How to deal with obesity

Do you know the anecdote? Women always have two problems: nothing to wear and what to eat to lose weight? And it would be funny if it were not so sad. Only a few understand how to deal with excess weight, and very few embody this knowledge in life.

I bet, among your friends there is at least one NOT-thin, who told you: "Yes, I do not eat anything! This is my metabolism slowed down, so I gain weight literally from nothing! ", And she at the same time with an appetite chewed sweet bun with mandatory afternoon tea. And try to tell her that she just eats too much or eats not what you need – risk getting yourself an enemy. But what if you found yourself in this description? Then you can safely write down my enemies, but first, after all, read the article – maybe you'll find out something new?

So how to deal with obesity? For a start, we note those reasons for the appearance of excess weight, which are not related, directly or indirectly, to food. It can be anything: the reaction of the body to certain medicines, diseases of the digestive and thyroid organs and even such an unpleasant thing as parasites – all this can cause the accumulation of fat. Fat in this case acts as a "preservative" for those poisons, toxins and toxins that the body can not withdraw or can not.

But if you are healthy, do not take strong drugs, do not "master" for parasites, then the cause of excess weight can be an incorrect, unbalanced diet or banal obzhiralovka. Let's try to figure out why all the same we can not lose weight, and if we can – with the help of some diet – then he comes back, and even a couple kilograms for fidelity with himself grabs.

To begin with we will decide for ourselves once and for all – no diet will help to lose weight. After all, in fact, what happens: you find a cool diet, "sit down" on it, the weight goes away, then you go back to your normal diet, and the extra pounds also return to their usual places. This is a war that we will never win. Why? Because any diet is a restriction. In one diet, the use of fats is limited, in the other – carbohydrates . And any restriction for our body is stress, the most important enemy of the slender. Therefore, in order to lose weight for good, it is necessary choose a diet in which there would be no restrictions. "Fantasy," they said, tempered in battle for slenderness, "how can I lose weight if I have everything?" Actually, not everything is successive. It will not work without restrictions. There are products that are not only full, but also healthy slender people there is undesirable.

This, for example, sausage. To say that sausages are harmful to health, it is impossible, but they can hardly be called useful. Modern sausages consist of meat at most at 60% – and this at best! Sausages, for example, and up to 30%, sometimes, do not hold out. Food additives – carrageenan, sodium and potassium nitrite, pyrophosphates, cochineal – are present in sausages in such quantities that it becomes scary. Nutritionists do not recommend eating sausages to those who watch their weight, as starch and sugar are added to the sausage stuffing, as well as a huge amount of fat and various flavor enhancers, smells, dyes and preservatives. It's not for nothing that those who work at meat processing plants do not eat sausage. They just know very well what is being added to the sausage stuffing. It can be anything: soy, flour, carrots, skins, bones, feathers . If all this still does not disgust you, then look at a couple of videos on the Internet – the hunt will buy the sausage completely.

Another product harmful to the figure is beer. Usual innocuous beer, advertising of which is crowded with streets, magazines and channels on television. But is it harmless? We'll figure it out. Many people think that beer contains many useful substances: proteins, natural yeast, minerals . A list of useful properties of beer can be continued and continue, but somehow they forget that all this only applies to real home beer, which is now in the daytime you can not find fire. That drink, which is sold in cans, bottles and spills, does not possess all these advantages. But the shortcomings in the beer sea. This, for example, is a pronounced diuretic effect, which does not help losing weight, but strong demineralization of the whole organism (mineral salts are simply washed out of it). In addition, the beer is washed and proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates. Beer contains a number of toxic substances, including salts of heavy metals, causing changes in the endocrine system. What does this mean? Instead of producing male hormone testosterone, male sex hormones begin to be produced in men, and this causes a change in appearance, visible even to the unaided eye: the breasts grow larger, the pelvis becomes broad, and the man becomes effeminate. But in women, everything is exactly the opposite – the chest falls off, the voice coarsens, the so-called "beer beads" appear, and the fat densely settles on the waist and back. And do not forget that beer – it's still alcohol.

Perhaps, the most important enemy of our figures is refined products. Sugar, refined flour and products made from it, peeled rice, semolina, etc. do not do any good, because they do not have almost any vitamins and trace elements in their composition. They are even harmful, as the reserves of already available vitamins are being spent on their digestion and assimilation. Refuse the refined products (or, at least, reduce their consumption), and the first – huge! – a step to harmony will be done!

But it is not enough to know what you can eat and what you can not. How to deal with obesity, when you always want to eat? As an acquaintance of mine tells me, "what's the use of knowing that something is impossible – but I want to eat it. And do not eat – to eat! »What to do with a brutal appetite, because he waits for us in the most unexpected places, forcing to buy the most huge hamburger or to eat the whole chicken-grilled chicken? Have to negotiate with your body. But first you need to separate the concepts of hunger and appetite. Tell me honestly, how long have you felt a real sense of hunger? This question puts many at an impasse, because in our minds, appetite and hunger are inextricably linked. However, the appetite may come from the smell of food, the kind of juicy and bright advertising, from boredom, anxiety or fear, or from what you just used to eat at a certain time. Psychologists advise to conduct such an experiment. Try to write down everything that you eat in the notebook. Everything, up to the most tiny bit. And not only the amount of food, but also why you eat. Write down all emotions, thoughts – it's useful. In a week you will notice that most of the time you eat from anything, but not from hunger . We "jam" our problems, eat at the computer, eat when watching the favorite movie – and there is something you need when you get hungry!

