How quickly to gain weight. Eight proven ways!

The truth is that the wrong diet hampers all your attempts to gain weight. To add a dry mass, you will need these eight proven methods. Let's study them in detail.

Ator: Vince Del Monte

A brief summary of the article

  • There is everything in a row – not the most successful strategy for recruiting muscle mass.

Eight secrets how to gain weight and not to grow fat!

Everyone agrees that we need to eat for a set of muscle mass, right? I hope you agree, otherwise you just made a mistake with the site.

If you train without drugs, you can not gain weight or significantly increase the amount of muscle without consuming enough quality calories that can provide hypertrophic processes, that is, muscle growth.

Conversely, if you do not eat well, you run the risk of losing muscle mass, and no matter how hard you train.

In light of the foregoing, you do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to understand that the more we eat, the faster we gain weight and grow faster. But is it?

Wrong food hampers all your attempts to gain weight – this is the true truth. But there is a big difference between the concepts of "gaining total weight" and "gaining muscle mass." We are here striving to increase weight precisely due to muscle mass, and not to the banal increase in total body weight.

So we stepped on my favorite corn .

The guys who try to gain weight justify eating all sorts of food debris, reconcile and with an excessive increase in fat tissue (greater than I approve in my book) in the hope of stimulating additional muscle growth.

This tactic does not work.

It should be understood that when it comes to recruiting muscle mass, the potential of your body is very limited. But about his ability to increase the supply of fatty tissue, unfortunately, this can not be said (otherwise we would have lived in a much more attractive society).

The capabilities of the human body to build muscle mass are very individual. They depend on how much protein can synthesize your body, and this, in turn, is affected by testosterone levels, the degree of its increase against the background of stress, the sensitivity of tissues to insulin and the genetic predisposition of your muscle fibers to growth. And many more factors.

And now let's look at eight secrets that will help to gain dry weight and increase the daily ration, and yet they will not turn you into a fat man who swims fat.

If you do not gain weight, the solution suggests itself – you need to give the body more calories. What is the easiest way to raise the caloric content of the diet "above the roof"? Double the serving size! For example, if before that you ate one chicken breast at dinner, now you have to eat two.

Toasted a piece of bread in the toaster for breakfast? Now toast two. At every opportunity, eat twice as much as you used to, and you will double the energy value of the diet. Since you still need to cook food, increasing the size of a serving twice does not require additional effort.

The next moment – do not allow yourself to be distracted during the day. You need to eat and eat often – every 2-3 hours, this is the best choice in case you really do not have enough caloric intake. Forgetting to eat on time? Set the timer for a certain time or buy an alarm clock. This applies to breakfast. You must load your body with quality calories within fifteen minutes of waking. Do not let the body use its own tissues as a source of fuel, in which case you will mark the spot.

Another tricky trick I recommend to many customers is the purchase of large plates. By analogy with how dietary guides recommend reducing the size of a plate to combat excess weight, you need to do the exact opposite when typing muscle mass. After you have got a large plate, make sure that you fill it to the brim!

4. Do not skimp on post-training complexes

The next moment. You should be absolutely sure that immediately after training your body receives a quality product. If at that moment you ignore a terrible famine, you will not achieve the maximum effect training.

The body with gratitude will absorb literally every calorie you will give it immediately after the training session, and your unwillingness to load the body with a batch of quality proteins and carbohydrates will negatively affect the course of recovery processes.

Recommended post-training complexes

For effective recovery after training!

If you are looking for the perfect moment to throw a high-calorie cocktail in a firebox, you know – that's it. And yet, even if you belong to those who train in the morning, you still do not have the right to leave the house without breakfast. As in any other case, before starting a workout, you must refuel your body with fuel. If you do not accept a full meal in a similar situation, then use a cocktail that will provide you with calories.

Guys, who need a high-calorie diet to build muscle tissue, need to pull their hands to the most caloric of the available products. If you lose time absorbing too much bulk food, it is more difficult for you to provide the energy needs of the body, and this will interfere with the typing of muscle mass.

