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How to choose an exercise bike for weight loss and how to conduct classes

Quite often people give up physical activity because of lack of time. After all, with the modern pace of life, free time for morning jogs and visits to the fitness center is not at all.

After all, it allows you to lose weight without being distracted by your favorite things.

For example, watching TV or listening to music. Thus, the bike has already surpassed in its uniqueness such home simulators, as a hoop and a skipping rope.

Benefit of an exercise bike for weight loss

Home classes on this machine include many advantages.

With standard loads, a girl can lose up to 500 kcal / hour, which is one-fourth of a complete diet.

  • Improvement of the heart.

    Classes on the bike are referred to as cardio loads.

    It is known that any cardio exercises can stimulate the cardiovascular system and normalize the pressure.

    Thus, these exercises help in the fight against hypertension and hypotension.

  • Modeling the desired shape.

    Regular exercises for an exercise bike not only help to lose weight, they are able to strengthen the muscles of the legs and tighten the buttocks.

  • How to choose an effective exercise bike

    If you want to buy an exercise bike for weight loss, you must first evaluate your physical condition. It is determined by the level of training, as well as by the state of health.

    Pay special attention to the presence of problems with the joints or the spine. It is also important to determine your individual characteristics.

    For example, many girls have a beautiful slim figure, but have a lot of hands in the armpits. Thus, you can pick up an exercise bike, based on the desired result.

    There are 4 types of exercise bikes, each of which is effective, but has individual functioning:

      1. Vertical. This exercise bike is exactly like a bicycle in its design.

      It has a steering wheel, a saddle, and pedals that are directly under the saddle.

      Such a simulator is universal and suitable for everyone.

      1. Horizontal. This kind is intended for training in a semi-sitting position, since the pedals of an exercise bike are not in front of the seat.

      This kind is more like those who have problems with the spine, since it has a minimal load on it.

    1. Exercise bike for hands. Such a simulator is specific, since it allows not only to lower the weight of the lower body, but also to model the desired shape of the hands.
    2. Veloergometer. This exercise bike differs from the others in its functioning, since it allows you to train according to a given mode using a computer.

    There are also various braking systems, among which are the following:

    1. Mechanical, based on temporary transmission.

    It does not have additional functions, because of what is the most budgetary.

  • Magnetic, which allows you to adjust the level of the load, is in the middle of the price range.
  • Electromagnetic, which makes it possible to operate an exercise bike from an on-board computer.

    As a rule, this is the most expensive braking system.

  • The weight of a person is also an important factor in choosing a simulator:

    • mechanical type allows weight up to 100 kg;
    • magnetic form is used for weight up to 140 kg;
    • Electromagnetic view allows weight up to 150 kg.

    How to properly do cardio on an exercise bike learn from the video.

    How to conduct classes correctly

    There are rules that allow you to achieve the most effective results in your studies. The main aspect of these rules is safety, which allows you not to undermine your health and not get injured.

    The most important thing is the direct position of the back. Although the bike and allows you to bend, without damaging the spine, the exercise bike is not suitable for this.

    After all, when riding a bicycle, the muscles of the back are fully engaged, why they are strengthened. But when training on the machine, the back does not strain.

    It is not obligatory to use the wheel, although this is convenient when training at high speeds.

    It is also important to adjust the saddle to yourself: the knees should not protrude above the hilt, and the pedals should be easily accessible;

    There are no specific requirements for clothing, here the main aspect is convenience. It is also important that the ends of clothing in any case not hit the mechanism, so it is better to exclude long sleeves.

    On the feet should be comfortable shoes, preferably athletic;

    First, it is important to control your breathing, it must be carried through your nose.

    It is necessary to warm up the muscles before training, after a warm-up. It is enough for several stretching exercises or squats.

    You can not suddenly stop the process of training. You can only make a short break, giving the heart to come to a normal state.

    After that it is necessary to move from a fast pace to a stable one;

    The duration of the training and the degree of its workload must fully correspond to the desired result. Thus, if you want to lose weight, you should spend quite a long workout (40 minutes – 1 hour).

    At the same time, the degree of loading should be stable. It is also necessary to choose a ratio for other purposes;

    You should conduct a notebook with control over the training and their results. There it is necessary to record the duration of the training, the distance, and the number of burned calories.

    Thus, you can evaluate your results and, based on this, make up a future training program.

    How to lose weight with an exercise bike

    Classes for such a simulator involves working with a given load. Perhaps, there are practically no simulators left without such possibilities.

    The computer program, which is equipped with a simulator, allows you to count the calories burned, the length of the run, and the degree of load. Also, the built-in display makes it possible to make a choice in the load profile.

    For example, you can simulate a climb on a steep slope or movement on flat ground.

    The level of the load during the torsion of the pedals can be appropriate for movement along the soft trail, stones, sand, and also hard asphalt. Computer-like conditions of this kind make it possible to increase the work of muscles.

    For one workout with a stable degree of exercise, a person can burn about 500 calories, and also accelerate the metabolism and circulatory system of the body.

    Significant weight loss and decrease in body volume can be seen only in those areas that are involved during training. Thus, you can tighten the buttocks, thighs, waist.

    In addition, knees will strengthen well.

    Achieve rapid weight loss is possible only if the heart and lung volume allows you to train with high intensity. If the lung function is not enough, it does not allow you to raise the level of the load.

    That's why an exercise bike is an excellent motivation to give up bad habits.

    There are three training programs on bikes. They depend, first of all, on the level of physical fitness of a person.

    For each individual time and intensity can be selected.

    However, there are minimal prohibitions on using this simulator:

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    I'm 30 years old. Once my family bought a bike for my birthday. Thanks to him I managed to lose weight, and also pull up my form! It is unfortunate that I relaxed and abandoned my studies, now I am suffering with excess kilograms again. It should probably resume training. But I still really advise an exercise bike for losing weight, the main thing is to control yourself in the food also.

    After the birth of my son, like many mothers, I lost my form. In weight gained a little, but the state of my skin and muscles clearly did not suit me. But with the child it is rather difficult to find time, so the trip to the hall was not even considered. I bought an exercise bike, now I'm doing it for a year. The form has been fully restored, and most importantly, it is very convenient in the presence of children! She laid her sleep, and I pedal myself in the next room. I strongly advise those who would like to pump the ass and legs!

    The Exercise Bike is really an excellent variant of cardioion, so it not only helps to lose weight, but also improves your health. However, you can not achieve a figure on one simulator. I advise my clients to follow a diet and limit themselves to many products. In my opinion, any physical load is just a bonus to proper weight loss.

    Thus, an exercise bike really has a high advantage over other weight loss methods.

    Also in the course of studying his work, the following factors became clear:

    1. This simulator does not harm, on the contrary, it has a number of advantages.
    2. There are several types of exercise bikes, which should be selected according to individual characteristics, price and desired goal.
    3. There are a number of simple rules recommended for training on the simulator.
    4. The training program must be chosen based on physical training.
    5. Reviews of this method of weight loss are mostly positive.

    How to practice on an exercise bike to lose weight, learn from the video.

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