at any dose.
  2. Lack of exercise and daily exercise.
  3. Change the diet on your own, the wrong way out of the diet.
  4. Lack of consultation with a doctor or dietitian.

To properly maintain the diet of 1200 calories a day and get high results, you need to learn how to chew food slowly, this will allow you to satiate the body faster and get the necessary amount of energy. Many different products can be consumed in this diet, you can experiment and eat interesting, delicious foods every day. Drink a lot of liquid, water removes toxins and cleanses the body, facilitating the rapid digestion of food. Vitamins and trace elements are found in fresh fruits and vegetables, which must be included in the daily diet.

How many days to follow a diet, depends only on YOU! The main thing is not to abuse calories and not dehydrate the body.

It can be safely said that the diet of 1200 calories is completely safe for the physical and mental condition of a person.

Option menu diet 1200 calories for one day

For breakfast, two slices of rye bread, one sweet – with jam, and the other with chicken or ham, 150 g of spring salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and onions dressed with olive oil. We wash down everything with a cup of cocoa, without sugar.

The snack is this: 150g skimmed yogurt and a few spoons of oatmeal. 1 a glass of grapefruit juice.

Lunch from cucumber soup with potatoes, 100 g turkey with raisins, 200 g of celery salad, apples and carrots. A glass of low-fat milk.

Snack. Lowfat kefir and kiwi.

At dinner cook 2 potatoes in a uniform, 100 g of tomato and onion salad. A cup of yoghourt.

Who does not like it, there is another version of this diet in stock for the day:

Lunch omelet from two eggs, a slice of rye bread, 100 g of vegetable salad and olive fat, a glass of cocoa.

For lunch 180 g salad from cabbage, corn and tomatoes, 100 g of fruit low-fat yogurt, a bit of wheat bran and two mandarins.

For lunch cook beetroot with potatoes, 180 g cabbage, 200 g lettuce. A cup of water.

Afternoon snack will please with fresh fruits, 100 g of cheese, three spoons of oat bran.

For dinner a little fish, about 150 g, stewed vegetables, two pieces of rye bread and an apple.

Here is an approximate diet of 1200 calories per day.

During nutrition and rationing for a day, you need to monitor the amount of calories with the help of acquired knowledge or a special cheat sheet, which should be placed on the refrigerator. It helps not to get off the right track, and not to violate the rules of the diet.

Pros – guaranteed high effectiveness of the diet, harmlessness, stability of the goal, no contraindications and high motivation, due to the variety of foods in the diet.

Cons – you need to count and strictly adhere to 1200 Kcal per day. Possible fatigue and drowsiness, but this is only at first, after the body adapts and these signs disappear. For physically active people is not suitable.

You can observe the diet almost all the year round, it all depends on your intended goals, during the first month to go a huge amount of extra pounds, and in the subsequent all normalizes and the effect is firmly fixed. 5 kg without harm to health at the beginning of the weight loss phase is guaranteed!

Safe diet 1200 calorie reviews specialist

Katerina Markovna, a leading nutritionist, has worked for 10 years.

"Such a diet is not only harmless to humans, but also useful. Cleansing the body, removing toxins and toxins, improving blood circulation, stable metabolism. And a lot of positive factors deduce the diet 1200 Kcal on the pedestal of respect and practicality. I'll even say that you can create a diet for yourself and begin to lose weight immediately. The only thing is to know for sure that you have no problems with the intestines, liver and stomach. I wish you all a wonderful mood, strength of mind and a harmonious body. "

History of a thin woman from Ekaterinburg

Lyudmila, 45 years, mother of three children, housewife.

"What to say, with each birth of my son, I was gaining weight until 10 kg, and when I stood on the scales and saw the indices of 110 kg with my growth of 165 cm, I was horrified. At that moment, I firmly decided that I would change the diet and started to work. It is difficult to control food when you are at home all the time and are in the kitchen. Children are already schoolchildren, I'm at home alone, my husband is at work. How can you force yourself to return the old forms. 75 kg. I read about the diet 1200 Kcal. Everything suited me, I was glad that you can eat almost all the products. Has made the schedule of a food, has strictly counted calories and has started to grow thin. For the first month I did not recognize myself, minus 7 kg. I was delighted, my husband and children supported me and motivated me. Then I did not want to stop. Weight was normalized, I was used to such a diet, even my family began to eat less harmful foods and follow a healthy lifestyle. Everything is great. Dreams Come True!"

All I wish successes and correct motivation at first.

Video from the menu on 1200 kcal

Reviews on the diet of 1200 calories a day

For a long time doubted about this diet because very often none of them did not help. But still decided to try. At first it was hard to give up some products, but then everything started to do as it was written and I was waiting for a very good result! First I managed to reset 10 kg, then 5 kg. In general, I'm very satisfied! Thank you very much! I will advise everyone familiar with your diet!

And for how long did you lose weight?)

What can I say? I'm just flattered! The diet does work. Unfortunately, I did not watch myself for a long time, so I gained a lot of extra pounds. I went to the gym, but I managed to lose only 2 kg! All the friends said: "There is no use in training without a diet." I started looking for her and came across this diet almost immediately. Chose the second option and lost weight. It was difficult, but when the results began to appear, I wanted to drop more and more. Now I weigh 51 kg and am completely satisfied with myself! Keep 1200 calories a day and everything will be wonderful! I guarantee!

