How much you can lose weight in a month with a comprehensive approach


How many kilograms can you lose weight in a month? In short, the normal rate of weight loss is the loss of 4 – 4,5 kg of weight during this period. However, here are interesting different kinds of details.

First of all, weight loss, which is here meant, is not provided by any rigid diets, but by an integrated and systematic approach. It's about keeping the right diet and enough physical activity.

How much you can lose weight in a month with a comprehensive approach

Further, it is necessary to dwell in more detail on how the process itself takes place. This understanding will allow you to more reasonably consider how to properly organize your weight loss.

The answer to the main question: how much can you lose weight in a month?

Note that when talking about losing weight, we are actually talking about our weight loss. In fact, this is far from the same. The total amount of lost weight can include various components.

Some of them are important, others are not. If weight loss is due to loss of muscle mass, then for weight loss is very bad. So, what parts of weight loss usually consists of?

  1. Fat burning;
  2. Destruction of slags;
  3. Loss of water;
  4. Decreased muscle weight.

In order for the process to occur, it is necessary to ensure its movement from the first location to the second. Unfortunately, the speed of such a process is limited. Depending on the individual characteristics of a particular person, this limit may vary.

Usually it is from 70 to 300 grams of fat per day. This is the natural limit of slimming opportunities for a particular person. Usually it is about 100 – 160 grams per day (average). In a week this will correspond to 700 – 1100 grams.

Thus, for a month you can lose weight by about 4 – 4,5 kg. Recall that this can be done only with an active and integrated approach to this process. And more we will notice, that it is a question of loss of hypodermic fat, instead of about all loss of weight.

Sometimes you can hear stories about how a person has just started losing weight and lost at least three kilos of weight in one or two weeks. How is this possible and does it contradict what was told above in this article?

No, it does not contradict. And that's why. Unfortunately, due to malnutrition and not quite healthy way of life, in the body of almost any person a sufficient amount of various slags is formed.

How much you can lose weight in a month with a comprehensive approachOne of the advantages of the slimming process is that such slags are burned in the first place. This is exactly what happens during this period. In the future, the rate of weight loss corresponds to the figures given.

Another issue may arise in connection with the fact that we quote the figures for the burning of subcutaneous fat, and not the numbers of weight loss. Since we can control only the last figures, it is important for us to understand what they consist of. Let's talk about this in more detail.

When losing weight, not only the fat that was transferred to the muscles from the fat depot, but also glycogen, which is also contained in the muscles, is burned.

That is, if you burned 300 grams of glycogen for a week, and each molecule of it is bound to four molecules of water, you end up losing 900 grams of water. In the end, we will get such results.

  • 1200 grams of glycogen and water;
  • 1200 grams of fat.

Total weight loss for the week in this case will be 2400 grams.

How to lose weight properly

For weight loss there is a large number of different techniques. Here are some of them.

  • The first breakfast should consist of products on a carbohydrate basis. This is necessary in order to stock up energy for the upcoming day. You can take an 1 cup of some cereal with an 1 teaspoon of any vegetable unrefined oil. You can eat 6-8 tablespoons of muesli with nuts. You can also take one egg or 50 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of any sour-milk drink. You can afford a cup of tea. Coffee without sugar is also allowed;
  • For the second breakfast, an 1 fruit or a glass of yogurt is suitable;How much you can lose weight in a month with a comprehensive approach
  • Tell you about the dinner. Vegetarian soup, you can afford 90 g turkey (you can substitute chicken or lean fish). Take 200 g of fresh or boiled vegetables. To them you need to add one teaspoon of any vegetable unrefined oil;
  • In the afternoon you can drink 1 a glass of yogurt;
  • For dinner, you can almost the same as for lunch, but minus the soup;
  • One hour before sleep, a glass of yogurt or yogurt is allowed;
  • For health it is important to actively drink water throughout the day. It's important to drink so much that one kilogram of your weight you have 30 milliliters of clean water;
  • When preparing food, all basic techniques are allowed, except for their frying.

How to change your diet to the right one

  1. It is desirable to make it less fat. Why is this necessary? The fat content of fat depends very little, but the caloric content of fatty foods is much higher;
  2. Try to eat less sweet foods. One of her serious shortcomings is the ability to provoke an increased appetite;
  3. You need to reduce your desire to eat delicacies;
  4. Eat slow;
  5. In food, one should try to assess the taste, and not swallow it whole;
  6. Making food intake more frequent, it is possible to reduce the calorie content of consumed products by about 15 percent;
  7. To give preference to dishes of slightly smaller size than usual;
  8. There is fiber or dietary fiber in large quantities;
  9. Limit the use of alcoholic beverages.

