How to develop the grip strength

A lot of men dream of a powerful grip. However, for someone it is a privilege, and for someone an important necessity, without which not to build a career or not to succeed in sports. To every athlete who visits the gym and has made a clear decision to move forward in this matter day by day, from week to week, from year to year it is important to know how to increase the grip strength. Now you will understand why this is necessary and what exercises will turn your hands into a vice.

The answer to this question is obvious, and he who at least once in his life gave himself a high load in the hall, perfectly understands how important it is to be confident in the strength of his forearms. Work on the biceps with large weights, deadlifts and other exercises require the athlete to have power in his hands, otherwise the main muscles will not be loaded. He just does not hold the weight.

When the shell slips out of your hands this:

In addition, there are people who simply need a powerful grip. This includes wrestlers, judoists, karate players, arm wrestlers and so on. But if the latter build their training mainly with an emphasis on the development of a strong grip, then for everyone else this method for various reasons is not suitable. And besides, they do not need to have such powerful and swinging hands. It is enough just to strengthen the muscles and ligaments without reaching such volumes, and the following exercises will help you in this.

Exercises for the development of an iron grip

There is a complex of simple, but at the same time, effective exercises, which, with competent combination, will help to develop the power of your hands.

Stretching a belt or a rope – a very interesting exercise, which sailors and soldiers used in the tsarist army. In hand-to-hand combat, all means are good, and in the troubled pre-Soviet period, clashes took place quite often. The times have passed, but the effectiveness of the method has remained. You must take a strong belt or a thick rope, and then start stretching it, trying to break. Systematize the execution of this exercise, in order to achieve a better effect, do 20-25 stretching according to the 3-4 approach. It may seem that it is simple, but in fact 15 repetitions will not be achieved by everyone.

Lifting and hanging on a belt or rope – the principle as in the first exercise, only the effect is much better. The main thing is not to make loops around the wrist – remember that you strengthen the grip first, but in the process do pull-ups.

Rope climbing with a corner – a complex exercise that will strengthen not only the grip, but also load the press along with the widest muscles of the back. To crawl as long as the hands are hard to clench into a fist, and since this exercise is new, this effect will not take long to wait.

Climbing the needle – is also an excellent and simple method to strengthen your grasp. Exercise should be performed until complete failure. This means that when you can no longer move through the pipes, get off, rest and start again. The point is to load your hands to the point where even the first "step" is given to you with difficulty.

Vis on the crossbar – the simplest and most common exercise, which is familiar to many from school lessons in physical education. Do it all the way to the end, keep hanging on your fingers and fight for every second, because that's what will determine the power of compression of your brush in the future. When you can hang without any obstacles for 5-10 minutes, you can connect the weights to continue to progress.

Clamping of the expander – also a familiar exercise, which is better to combine with any other. The main advantage of working with the expander is the ability to pump the relief or vice versa to load the forearms.

A competent combination of the above exercises will help you realize your dream and develop powerful forearms. In addition, it is superfluous to add a barbell or dumbbells here, as well as combine with them various methods of strengthening the grip. It's unlikely that you will get good results right away, but remember that the body is not built in one day. Try it, and soon you will be able to turn your hands into a steel vice.


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