Let's enumerate high-calorie foods: peanuts, peanut butter, unpeeled oats, lean red meat, chicken breasts, chicken eggs and dried fruits. The more products from this list will be on your menu, the sooner you will see the results.

Avoid foods such as whole vegetables (make mashed potatoes or take concentrated juice as a source of vitamins), oat flakes, cooked foods, popcorn and low-calorie soups. These products are too volumes, and they too quickly will cause a sense of saturation.

6. We record, write down and write it down again!

Now, when you are very eager to prepare a diet and get a lot of calories, you have to carefully write down their number. You do not want your efforts to lead to obesity, and therefore the best solution in this situation is to monitor the energy value of the daily diet. Exceeding the limit, you will begin to gain weight due to adipose tissue.

When the first signs of fat tissue increase appear, you should reduce the energy value of the diet by 200 calories (or by 10%). And the growth of fat tissue stops.

If you do not keep a caloric intake of your diet, you will never know how many calories per day you get and how to greatly reduce the energy value of the diet when fat accumulates. Often, when this problem arises, the guys dramatically reduce the calorie content of the diet, which is a serious mistake, because they also inhibit the muscle mass.

We have to balance on a very fine line. Too little – and your muscles do not grow. Too much – and you get fat. But, finding the golden mean, you will immediately understand this, because you will become stronger and slimmer at the same time.

To top it all, you need to think carefully about including cardio loads in the training program. Most guys make the same common mistake – they think that daily cardio-operations will protect them from fatting. But too intense cardio-operations interfere with the growth of muscle tissue, so they need to be strictly dosed.

What is really under the power of cardio loads, is to increase your appetite, improve the efficiency of recovery processes (if you adhere to a low degree of intensity) and slightly accelerate metabolism.

With a balanced diet, I have a ten-minute warm-up on the treadmill and a twenty-minute final set after strength training – this is enough to squeeze the last drops of glycogen out of myself. I put on the treadmill speed 6 km per hour and tilt from 8 to 12 degrees – this protects me from the appearance of the second chin and does not interfere with muscle mass gain. And more intensive loads will take away too many calories.

8. Never engage in an empty stomach!

How many times, hardly waking up, did you in a hurry drink a protein cocktail and go straight to the gym? Or did they skip a few meals during the difficult day, and then also tried to lift the weights after work?

I used to think that common sense protects people from such mistakes, but then some of my skinny clients admitted that they come to the training, having eaten only a couple of crackers for the whole day or some unfortunate fruit.

Hearing this, I dropped an 20-kilogram pancake from my shock, and they kept telling me that they did not feel hungry. In response, I bellowed at them: "Yes, you are not hungry, but it's because your metabolism has switched to a regime of complete exhaustion, a goner!"

I also realized that the morning hours for many are the only time free for training, although I still recommend that you fit at least one of the three main meals in this short section before the training session. Otherwise, the most abundant meal should take place immediately after the morning workout.

Will you go on a long trip with a half empty tank? No, unless, of course, you are not going to halfway manually push the dead car. So why are you sending your body to a grueling workout with an absolutely empty stomach?

A set of muscle mass can not serve as an excuse for swimming with fat and daily eating of everything that is on the buffet. I suggest that you study each week one of the rules outlined above and watch how the proportion of muscle tissue increases with each new week in your body.

Perhaps you are only in one or two rules from showing the world a magnificent physique, then you do not need to use all eight secrets. Conversely, place your accents thoughtfully if your muscles have clearly diminished their progress.

I would like to know which rule you liked most, and what principle you will begin to implement in your program this week. Leave your comments and questions to my article.