How to choose the right diet for slimming for women? Here you will find out what to pay special attention to, and how not to be mistaken.

They say that protein-carbohydrate alternation is the best diet of all known. Having studied its principles in the next article, you will understand that this is true. Perhaps, this is exactly the food that will lead you to the cherished goal.

Slimming with special exercises

Here is an example of an effective set of exercises for this purpose.

  • We do such exercises as twisting. They are needed for straight abdominal muscles. They need to be done with the smallest amplitude. Lie down and press the lower back to the floor. We bend the legs with this movement, we put the elbows in different directions and we need to hold our hands behind our back. When inhaling, raise your head. Do it with the lifting of the blades. Chin with this movement should be kept up. On exhalation we move to the starting position;
  • Now go to the next exercise, to reverse the twisting. As in the previous case, this action is performed with a small amplitude. This exercise should be carried out in the position lying on the floor, while keeping the knees bent. Holding hands behind the head, we somewhat increase the payload in this movement. Elbows need to be placed in the sides. Inhale should be slightly raised. Doing this, we lift the head together with the shoulder blades. We do this exercise by raising the pelvis slightly. During the exhalation we proceed to the initial position;
  • Torso lifts. To perform this exercise, you need to lie on the floor and bend your knees. Hands are placed behind the head. Elbows need to be spread apart. When breathing in, you need to raise your body slightly and, slowly, slowly, go up to your knees. On exhalation we return back to the starting position;
  • The next exercise is for the feet. Here the use of a large amplitude for motion is of particular importance. You need to sit on the edge of the chair. During the inhalation, we lift our legs to the trunk, and during the exhalation we return to the starting position;
  • Do an exercise for oblique abdominal muscles. To do this, sit on the edge of the chair and make corners of the body. For this group of muscles, all the previous exercises are also suitable, but they should be done with small turns.

Advices of doctors-nutritionists

Many people who are overweight at some point say to themselves: "That's enough!" And they can be understood. After all, excessive weight is not only weak health, poor immunity, a tendency to various diseases, but also a huge discomfort.

Imagine that every minute we carry a bag with weights! Often they think about losing weight before the spring-summer season in order to feel ready for the summer.

Fast diets are doomed to failure. That's why it happens:

  • First of all, the fulfillment of a rigid diet during a certain limited period usually requires the exertion of all forces. When dieting is over, eating habits remain the same, and the desire to relax and regain your self only increases your appetite. So soon the weight comes back. Often, he is in a similar situation increases;
  • In the spring-summer period a person receives insufficiently useful substances, and during the diet this imbalance only increases. Therefore, forced weight loss can greatly worsen a person's health.

Therefore, do not count on lightning fast weight loss. Losing weight is possible, but, at the same time, the metabolism of the body can be frustrated.

In addition, there may be severe sagging of the skin and other health problems. Therefore, you need to tune in to a slow but steady process of losing weight, which can be from two to five kilograms per month.

Here are a few tips from dietitians to improve the effectiveness of this process.

How much you can lose weight in a month with a comprehensive approach

  1. First of all, do not forget about vitamins and other substances useful for the body. With a decrease in the intensity of nutrition, their supply is sharply reduced and this deficit must be filled. In our time, quality vitamin complexes can be bought, for example, in a pharmacy;
  2. Use a balanced diet. Often offered such options for nutrition, in which there are practically no, for example, carbohydrates. But these substances are necessary for the body, since they are involved in the process of fat splitting. In this case, you can compensate for their deficiency with complex carbohydrates, which are contained, for example, in various cereals;
  3. Avoid losing weight on a specific date. In this case, the continuity of this process may be violated. It is better to lose weight constantly, while fulfilling all the necessary requirements. Try to consolidate those eating habits that contribute to this process and this will lead you to an impressive result.

Tips for fitness trainers

To exercise weight loss exercises, positive attitude and self-discipline are very important.

Lessons should be given at least 40 minutes at least three times a week.

Good results can only be achieved with an integrated approach to losing weight. Only exercises will not be an effective tool for this.

During classes, regularity and absence of long breaks are necessary.

Losing weight is not an easy process. To achieve success, it will be necessary to exert a lot of effort and show sufficient self-determination and self-discipline.

I, too, are interested in this issue. Overjoyed at the delicious New Year holidays, and now I suffer. It's time to lose weight, even modelforms forty plus bought, at my age it will be useful to still have a hormonal background to adjust and kilograms dialed to reset. Probably still on fitness it would not hurt to make an appointment

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