I was impressed with the results of this diet. Not immediately, but gradually and confidently my weight began to decrease, the stomach tightened, the "ears" on the sides were removed. At first I felt a strong sense of hunger, but it's not long, it's more a matter of psychological dependence on food, because the overall physical condition has become much better. I recommend this diet to everyone, really gives a positive result.

After the birth of the baby, my weight increased significantly, and I decided to try one of the many diets. I went through them whole mass, I studied all the pros and cons and decided to stop my choice on the diet 1200 calories. It is this diet, according to professional dieticians, is the most secure. Many diets are quite tough and debilitating, which can not be said about the "1200 diet". I liked this diet not only for my result, which I noticed after 3 weeks (minus 5 kg). I liked the fact that I was able to individually select its components, not denying myself many "favorite" products. It is important not to forget to follow the regime: eat often, thoroughly and slowly chew food, drink enough water. Of course, at first time it was necessary to very strictly study the calorie table, so as not to exceed the allowable number of calories. But with this I learned quite quickly to cope. Girls, the result was noticed not only by me, and it can not but rejoice!

At me after a birth of the second kid, weight all goes upwards and upwards. My weight was almost 85 kg, with the growth of 170. It's certainly a nightmare. What I did not do, as I did not try to lose weight, is the effect of zero. And then I accidentally got on this site. Not thinking for a long time decided on this method of losing weight. And what do you think, my weight is decreasing every day. And most importantly I was very pleased that you can eat almost everything, but moderately. With this diet, I forgot about the severity in the stomach, my body is very well cleared. I'm just delighted with this diet, since there is almost nothing complicated in it.

This was my first pregnancy. After the birth, I began to recover. I was told that this is normal. But it's not very pleasant to be fat. With the growth of 165 cm, I weighed 83 kg. Yes, and my husband once hinted that he did not manage to grab me. After that, I decided to act. Was engaged in running and home gym. I did not eat after 18: 00, I drank different pills from weight loss, but for 3 month I only threw off 3 kg. But I did not drop my hands and looked for other ways. And I found this diet. At first I thought it was unrealistic, but I was wrong. For a month I threw off 5 kg. With each month I became slimmer without much effort))) I'm insanely happy))

diet 1200 calories per day, in fact, this is the right food with a calorie restriction. I like it very much that on this diet I eat varied and tasty, not limiting myself, but centimeters gradually disappear. plus I go to the gym and do a massage, so that the skin does not sag) the result is super, girls!

I do not like to infringe myself, but the diet 1200 Kcal, like, is well tolerated. And it gives good results. I'm experiencing myself at the moment.

1200 calories a day, the diet is excellent. I also suffered it without problems, though the sweet had to be postponed.

After childbirth has strongly recovered. Since the child on gv physical activity and strict diets are contraindicated. Decided to try a diet 1200 calories a day, I sit for a week, but you can already see the result! And most importantly, without harm to me and the child.

I have the same situation as you, only I have twins for GW, I tried this diet, because having read about it I realized that it is harmless! The milk production did not decrease, but even vice versa. While my result: for 2 weeks 4 kg. Diet 1200 Kcal per day is very fruitful.Please share your results! Good luck in losing weight, do not forget to go in for sports

With the increase in prices for foods with a diet in general, there are no problems

Very convenient and effective diet! I dropped 13 kg on it, I think this is not the limit. And it all started with the fact that once sat on a mono-diet, for half a year dropped almost 30 kg, it was close to anorexia. Stopped in time. But my whole began to grow rapidly. The effect of yo-yo, if you have heard. And you can live in peace, but I'm not in harmony with my body, I do not like it, I want to buy small things and be confident. And I come to this. I stumbled upon a diet of 1200 calories a day and now grief I do not know! Always full and thin 🙂

The coolest diet! Because of the hormonal malfunction, my weight was 65kg, which was too much for my growth, but after such a cool diet like this, I was able to lose weight to 50kg. Definitely I advise everyone, girls!

It was hard for me only the first three days, then the body got used to it, and I started to lose weight gradually. If you suddenly strongly wanted to eat, drank hot tea with sugar, it became easier.

But does tea with sugar not break the diet? It seems to me sugar is desirable to exclude altogether, can better drink kefir or eat an apple?

Very cool diet, and most importantly I did not feel hunger at all and dropped about 7 kg, which for me is a very significant result. I recommend to try and see for yourself!

I was also surprised that there is no feeling of hunger, although the number of calories is very limited. Apparently the products are very accurately matched.

This diet really helped my mom. The state of her health does not allow her to adhere to many types of diet, and this is what you need. Of course, we constantly have to control ourselves, but eventually it becomes a habit and the result did not take long

Tell me please, is it really on this diet to lose weight on 20 kg. ? Well, it's very necessary, I tried so many diets, but there's no sense. Only starvation helps, and not for long.

Try Kim Protasov's diet, I dropped it on 20 kg for 2,5 months.

One portion is written, but how many grammes are there in it? Or one apple, but the same question is how many grams?