Me 16, the growth of 155, the weight of 40 What should I do? I want to gain weight and muscle growth. Everything has been reviewed, but there is a feeling that it will not help. I grow very fast. I ate very little. I started to put it on food. I think that at least one of your tips will help me to get at least something. I went to the rocking chair and my weight was 50 4 months were alone stresses I do not sleep at all, only for 2 hours and then in the afternoon Please, without aggression I ask for help Happy New Year

I 27 years Growth 1 93 weight 24 kg as though b 30 kg do 😕

In occasion of beer with fish, yes I am inclined to leanness and at the same time I like to load myself with horizontal bars)) in youth, there was no problem to make a torso, a press, everything was. But now I stop doing and lose weight. Here beer with fish quickly gives a gain of fat, even better than kashki, I also ate them, but there are no results with drunks and parties))) and beer and fish and walked and marveled

Hello tell me how to get better fast) growth 163 weight 45 kg .. I look well very thin already complex (((I have a daughter who is on the GW

To me 15 Growth 181cm weight 71 kg

I 17, the growth of 190, the weight of 90

18 years 160 growth 50 kg (((can not gain weight

14 years 160 growth weight 43 kg

Drink plenty of water, a day minimum of 2L

I 31 growth 168 weight can change dramatically happens 50 kg can dial up to 67 but with difficulty and lose weight quickly

I 19 years, the growth of 160, the weight of 47 kg Weight can not gain already 2 year

17 years of growth 175 weight 58 cd

Hello. I'll tell my story. I was 11 years old. I was very thin, but I did not have much growth. Once I decided to go to the boxing section. The coach was a beast. He gave VERY high load: trained for 2 hours for wear. Turnstile, bars, dumbbells did theirs and I, with the growth of 175 cm in 12 years weighed 70 kg, i.e., I recovered to 30 kg for one year. Then I had no goal of "getting bogged down", I just wanted to fight. Now I 14 years, the muscles are very embossed, and most importantly strong and hardy! Many times I saw how "rolling" with large muscles could not and three minutes to beat the pear. When they see me on the street and find out the age is very surprised, since even my face is on 17-18. This is not to mention broad-shouldered and growing. The diet can not say, because so far I have stopped in weight 80 kg, no matter how I would not eat. At that time, I did not follow the diet at all. I will only say that I ate a lot of chicken, eggs, and cereals.

Guys, I revered you, thanks for the tips on how to gain weight

Hello, I'm 17 yo.Rost 184 / weight 63 kg. 2 A month ago weighed 53 kg. Good food + workouts did their thing, but I would like to collect up to 75 kg.

My friend, can you give me your training program and some advice?))

And to me, the same complexes

Hello. My height is 167, weight is 49. I can not gain weight, even if I eat well. What could be the problem?

Hi. Me 17, height: 170, weight: 50 kg. I want to gain weight. I've tried all 8 ways and it does not help. Somebody tell me what to do. I will be grateful for the advice.

The same story. I eat "like" enough but I can not gain weight. probably this way will help.

Eaten 3 times a day + in the evening, every other day went to the horizontal bars and bars, took with me 1 a liter of beer of different and 200gr of capelin smoked. beer drank after 20 min workout when it had already put a strain on the muscles and started a strong dry. so I for 2 months gained 23 kg with the growth of 175 and the initial mass of 56 kg. all is easy and simple. so I was inflamed not like a child right now, a mountain of muscles and everyone thinks that I use anabolics, although I did not even see how they look. try not to get old

And who pray to them Th to do drinking is not the same

Then they can only pray)

me 27 weight 57kg height180cm. nor how can I get better. thin very

because of these rules, I gained weight and my usual training gave the result

growth 194 weight 55 I won

I'm 17 years old and my weight is about 45 kg. Fine?

Nooo. me 15 years of growth 160 weight 47kg

I'm 17 years old and my weight is about 45 kg. Is it normal? I believe that I should recover at least another 3 kg. And what do you think?

No, it will be better so, and what is your height

14 years, the growth of 160 weighs 42 kg. How to gain weight or just at least weight?

