Hollywood diet from world celebrities

The Hollywood diet owes its name to the addiction of many Hollywood celebrities to it. Since for movie stars, first of all, the external appeal is important, then the diets of Hollywood stars and are aimed at maintaining the figure in accordance with the required standards. An important advantage of the Hollywood diet is its simplicity and quick addiction to the nuances of nutrition.

The essence of the Hollywood diet

The most important principle of the diet is the use of low-calorie foods, limiting the amount of fats and harmful carbohydrates, as well as increasing the number of protein foods. Useful foods are products with a large presence of proteins (fish, meat products, eggs) and vegetable fiber (vegetables and fruits). Like most diets, a Hollywood diet requires an abundance of consumed liquid, about two liters per day. And this amount includes water, and green tea, and sparkling mineral water. The lack of breakfast is one of the peculiarities of the diet. Food is taken in small portions.

According to nutritionists, the use of Hollywood diet due to a lack of carbohydrates can lead to metabolic disorders, the emergence of lethargy, and sometimes even depression. Caution should be given to the consumption of coffee, if observed changes in blood pressure. Since the menu of the Hollywood diet contains a lot of eggs, before using this technique it is necessary to check the blood sugar level.

The caloric content of the Hollywood diet is about 600-800 calories per day, which is caused by a sharp weight loss. Due to lack of energy, it is unlikely to combine this technique with active physical training. For a quick weight loss Hollywood diet will be one of the best options, but as a particular food system it can not be considered in any case.

To prevent unpleasant consequences on the eve of a diet, it is necessary to consult a doctor about the advisability of using it.

Menu of the Hollywood diet

Initially, the Hollywood diet was conceived as an exquisite way to lose weight deliciously and quickly. The diet menu consisted of pineapples, oysters and other exotic ingredients. As the Hollywood diet was popularized, components were replaced with more accessible ingredients, but the result of the method did not in the least deteriorate. The basic components of the diet of Hollywood are:

A sample diet menu for Hollywood celebrities may look like this:

Recommendations for compliance with the Hollywood diet

  1. Breakfast should be discarded completely, but in some cases you can have breakfast half a grapefruit and a cup of green tea or black coffee.
  2. Products with a starchy structure should be excluded (bread, flour products, some vegetables and fruits).
  3. The use of any alcoholic beverages is completely excluded.
  4. It is forbidden to consume sugar and any sweets.
  5. Food should be prepared without the addition of oils and fats, only cook, stew or cook for a couple.
  6. It is advisable to exclude the consumption of salt in full.

Hollywood diet: virtues

The main advantage of the Hollywood diet is the possibility of rapid weight loss. In addition, the complete exclusion from the diet of salt and alcohol excellently affects the overall health of the body. Since any alcohol is high in calories, its consumption can significantly exacerbate hunger.

Reviews of the Hollywood diet speak of the possibility of losing about 7 kilograms of excess weight. And in some cases weight loss can reach and 10 kilogram. Basically, the results of the Hollywood diet depend on the initial body weight. Especially intensively, the process of losing weight takes place in the first days, which is associated with the exclusion of salt. By removing the liquid from the body at the initial stage of the diet, toxins are purified and the metabolism is normalized.

Hollywood Diet: Disadvantages

The downside of the Hollywood diet is its imbalance and, as a consequence, the lack of the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, if you follow a diet, you need vitamin-mineral complexes.

Another disadvantage of this diet is the restriction of salt, which is caused by rapid weight loss in the first days due to the withdrawal of fluid. In addition, the constant use of black coffee can provoke sharp changes in blood pressure, dizziness and attacks of nausea. Therefore, it is desirable to alternate with coffee and green tea.

Due to a lack of carbohydrate food in the body there is weakness, therefore, it is not recommended to increase the recommended duration of the diet. The maximum period of a diet is a period of two weeks. Repeat this method of weight loss can be no earlier than three months.

The Hollywood diet for weight loss is used by such stars as Nicole Kidman, Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones and many more movie stars, which once again confirms its effectiveness.


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