How to breathe correctly while running, so as not to fade

Running is one of the easiest and most accessible for a person to keep in shape. Also, some scientists suggest that it has a beneficial effect on a person's mental abilities.

The change in the composition of blood during running lowers the possibility of oncological diseases. Thanks to physical loads of this kind, the endurance and efficiency of the organism increase, the aging process of the organism proceeds more slowly. Running is a measure of prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, a remedy for common headaches, insomnia.

After running in the human body, serotonin is released – the hormone of happiness, which makes running an excellent medicine for depression. Has a positive effect on the nervous and immune systems.

The importance of proper breathing during running

To master the running technique for each athlete, it is worth analyzing all the elements of the correct run. In addition to precise setting of the legs and keeping the casing in a special position, it is important to pay attention to the method of proper breathing.

Very often, beginning runners do not remember the respiratory system, directing all their attention to moving limbs and holding the body during exercise.

When the human body is exposed to physical stress, its need for oxygen is increased, the required air level required for the functioning of all organs increases. During the run, different muscle groups are involved. If they do not receive enough oxygen, the runner's overall endurance will decrease, and his health will worsen.

Thanks to the correct respiratory system, the effect of the training is increased, the load on the cardiovascular system is minimized. Inaccuracy in the functioning of your heart can lead not only to discomfort during exercise, but also greatly affect your health. Also during training it is very important to monitor the pulse.

Any training should start with a warm-up, thanks to which the muscles and joints are ready for the next load, which significantly reduces the possibility of injury. Even at the time of the warm-up, the use of proper breathing techniques is essential.

Inhalation is carried out at the beginning of the exercise, at the time of chest enlargement. Exhale at the end of the exercise, during chest compressions. When you are engaged in stretching, you should inhale, while standing in a standing position or with slight inclinations forward, exhale – at the end of the exercise.

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A variety of respiratory techniques

There are several different methods, but all of them are united by the concept of ease and naturalness of running. Breathing is considered correct if the lungs during the movement are filled by not more than half. At an average running speed, an increase in the chest should be about a third of the possible.

To learn different breathing techniques, one must practice exercises aimed at developing the diaphragm and improving control.

The method of breathing, designed for training at a slow pace. Use it for moderate or accelerated running is not worth it.

2 is made small breaths and 1 is a big exhalation. For 2 inhalation, the lungs are heavily filled with oxygen, which does not allow the breath to quickly get lost.

This method helps to evenly distribute the load on the body and do without additional stress. There are several patterns of breathing when running.

The most common scheme is 3: 2, that is, breathing in three steps, exhaling in two steps. This scheme will be effective for normal jogs, but not for long distances.

There is also an 2 scheme: 1, which is a breath in two steps, and exhalation for one. This method is suitable for long runs, during which breathing becomes more frequent and exercise requires more effort, and the body has more oxygen. Also, the two + one method is suitable for use during athletics or speed training competitions.

The basis of this technique is a numerical account. It is required to count the steps and make an exhalation on the 2 account. After two more steps, exhale again.

With this technique, the athlete can not only make his breathing more smooth, but also relax. Very important in this technique is concentration – if you fail, the return to the worked rhythm will be difficult.

This method is fundamental for beginners, understanding the right breathing for which is still difficult. After a while, they begin to use other techniques.

This method of correct breathing involves the use of diaphragmatic breathing. The algorithm of this method is as follows: during inspiration, the stomach is inflated, and during expiration it retracts. Before using this technique in training, try to breathe with the help of a diaphragm in a calm state.

Air should be directed to the lower part of the lungs, located in the abdomen, and not to the upper, lifting the chest. By breathing in the belly, much more oxygen enters the body.

To learn how to breathe correctly when running, you should first learn the theory well, and also in practice constantly give time to improve running technique. For different distances, different breathing techniques are used.

From the very early childhood, caring parents talked about breathing only through the nose. This statement is only partially true. For normal walking, oxygen, coming from breathing only through the nose, is enough.

But for the run, since the physical loads are stronger than when walking, the same amount of oxygen will not suffice. Professionals recommend using a mixed breathing technique, using not only the nose, but also the mouth.

Before the start of training, you should take time to conduct a good workout, including stretching. The warm-up is spent with the purpose of preparation of an organism for physical loads, reduces an opportunity of a trauma at employment by running.

At sprint distances the need of the human body for oxygen increases several times, and it becomes more difficult to breathe properly. In this case, there is no clear indication. You need to breathe, relying on your senses, listening to the body. Observe the rhythm more convenient for you.

During training, it is important to use a press in addition to the lungs (diaphragm). Thanks to this method of breathing, more air enters the lungs.

If your training is in the cold season, try to breathe more with your nose than with your mouth. This will reduce the risk of respiratory problems. Also for the protection of the respiratory organs you can use the buff – a multifunctional headwear, which in this case can be pulled on the face, covering the nose and mouth.

Wow! It turns out that there is a whole science of how to breathe properly during running and training. When I started running in the morning, I could not even think about it. Then, of course, I realized that if you breathe smoothly and deeply, then it's much easier to run. And these techniques are new to me.

Yes, there really is a whole science of how to breathe that by the way is amazing, let's say that somebody does not know about it runs to health and everything is fine and calm without it, but if he suddenly says you do not run so he will lose his rhythm he starts to watch his breath to him it will be both unaccustomed and uncomfortable. I like this, maybe it's for science professionals and not for those who came out in the morning for a run

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