How many repetitions in the approach?

One of the most frequent questions asked by newcomers is the question of whether, how many repetitions. The answer to this question will depend primarily on your goals. Most visitors to the gym can be divided into two groups: those who want to lose weight and want to gain weight. Therefore, today we will talk about how many repetitions you need to do on weight and for weight loss.

How many repetitions in the approach to mass

There is an opinion that for mass gain, it is best to do 6-12 repetitions. This range of repetitions does contribute to the hypertrophy of muscle fibers. However, this theory has been more than 60 years and it is very conditional. A number of modern scientific studies have established that for the growth of muscles is not so important the number of repetitions, as the time of finding the muscles under load, the gradual increase in working scales and the amount of training.

So, to increase muscle mass, it is necessary that each approach lasts about 30 seconds and ends after 1-2 repetition until muscle failure. That is, if you perform an exercise with a very light weight for 30 seconds, then it's unlikely that you will be able to build muscle. The working weight should be approximately 65-80% of one repeated maximum (1PM). That's why most often the question of how many repetitions to do mass, answer 6-12 repetitions. That's how many repetitions you can make in about 30 seconds with a working weight of 65-80% of 1PM.

However, to constantly progress, it is necessary to gradually increase the load. Without progression of the load, you will mark one place. Therefore, try the next workout or slightly increase the working weight, or make more repetitions or approaches. The main thing is not all at once. Load should be increased gradually, otherwise force yourself into a state of overtraining.

That's why experienced athletes maintain a training diary, which allows you to effectively adhere to the principle of progression and periodization of loads. Any training programs can be much more effective provided that you maintain a training diary. Conversely, even the most effective training program can not justify your hopes without a diary. Make the right conclusions.

To increase power performance, it is customary to perform 1-5 repetitions in the approach. This range of repetitions is best suited for increasing muscle strength. Accordingly, the working weight should be 85-100% of 1PM.

How many repetitions do the relief

A lot of people are concerned about the number of repetitions to be made on the relief. Immediately it is worth noting that the issue of muscle relief is associated more with nutrition than with training. In order to improve the relief of muscles, it is necessary to create a small calorie deficit in the body and exclude sweets, smoked foods and other harmful foods. Nevertheless, during the training on relief, it is customary to perform more repetitions with a small working weight. A high number of repetitions increases the time the muscles are under load, which improves their endurance and helps burn more calories. Thus, the question "how many repetitions do the relief?", It is more correct to rephrase on "how many do the repetitions for endurance?"

As mentioned above, to improve muscle endurance, it is necessary to perform a large number of repetitions in each approach (from 12 and above). Such a number of repetitions contributes not only to improving endurance, but also to improving the relief of muscles, provided that the correct nutrition is maintained, of course. And how do you think, how many repetitions do you have to mass, on strength and on the relief of muscles? Write the answer in the comments.


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