Hollywood diet – we grow thin like stars

Now girls from all over the world know the secret of successful, and most important instant slimming stars of world size! Residents of pathos Hollywood, where maintaining a good physical shape and attractive appearance are the key to success, long sought an ideal way to correct both the figure and health.

Adherents of this style of food include Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore – the process of announcing the entire list of celebrities will take too long. However, what do we care about the film stars and the variety empress?

We care about the result of our own efforts. By the way, according to nutritionists: strict adherence to the precepts of the Hollywood diet will help to get rid of 5 to 10 kilograms for two weeks (the result depends on the physiological characteristics of the thinning).

To correspond to the cherished parameters 90-60-90 – the task is not easy. The principles of the Hollywood diet allow you to instantly adjust the figure in a short time without much stress and a long adaptation to the new diet.

The title of "Hollywood" diet was not only due to respect from celebrities. The basic part of the products is food characteristic of the American population.

The prevalence in Europe, less often in Asia, is due to the possibility of selecting similar products for the quantity of organic substances.

Hollywood acts by limiting the amount of carbohydrates and fats consumed, but including in the daily menu products rich in protein (eggs, meat, seafood) and vegetable fiber (fruits and vegetables with a low carbohydrate content). By reducing the total caloric value of daily food, celebrities get a fat-burning bomb.

The captivating name "Hollywood" diet, it seems, automatically melts the extra pounds in the warm sun, turning the girls into tanned slivers with tightened bodies. However, to get the result, it is necessary to work responsibly.

When you are going to follow a star diet, be prepared:

    1. To refusal from breakfast. Yes, the next two Hollywood weeks will have to survive without morning meals.

    Mentally sewing the mouth and tightening the belt, go not to the kitchen, but to yoga classes.

  1. Completely exclude from the diet bakery, confectionery, high starch fruits and vegetables – this is not only a law of Hollywood, but most diets aimed at losing weight.
  2. Eliminate alcoholic drinks and dishes from the daily menu.
  3. Cultivate the habit of preparing food without using oil or fat.

This point of the diet in Hollywood is closely related to a healthy diet, which is characterized by boiling or cooking for a couple.

  • Forget about salt / pickles, sugar / sweeteners – another standard requirement of a two-week diet "like in Hollywood."
  • Eat more than 1,5 liters of clean water per day (the daily allowance includes green tea without sugar).
  • Details about the Hollywood diet look in the video.

    In all there are pluses . and minuses too!

    To the benefits that ensure the popularity of the Hollywood diet among the stars, include the speed and effectiveness of weight loss. Exclusion of salt prevents water retention and, consequently, swelling, and a large amount of consumed liquid contributes to the improvement of metabolism and purification from toxins.

    The refusal of alcohol required by the Hollywood diet has its bases: beverages or dishes containing a high-calorie product exacerbate the feeling of hunger.

    The promising result looks promising – about 7 kilogram for a fortnight! It is worth noting that the factor that determines the minus digit on the scales is the initial excess weight.

    Without attention, you should not leave the minuses of Hollywood. By putting into protein foods, we violate the rules of nutrition balanced with carbohydrates, fats and vitamins.

    For example, a low intake of the latter gives an imprint on health: the intake of vitamin-mineral complexes during a diet is mandatory! Weakness and dizziness is a consequence of the low-carbohydrate diet characteristic of most diets.

    By the way, the occurrence of dizziness, vomiting, blood pressure changes are not uncommon guests of strict diets. In accordance with the rules, the caloric content of the daily menu should not exceed 800 kcal – an insignificantly small figure for the inactive person.

    Before embarking on a radical change in diet, it is important to carefully analyze the health, in order not to aggravate his condition. It will be advisable to visit a dietician or a doctor.

    The full table of the Kremlin diet can be found on our website.

    About gymnastics Qigong for weight loss in the article. Features of gymnastics, benefits and contraindications, a set of exercises.

    How to reduce the appetite of folk remedies, you can find out here.

    Diet Hollywood Week on 14 days

    So, the history, contra-indications, pluses and minuses of the Hollywood diet are studied. It's time to go shopping.

    Picking up food in the food basket, take them in a double size, because the menu below provides only one week: the second half of the food extravaganza is identical to the first.

    • the lunch break is accompanied by the use of a pair of quail eggs and a medium-sized tomato;
    • for dinner, give preference to a handful of cabbage-cucumber salad, seasoned with lemon juice, half a grapefruit, one chicken or two quail eggs.

