How to cleanse the body before a diet?

The human body, to tell the truth, the thing is pretty dirty. Not only that we need every day (and several times) to visit the respective premises in order to wash off the various "byaki" that accumulate during the hours of active life, so our "inner world" sometimes becomes not so and "sunny", which causes certain health problems and, last but not least, overweight.

As for excess weight, here mankind has gone far ahead – training programs, a whole library of diets have been developed, but they are all empty and useless "pshik" if they are not preceded by proper cleansing of the body. Therefore, we suggest not to talk about the sterility of human intestines, but go directly to the matter, considering how you can cleanse the body before a diet.

Types of "cleansing"

In addition to extremely radical methods, such as surgical intervention, enemas, as well as the use of a plunger near the most different openings in our body (just to be sure, the last statement is a joke), there are more accessible and correct methods for purifying the body. In particular, many nutritionists recommend resorting to so-called diets, cleansing the body of various slags, accumulated both directly inside the digestive tract, and in the tissues of the body.

Based on your schedule and life preferences, you can independently choose one of the cleansing diets that will most accurately fit into your lifestyle. In this article, we decided not just to list the most common diets of this kind, but also to talk about them so that you no longer have to scour the World Wide Web, looking for the necessary details.

Weekly cleansing diet

Seven-day diets are the most popular. Most likely, this is due to the fact that a person is psychologically much more accustomed to convince himself that "I'll start from Monday . ". That's the next diet, and we suggest you start with the next Monday.

The hardest days of this diet are the first two. In fact, at this time you have to prepare your body for further fighting, and for this you will have to significantly reduce the variability of your diet. In particular, the cleansing apple diet for 7 days, which will now be discussed, recommends the first and second day to eat only green apples.

Since by the end of the second day, one kind of this fruit will cause you a mixture of panic and disgust, you can supplement them with green tea, flavored with a small amount of honey. This drink not only allows you to quench your thirst without damage to your health and shape, but also "discards" the taste buds, thanks to which the taste of green apples will not quickly become boring.

On the third day you can feel yourself a citizen (or citizen) of the British Empire, setting a bowl of Herculean porridge with the words "Oatmeal, sir . ". It is this oatmeal diet that will provide you with a "charge of vivacity" until dinner itself. If you think that such a breakfast is somewhat dull, then we advise you not to rush to conclusions – after two days of eating green apples, oatmeal will seem to you food of the gods. However, perhaps the pleasure will be a little spoiled by the fact that it should be washed down with a glass of mineral water.

Lunch of the third day will diversify your diet and add colors to the surrounding world. The fact that it will consist of a portion of boiled beef (without fat, of course), supplemented with vegetable garnish.

Dinner will give you a cup of lean boiled rice, which you can drink with a mug of hot tea with a slice of lemon.

Breakfast of the fourth day will pass all in the same English traditions – a plate of oatmeal. True, this time boring mineral water will be replaced by quite real and relevant coffee. But lunch will allow you to enjoy a little forgotten taste of green apples in the amount of three pieces.

Unfortunately, the dinner also does not bring you gastronomic relief, because its menu will include all the same tea with lemon, which you can drink with a juicy orange juice.

If it seems to you that the hardships of the fourth day have undermined your confidence that a cleansing diet is a wonderful idea, then the fifth day will return to you the former joy of life. Morning you will need to start with a low-fat cottage cheese (it is important to find a real cottage cheese, not a dietary "tasty substitute") or kefir and grated carrots. All this can be mixed in a plate and consumed as a single dish. Unfortunately, the diversity will be a little spoiled by the need to wash down all of the above-named proprietary mineral water.

For lunch, you can eat potatoes, which should be boiled or baked in the oven or microwave. In addition to serving potatoes, it is worth preparing a small salad, consisting of cucumbers, tomatoes and chopped cabbage. It is important to follow one strict rule: vegetables should be fresh, not salted or sour. Salad should be filled with a small amount of vegetable oil.

Dinner on the fifth day, unfortunately, a little spoil the joy of dinner – boiled rice and tea with lemon.