To me 14 and 175 increase I hang 49 how to grow fat and whether it is normal to have such weight at such growth prompt please

You must always eat porridge in the mornings, and when you walk to drink only ordinary water, it helps

Hello. I'm 25 years old, I'm a mother of one child. My weight is 47 kilograms with an increase of 160cm. And I can not gain weight in any way. Please advise what to do !? Thank you

For a woman it's norms

With the growth of 155 I only weigh 35 kg, what should I do? (((

I will soon 13 years, growth – 148cm, and weight – 35 kg, I need to grow and gain weight! What should I do? Give advice For earlier thanks!

In 13 years, I also had such growth, and somewhere from 15 years began the growth in the knots . now to me 18 and the growth of 180cm

I 13 growth 150 and I weigh 33 .. Do not worry

I, too, 13, soon 14. Growth-158cm, weight-42kg Read a lot of articles, now the chips before and after school will be replaced with dried fruits, and I will drink more water. Hopefully help

I, too, 13 the growth of 145 and the weight of 27. I think I won it .

Hello me 30, the growth of 175 weight 52kg-58 for a week the weight is constantly different I want to grow fat tried all the above read.

There was the same problem but it all happened! Growth 175 weighed 62 kg bought serious mass 6, I go to the hall 4 days a week, worked for 10 week split. Saw a 1 cup before the training and one after. On weekends only 1 cup cocktail plus amino BCAA 2222 For 2 months, typed 8 and a little religion and ate 3 times as usual but the diet was carbohydrates (boiled rice), squirrels (fish chicken meat tuna). I advise you to try it!

Give a good way to get better. Growth 183 weight 71 I train I eat and weight is not typed

I want to tell you, I have the same problem, from the fact that I just eat 5, 6 time I do not get better, add a good sleep to this diet, from 10night and until the morning, and it's VERY important afternoon sleep, it's because of depletion sleep. I have 2 children, sometimes it's a quiet week and I can sleep, preferably without breaking the schedule. And I feel weight gain and not just me. For those who can not gain weight through food (5), I advise you to sleep more often and more tightly. Although this is difficult, not everyone can afford it.

You will pull out the worms . You want to get fat or gain muscle mass

Look at your dads. Such you will be in the future. Who is lucky and who does not. But any outcome can be changed

He gained weight in the army. you must observe the schedule.

Hello my weight 57 and growth 174 please tell me how quickly you can gain weight I exercise I go to the hall I eat dairy products but still does not help tell me)))

Hello! I have a problem help. I'm 16 years old. I have an increase in 1,55 weight of 35 kg. What to do?

In Kiev there is such Andrey Dujko at it or him is patents its or his preparation "gormonorm", he very well will help or assist you. Find information about him on the Internet.

Run to the endocrinologist. I assume that you have not only a backlog in physical development, but also a sexual one. You may need hormonal injections.

Zdrastvujte me 23 and I hang 65 I would like to under 80 kg what to do

I scored for 2 weeks 9 kg with the growth of 170 I weighed 45 kg became 54))

How did you gain weight?

To eat to guzzle

We hung 65 67kg. With the growth of 177cm, karoch people maynes bread ketchup maynes bread, horns horns and eggs. 2month and already 89 kg. my relatives are deaf from my appearance

And what did you do that gained weight so quickly?

Sayyid as you gained weight, please tell me. Do I have the growth of 167 and the weight of 45?

Hello, how quickly could you get 9 kg? Can write))))

The article is super, looked at many things differently, be sure to take into account all the points. Very hooked about breakfast, constantly ignored him, without thinking that I was pulling my resources out of myself. Thank you

and if you can not get to eat every 2 / 3 hours, what should be then? if there is oats, peanuts, muesli, fish, chicken breasts! so you can build?

I 30 years of weight 47, 5, I'm very dead do not know what to do, I eat like normal but do not eat milk products at all yes I know that dairy products are useful but I can not help but climb. What makes the appetite good.

I'm so plump 🙂 so I give you tips: just love food, go to poppy donals 2 times a week. At least eat the same food: for example, french fries and burgers do not do gymnastics and exercises, get carried away by a computer – thicker to become much lighter than lean !!

Give advice – not your profile)))

It's not about how to fatten yourself. And how to "gain weight". Dial at the expense of MUSC.

