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How to Burn Belly Fat

You do not need to spend a lot of money to get in shape and tighten your stomach. It's enough to understand a few things about how the human body works!

Author: Maya Appleby

Do not need to spend a lot of money to bring the body to shape and tighten the stomach. It is enough to have basic ideas about how the human body is arranged!

"How can I get rid of this?" Men and women with figures of all sizes and shapes constantly ask me this question, pointing to their bellies with perplexed faces.

This is a million dollar question, and many companies earn even more on it, instead of giving honest answers. But you do not have to spend a lot of money to create a slim figure and tighten your stomach. You just need to understand a few things about how the human body works.

Numerous videos on TV advertise devices that supposedly stimulate the muscles, so that they are reduced and reduced even without exercise. I even saw an advertisement for the "slimming belt", in which it was claimed that he was doing 10 minutes equivalent to seven hundred twists! In advertising, people are shown performing various exercises for the press with a bunch of mistakes and hatred for every second of training. These unfortunates are contrasted with smiling guys and girls who all day go with a "wonderful belt", wrapped around the waist. How tempting!

In such commercials, people often say that they lost dozens of centimeters at the waist thanks to these devices. Tens of centimeters. Guys with six dice are almost praying for these devices. All this supports the delusion of the target audience about how to deal with fat on the stomach. Strengthening the abdominal muscles by itself (and the belt for weight loss, most likely, and it is not very capable of it) does not work.

Why? All because of the fat! If a woman with obesity makes hundreds of twists a day, she can develop strong muscles of the press. The muscles can pull up her waist a little, but the stomach will still be covered with kilograms of fat, and it will not look slimmer.

Approximately 50% of its total fat reserves are located right under the skin. Do you know where the rest of 50% are? In the muscles. Twists for the press will not help get rid of this fat, not under the power of this and vibrating belts from television advertising.

The best way to reduce the waist is to give as much cardio as possible. Here are some good examples:

. as well as active sports such as volleyball, basketball or tennis. Anything that raises the heart rate in the zone of increased metabolism and maintains it, at least for 20 minutes, strengthens the heart and causes the body to burn fats.

As the thickness of the subcutaneous tissue decreases, your skin will become more fit. As the fat stores in the muscles decrease, your figure will look slimmer and will no longer seem so flabby. The first thing you should think about is cardio training. Five times a week!

Turn your body into an effective fat burner!

It is necessary to give maximum attention to large muscle massifs, which include:

  • Muscles of the front surface of the thigh

Bringing muscles into tone in combination with cardio will speed up the process and improve the result, but you do not need to think that only the muscles of the abdominal press need to be trained. This is another serious misconception. The truth is that when you study all the large muscle groups, adding mass to your muscles, you accelerate the metabolism to indicators that have never been achieved before.

Muscles need extra calories so they can keep themselves in working condition, and thanks to this, most of the food you eat will go to make up the muscles, and not to the problem areas. A trained heart (thanks to cardio-vascular loads) also consumes calories more efficiently, so you end up with a gold combination.

As fat will leave your body, it will go away and from the stomach. The body fat in the body is similar to a single organ, which is dispersed throughout the body. You can not pinpoint fat from the problem zone alone, except with liposuction.

Always do exercises for the press at the end of the workout. There are reasons for that. These muscles indirectly participate in all the other exercises that you perform.

Muscles of the abdominal press play an important role of stabilizers, which support the body in the right position. If you do exercises for the press at the beginning of the workout, the stabilizers will get tired, and because of this, the whole workout will be less effective. First, work out the largest muscle groups, and then go to the smallest muscles.

Twisting and lifting the trunk, mainly, work the largest muscle of the press – the rectus abdominis muscle, which bends the spine. This muscle helps to tighten the abdomen to a certain extent, but there are other muscles that need to be paid attention too.

The internal and external oblique muscles, which I like to call the "natural girdle", are located on each side of the rectus abdominis muscle. You use these muscles when tilting to the sides and rotating the trunk in the lower back. They also contract with the tension of the abdomen, so you should train them as hard as the straight muscle. Add spin to the twists and do the incline with the dumbbells, but be careful with sharp movements, especially if you had problems with the lower back.

The transverse abdominal muscle is located on the side, under oblique muscles. This muscle, often referred to as the "lower press", should pay special attention to women who are trying to lose weight and restore the figure after pregnancy. Exercises, in which instead of lifting the trunk the legs are raised, very effectively strengthen the transverse muscle.

Walking makes all abdominal muscles work. During walking, do not forget about swinging your hands, strain the bark muscles and maintain a high tempo. When the body gets used to daily walks, you will begin to hate days spent without this ritual. Walk for at least half an hour to achieve the effect of aerobic exercise, and do not forget to drink plenty of water.

Strength training not only helps to accelerate metabolism, but also strengthens bones. Women who train with weights are much less likely to develop osteoporosis in old age than those who do not. In addition, the increase in muscle mass creates miracles with a reserve of energy, vigor and strength, and at the same time increases self-esteem.

Contrary to the prevailing misconception, lifting weights will not turn you into a pile of muscles that eventually transform into fat. They will make the figure more feminine and proportionate. If you like strength training, do not hold back!

Yoga is no less effective in terms of strengthening the body, especially the abdominal press and back. It radically improves posture, visually makes you taller and slimmer. Pilates and other similar training techniques offer a worthy alternative. Most importantly, choose the type of training that you like. This will dramatically increase your chances of making training a good habit and part of your life.

The most important thing you need to do is to mentally adjust yourself. Do not use the scale as a measure of your progress. If you lift weights, the weight can increase by 1-2 kg, and the centimeters around the waist at this time will melt. It is better to use for comparison a pair of jeans, in which you would like to climb, or a pair, which is now just right for you. You will see changes every 2-3 weeks, and these changes will inspire confidence.

Walk as often and as often as possible. Do stretching for the back and legs to improve posture. When you go to work, sit smoothly and beautifully; Turn the rear view mirror so that you can see when you begin to hump. Do not allow your shoulders to fall down when you are working at a table. You can become smaller by simply observing these simple rules.

I hate to say this, but we all saw people with "good genes" and thought, but do they even understand how badly they were lucky. Most likely, no, well, okay. Look at your experience, how to nurture character and strength of mind. If in the presence of excess flesh on your stomach you blame your ancestors, do not feel helpless. You just need to work a little harder than others.

You can also have a slim figure with chiseled shapes. You just need to give time to cardio, adhere to a balanced and healthy diet with low fat content and connect any kinds of physical activity at the first opportunity. There is nothing innovative in this approach, but it does work.

I'm not saying that this is easy, but, in fact, nothing particularly complicated either. In an era when people, to fry a steak, do not even need to go out, it is tempting to spend a few dollars on a quick solution to the problem. That's just the human anatomy, in contrast to technology, for millenniums of evolution has not changed. If you take as an example the diligence of your ancestors and apply it to everyday life, you will achieve tremendous results.