"It remains a little . just a little bit." Repeat this phrase as a kind of mantra while you are eating for lunch and dinner already a little podnadoevshuyu gherkules porridge. However, to make the porridge not very boring, it should be added carrots, pumpkin or spinach, in a word, any vegetables that do not contain a lot of liquid.

Dinner on the penultimate day of your cleansing diet will bring you to the company boiled rice and a glass of yogurt.

On the last day the phrase about "a little" and "a little bit" will have to be repeated several times more often. The fact is that the most "interesting" meal on your last day of the diet will be breakfast – coffee and cheese, but already from dinner the familiar "classic" will begin. In particular, the lunch break will please you with vegetable broth and a couple of green apples, and for dinner you should eat the leftovers of fat-free cottage cheese and drink a glass of kefir.

Small tweaks – how to survive this week

Naturally, such changes in the usual diet can be quite difficult to transfer. In order to facilitate your task, we would like to communicate two important points:

  1. Begin a cleansing diet only when you do not have any health problems, and your health tells you that no unforeseen complications are expected. If you are sick, having a cold or experiencing stress at work, then it's better to postpone the diet until better times;
  2. Despite the fact that meals are clearly separated for breakfast, lunch and dinner, no one forbids you to arrange for two breakfasts, two meals and two suppers, it is important to remember that between meals should take at least one hour, and the total amount of food , taken at a time, can not exceed 200 grams;
  3. If you feel that you are about to "break", pour yourself a glass of warm water and a teapot and throw a slice of lemon into it – a similar beverage reliably repels the feeling of hunger.

Three-day cleansing diet

If you think that a cleansing diet for weight loss lasting for seven whole days is too much, then we are happy to report that there are also faster and more sparing kinds of diets. This is exactly what a three-day fruit diet is.

The first day should start with a fruit salad, which can be drunk with mineral water or a mug of tea (black, green or herbal), supplemented with a slice of lemon. Two or three hours after breakfast, you will have a second breakfast, during which you should eat the same fruit salad with a "garnish" of half a small melon. With drinking this time everything is slightly more strict – herbal tea or a glass of mineral water.

During lunch, it is necessary to repeat the scenario of the second breakfast, and before going to bed eat a banana, drinking it with glasses of chamomile tea.

This diet does not include supper, so prepare yourself beforehand that you will experience hunger in the evening, which will be helped by the same proven method – a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon.

The second day will begin with a fairly uncommon dish – baked tomatoes. To prepare them, you need to put four ripe tomatoes in the oven and bake with salt, pepper or basil until a crusty crust appears. Also, spices (salt and pepper) can be added to the morning drink – vegetable juice (carrot or tomato).

During the second breakfast it will be possible literally nastsya – you do not need to comply with the restriction of 200 grams per serving. However, given that the second breakfast will consist of vegetables and lemon juice (used as a refueling), you will not experience a particularly strong saturation. Salad can be slightly salted, and as a drink to use herbal tea.

Lunch of the second day consists of steamed vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, spinach or zucchini), as well as vegetable juice.

The third day is a kind of a hybrid of the previous two, so breakfast should be prepared according to the prescription of the first day, lunch – the second, but lunch (taken from the menu of the second day) should be supplemented with a small amount of boiled fish or grilled chicken – so you prepare your digestive system to the digestion of proteins.

As in the case of the seven-day diet, cleansing can be started only in the absence of disease. If you are not satisfied with your condition, postpone the diet. In addition, do not delay the fruit diet for more than three days (by the way, the third day is considered optional – if you find it impossible, you can skip it) – the fact is that the fruit and vegetable diet does not allow your body to receive all the necessary substance and its long practice will lead to exhaustion.

Video with one more method of cleansing the body

Reviews on the cleansing diet for 7 days

And as always, you are absolutely right, on a diet (the so-called purification) can only be a healthy person.

Absolutely agree with you. In general, I think that before you go on a diet, you must at least visit a gastroenterologist, since it can be very easy to spoil your stomach. It is necessary to take care not only of the inner beauty of the body, but also of the health of the organs.