Hello, how to be? If I for example run in the morning. I'm not going to eat before running, because it will not be good at running, Should I refuse to run or something? I really need your help

Eat an hour before running and power loads

I, too, could not get better, I eat a lot, I do not know what to do next.

you 100% did not eat for 2-3 hours 5 times a day, buckwheat rice eggs meat, after the fritters protein geyner or whatever else you need for you, in the morning eat up the high-calorie foods, each drunk will gain weight in a month, 3-5 will be exactly , and this is the minimum

Hello to me 35 weight 55 growth 178 can not gain weight

hello to me 19, growth 183 cm, and the weight of 49.700 kg, I'm kind of ok but I'm not fat what should I do?

20 years of growth 1.78 weight 70 can not type the right amount of help how to dial?))

To me 55 years after a pancreatitis it became difficult to type muscular mass. I have been training for 43 for already a year and I know one thing that without chemistry is not possible to build up. in a year of pure mass more than 3kg is genetically gifted people, everything else that you will gain is awakening fat and water. I DO NOT WHEN I DO NOT USE CHEMISTRY. AND ALREADY HOW LONG AS 10 YEARS DO NOT EVEN PROTEINS. BY MY EXPERIENCE, TROUSERS AND EYE PROTEINS WITH BREAST ARE MUCH EFFECTIVE. IN ALL OTHERS, I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU! Behind my shoulders is a lot of temporary training experience without steroids. And 90% do not even know what exercises are most effective in the hall and most of all they build up muscle mass. Literally everyone thinks that only the base is not a big mistake! In these photos I 54 year. now I have dropped 14 kg because the body should rest from a large amount of food and from a heavy training for at least half a year. at this time I'm running about 5 km a day and doing forestry on a bar and bars for 40 minutes. in November, I will start training and gain the old form for 4 months. and so every year. I'm ready to help advice to any stubborn person who wants to really get the real form and mass without proteins and any rubbish of chemistry. and not to read the speckled magazines with hummocks that do not get off the chemistry and have just become dependent on it as well as drug addicts, although everyone knows the consequences of these tricks! I wish all men and women only good health that will give everything else.

Bratan I came to the hall with the weight of 59, I was intensely engaged in just experiencing stresses at that time so the room was distracted) For 1 year I typed 9, my weight was 68.5) I did not particularly sweat with the diet I ate everything that was dairy products are very strong + bananas friends for more)) you say a year 3 kg (I 9kg for the year scored

Good afternoon, Vladimir. Tell me how to eat properly that you would type everything without fat. It's hard for me to gain weight, and I'm losing weight very quickly. I 37 years, the growth of 168 cm, and the weight of 50 kg. Thank you in advance.

Tell me how can I contact you?

Me 29 I can not get well all 60, I want a bistro to gain weight of hotbyaby 10 kg ish if you know

First try to learn Russian, and then go on.

the person of the problem to solve tries.

Che you obviously do not care Russian or Ukrainian

How can I gain weight?

Can help. 4 month I go to the hall. 19 years 173 cm, now I weigh 68 – I typed 8 kg. But as it turned out, because of carbohydrates, he typed fat on his buttocks and stomach. I'm trying to do something about it now, namely, I cut carbohydrates under 400 (caloric content fell – this is a minus), I try to use protein per day under 140 g. But is it still possible to burn some fat? Thank you

20 years growth meter 60 weight 40 I eat everything and do not get better, how to be?

Normal weight (if not pitching) 1 m. From growth. For example growth 180 weight 80 kg

Guys, do not eat everything at the same time and at the same time simply. Do not allow the thought that "someone is hungry, you must eat," you must get ahead of the thought. And drink more adaptogens to increase appetite, and even before each meal for 20 min, drink water -0,5-1 glass. All good luck in recruiting the masses!

me 24 growth 181 weight 70, I'm all in a row the doctor was told the body as an astronaut, and the weight is not typed what to do

Guys growth 174 weight 56 kg how to dial the whole eat 4-5 times and sense 0) 15 years


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