    • the lunch of the corresponding days painfully resembles the previous day's diet, since it includes one egg of the chicken or two quails, the fruit of the grapefruit tree;
    • for an evening meal, boil two hundred grams of beef, add an average cucumber.
    • during the daytime meal again focus on eggs of chicken or quail (1 or 2 pieces respectively). We add a medium-sized tomato and a cabbage-cucumber salad;
    • supper with two hundred grams of boiled beef, eating a medium-sized cucumber.
    • for dinner it is necessary to prepare a salad with the addition of cucumber and a favorite cabbage variety. In addition we eat grapefruit;
    • lasting a quarter of a year on a diet, we get a reward for the fourth day's dinner: two hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese (not yogurt), a couple of quail eggs or one piece of chicken.
    • daily meals include traditional number of eggs, cabbage-cucumber salad;
    • in the evening, treat yourself to a standard salad, two hundred grams of steamed fish.
    • for dinner, you should prepare a mix of sliced ​​apple, orange and grapefruit;
    • The second meal is accompanied by a standard salad, two hundred grams of boiled beef.
    • dinner is as follows: boil two hundred grams of chicken breast, cut a traditional vegetable salad, grab a grapefruit or orange;
    • have supper with an apple-orange-grapefruit salad prepared according to the recipe of the sixth day.

    A relaxed variation of the diet provides for a breakfast consisting of half a grapefruit. By the way, huge doses of this citrus product in the diet are justified by the fetus's ability to absorb cellulite.

    In the salad you can add as white and colored, cabbage-broccoli. After or before each meal, a cup of natural coffee, green tea without sweeteners is acceptable.

    Do not forget about the correct way out of the diet: a smooth increase in calories, the inclusion of salt in small amounts and dilution of a meager diet – reliable help in the long-term preservation of weight loss results.

    What to expect? Answer the stars and nutritionists

    Hollywood diet, to admit honestly, does not fit with the principles of proper nutrition. The only points of contact are boiled or steamed food and the use of a normalized amount of liquid. Such a diet will allow you to get rid of 5 kilograms, but to solve the problem of obesity as a whole – no. Due to its scarcity, returning to the usual diet will cause a stormy reaction of the body in the form of superfluous 2-3 kilograms.

    The joy of motherhood gave way to genuine bitterness from extra pounds collected as a result of childbirth. I consulted with my dietician: he advised using a Hollywood diet. My delight was boundless. Now every exit to the carpet track is accompanied by a pre-compliance with a two-week diet.

    I can safely call myself a fierce fan of the Hollywood diet. With my lean physique to get rid of a couple of centimeters – an impossible task. However, since my first attempt to follow the Hollywood diet, I never again worried about not being able to get into my favorite dress from haute couture of model sizes.

    Girls always want to look attractive, and if it hinders weight, then there is no limit to disappointment. Depression, frustration, mood decline – yes, it's all there. It is important not to get stuck in such a negative and try to change the situation. Of course, the diet comes to the rescue. I tried many different methods of losing weight. But to say for sure that they helped me, I can not, because I did not bring any of them to the end. Constantly frustrated and tempted by delicious dinners in the family. Of course, my husband and daughter do not need to lose weight. Nature has rewarded their organisms with a fast metabolism and they simply do not get fat. Whether it's me, every sweet literally creates an extra centimeter at the waist. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. I tightened the introduction, so I will say that I finally said goodbye to my 8 extra pounds and helped me in this Hollywood diet. The first time in my life I did not break, and helped me a simple photograph of a slender Angelina Jolie (my favorite actress), which I printed from the Internet. I hung the photo on the fridge and every time I wanted to eat, I looked at this slender beauty and remembered my cherished goal. It turned out that I can! I advise everyone this method of losing weight. It definitely works.

    Lose weight with the help of the diet of Hollywood stars. It took 4 kilograms. Good result. I wanted it. I was not hungry, I feel good.

    On the star diet from Megan Fox you can learn from the video.

    All the same, the main thing in my opinion is to use less fluid, and there will be no swelling, but spices to edema.

    I could not stand it on one water. Tried a diet, but I was only up until the evening. Although feel.

    Slacker diets here are given, I was hoping to find here something like abc, ad and similar diets From the summer I.

    A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.


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