After birth, recovered for 120 kilogram! You imagine? It was just awful . I did not know what to do. On me even my husband began to look differently. It was terribly insulting when I walked along the street, and behind my back the children laughed, saying: "Look how fat" and so on. I did not know what to do until I came across the article "a weekly cleansing diet" .There was nothing and I decided to try and it really works! For the first week I threw off 4 kilograms, it's just unreal! I advise everyone, really working diet!

Cleaning the body before you go on a diet, really should pay close attention in order to minimize the possibility of harm to your body. Personally, I used a weekly cleaning.

Wow cleaning! A whole diet is obtained! So I can lose a few pounds!

I liked this joke of yours. And this seven-day diet to me

liked. The fact is that I am so

apples, especially green, that two apple days – this is a holiday for me and I can

they are very easy to transfer. The fact is that there are many other diets where there is

apple days and such days are my favorite. This is me to the fact that, perhaps I

I'll try this seven-day cleansing diet.

I believe that this cleansing diet is perfect for putting yourself in order before summer vacation. Especially, designed for a week.

I plan to lose weight by the summer, I hope to throw a couple of kilos on a cleansing diet! It seems that the menu is healthy and varied, but all the same, it's hard to last a week. It is necessary to keep oneself in shape, at the same time, and the body must be cleansed of everything superfluous.

Well, I think I found what I was looking for. Excellent cleansing diet for 7 days. I became very fat after the birth, I thought that I definitely would not lose weight. Tried to drink turboslim, no effect. Subtracted on the Internet about the cleansing diet and decided to try and HURT! I did not expect such an effect and that I can cope so easily, especially on oatmeal days and do not notice that you are on a diet. For a week, dropped 5. I'm so happy. I will advise this diet to all fatty girlfriends

Totally agree with the response. Also decided to try this cleansing diet. Of course, it's difficult for women to sit on all sorts of diets. But it is better to achieve the desired result and sit 7 days on a diet tormented. The result is very satisfied!

It's not the first time I'm on diets. Always before the diet I cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, as they say, prepare it for changes. Personally, I, after cleaning, it is easier to sit on a diet and plus a shift of food is easier. Naturally, I have the best result. In a week I drop 2-3 kg. And such a result with the help of cleansing the body. So without her barely barely 1 kg dropped.

Has decided on a cleansing diet. Over a week, you can get rid of 2 kg. For me, this is a good result.

I, too, think that this diet is suitable if not often sit on it. It helps not only to throw off a kg, but also to feel better.

I would like to ask, do you observe everything that is written in the article or add some products from yourself? The result is quite good, so I'm interested in what you exclude or, conversely, add.

After giving birth 15 hated pounds . 7 left for the time of feeding, the remaining 8 remained dangling heavy load on my, at that time, the unloved body. To exhaust the diets did not want to – the baby needs a happy mom! I stumbled upon this weekly cleansing diet, I liked the diet. The week flew by unnoticed and voila . minus 5 kg per week! In the next month I will repeat, I will correct the sport and in the summer I will be quite a beauty)

Yes, Inna, I too remember, after sorts or labors have much typed or collected. A lot had to be done to get back to the previous weight.

I used a cleansing diet, which my friend advised. It is not quite the same as here, but it has a lot in common.

And you done fine, 5 kg for a week – it's cool! I slowed down a kilogram of 2-3.

You know. This topic can be called "Normal Nutrition". Because it's not a diet, which makes our body better. It's just necessary for life to eat normal food and watch your breathing.

That's for sure. I do not really like the word "diet" – it implies some kind of temporary food restriction. Proper nutrition is a more accurate definition. You should try to eat useful foods and have at least minimal physical activity, then the body will be all right.

When cleaning the body should not only use laxatives and diuretics, but also vitamins, probiotics for normal microflora. I take the type of an ordinary compliment and vitamin doses to strengthen immunity, I make honey-lemon water. Beetroot and yogurt well helps to cleanse the intestines, prepare salad with vegetable oil, you can add half-slices of garlic for taste. A kefir is good for dry yeast, I particularly liked Bakdzrava, I take a probiotic sourdough Slim Bakzdrav, it also can produce a sour milk product, something like yogurt is obtained.


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