The ability to hear your body is a big deal. It is it allows you to give up huge portions, not to slice during the day and not attack any sort of harms like chips, crackers and other unnoticed trifles. Gradually you will understand that to maintain life the body needs not so much.

There are several general recommendations for compiling a well-balanced diet. Experts on proper nutrition advise, for example, to use proteins from the calculation of 1 g for 1 kg of body weight. That is, if your weight is 80 kg, then for the whole day you should eat no more than 80 g protein. And at least half of this rate should be animal proteins, since they contain all the amino acids necessary for man. But at the same time, that excessive infatuation with products with high "protein potential" (eggs, fish, meat, beans) can lead to gout, urolithiasis and dysbiosis. So those who hope to lose weight with the help of diets similar to the fashionable "Kremlin", should be aware of this.

Fats should be about 25% of the total calorie content of the entire diet. This is about 100 g per day, and vegetable fats should be at least a third of this amount. Remember that fats are contained in almost all products, especially in semi-finished products and fast food. If you do not follow this, it may turn out that fats will make up most of the calorie content of the entire diet. And this is a direct path to obesity, problems with blood vessels and other troubles.

We can eat carbohydrates from 100 to 500 g per day, depending on the degree of physical activity. Carbohydrates are different. "Slow" carbohydrates, contained in cereals, are preferable, as they are absorbed longer, the feeling of satiety after cereal remains for a long time. "Fast" carbohydrates – sweet vegetables and fruits – are good for an easy snack, but you should not abuse them. But the worst option can be carbohydrates contained in refined foods. They sharply increase the level of sugar in the blood, and this often leads to diabetes and obesity.

Be careful, choosing and buying products – too often now fakes. For example, you can buy in the store cottage cheese or cheese that does not contain milk at all! In the composition of such products can be anything – soy, vegetable protein or even homogenized vegetable fats, also known as trans fats. Any idea to lose weight with the help of curd fastidious days can result in a catastrophically fast set of kilograms. The only, perhaps, way to find out what cottage cheese you bought is to give it to a cat. If the kitty turns its nose, then most likely you sold it is not known what. The same story with milk and yogurt. Milk, which does not spoil for months, can hardly be called a natural product. Therefore, try to buy perishable milk in soft bags, and if you're lucky, it's better home. To make kefir, in pasteurized heated milk, you need to pour in 1-2 st.l. sour cream and wrap the jar. Or entrust this operation to kefir mushroom.

Some nutritionists often talk about the dangers of bread and recommend that if you do not completely abandon it, that is, a bran or grain bread – this bread is much more useful than "ordinary" bread. All right, but try for the sake of interest to cook homemade bread on leaven, it's not difficult. In addition to the difference in taste, there is another very important for human health difference: homemade bread is prepared on a "live" leaven, and industrial the production of yeast is using the achievements of chemistry. The production of baker's yeast is based on their multiplication in liquid nutrient media. Melassu (forage molasses) is diluted with water, treated with chloride lime, acidified with sulfuric acid, etc. Artificial yeast causes the process of alcohol formation in the body (the sugar breaks down into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide), and the bacteria in the natural leaven carry out lactic fermentation, splitting important nutrients elements in cereals to simpler substances that are better absorbed by the body. That's why homemade bread does not cause heartburn and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

One important circumstance can not be overlooked. All efforts to fight extra pounds can go to waste if you do not cure your intestines. Really, what is the point of calculating calories, if your gastrointestinal tract can not properly absorb nutrients, or withdraw waste normally? Variants of "cleansing" of the intestine can be found many – from the now fashionable hydrocolonotherapy to popular methods. Choose, as they say, you yourself, but still you should start with less radical methods. For example, cleaning with oil infusion of flax seeds. This is not even cleaning, but improving the entire gastrointestinal tract. After it is carried out, such a nuisance as constipation disappears, and the weight can drop dramatically by 2-3 kg. To prepare the infusion, try to find unrefined sunflower oil or any unrefined oil (olive, corn, etc.). Flax seeds are sold at the pharmacy. For a pack (200 g) of flax seeds, we need 0,5 l of unrefined oil. Flax seeds (do not wash them!) Chop in a coffee grinder or a food processor as small as possible, add oil and put in a dark glass pot infusion. Every day, the infusion should be intensively shaken. After 7 days, we put the bottle of oil in the refrigerator and start drinking on 1 st.l. 3 times a day for 20 minutes before meals. Before taking the mixture, shake vigorously, as flax settles in a dense sediment at the bottom of the bottle. We wash down with water. Feelings tolerant, the effect is mild. Your tummy will only thank you!

So how to deal with obesity? In fact, it's not so difficult. The main thing is to love yourself and stand firm on this path. And, of course, it is very important to eat a variety. To deprive yourself of useful products only because one can recover from them is foolish. Eat right, do not forget about the sense of proportion and be healthy!

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