How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight loss


Many people dream of relief muscles, but not everyone has the time and opportunity to visit the sports hall, and exhausting diets do not bring any effect. We do not need to buy a subscription anymore, we do not need to torture ourselves with hunger any more, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the comprehensive approach that will help you achieve the desired result in a timely manner.

Few realize the importance of drying, as a rule, this is one of the final components of complex measures to create a slender and inflated body. Drying is a method designed to bare the muscular mass gained. It is necessary to understand that it is recommended to carry out a training course aimed at the formation and strengthening of muscles. Only after this time for the final stroke – the demonstration of the relief.

Many mistakenly believe that drying is like losing weight, but it's completely wrong! Of course, the arrow on the scales will show a very different figure, after the complex of measures, but the difference in the safety of muscle mass. Proper drying guarantees the relief structure of the body, and losing weight leads to a weight loss, including muscle.

How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight loss

Proper drying includes a strict diet, a certain diet and changes in the training program, which in itself is a huge stress for the body. The whole process is aimed at the maximum disposal of the fat layer and the preservation of muscle mass. Beginners often adhere to the usual complex of exercises and during drying, which leads to disappointment, because either, typed with great difficulty, muscle mass goes away, or you can not get rid of fat. The main ingredient for successful drying is properly selected food.

To achieve this goal is acceptable with a comprehensive approach, the key factor remains a certain food that contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass. There is easy drying and intensive, the difference in nutrition is palpable.

Intensive drying involves the elimination of carbohydrates and the focus on the absorption of protein foods. Thus, all sweets are immediately eliminated, after which the turn of croups begins. The main stop-product is salt, because even a small amount of this product, added to food, can retain water, which also needs to be disposed of in the final drying stage.

Recommended products during the drying period:

  • Green vegetables;How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight loss
  • Sour fruit;
  • Boiled eggs;
  • Dairy;
  • A fish;
  • Poultry meat (skimmed);
  • Mineral water;
  • Mushrooms.

The list is the most useful, protein-fortified foods. With easy drying, the list can be significantly expanded, the main thing – to reduce the amount of carbohydrates. Each nutritionist confidently will say that any change in the diet entails changes that should be taken for control. In this case, we are talking about the vitamin-mineral complex, replenished if necessary with drugs. It is not recommended to prescribe vitamins for yourself, it is important to remember that uncontrolled reception can lead to negative consequences.

Determine the duration of drying can be based on the desired results and individual characteristics of the body. If the purpose of light drying is pursued, then insignificant intensity of trainings and a light diet are required. In this case, drying does not take more than 3 weeks. If an intensive training program is planned, then a strict diet is also observed, the drying time can be prolonged up to 4-5 weeks.

Regardless of the final result, before exercising the body's drying, especially with a strict diet, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor beforehand in order to obtain accurate information about your health status. How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight lossDrying puts the body in the most extreme conditions, reducing diet, dehydration and power loads in the aggregate can cause irreparable harm.

Caution and consistency are extremely important in the process of drying the body, especially for those who decided to do it for the first time. Medical indicators of health, athlete's well-being, successful final result – are possible only if all recommendations are observed.

Asking about the drying of the body at home, it is necessary to understand that this is a complex event, which includes the mandatory combination of both power and cardio exercises. Few have the opportunity of full-fledged training within the walls of the house, it requires alternating power simulators, high-speed exercise bikes, cardio loads. Only with the condition of retaining muscle mass and burning fat tissue is possible a positive result of drying the body.

Thanks to in-depth studies on the work of the human body, special additives have been developed that contribute to the burning of adipose tissue in the body. Additives, better known as fat burners, are now widely used by many athletes. Since the market is overcrowded with these additives, one should be more vigilant to be able to recognize an effective remedy from ineffective.

The effect of these supplements is aimed at accelerating the metabolism in the body, but in any case causes changes in the hormonal balance. There is no evidence of medical research on the effect on the body, since the product in question is a dietary supplement.

The existing additives can be divided into 5 groups:

  1. How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight lossDiuretics. Their action is comparable to that of conventional laxatives. There is a soft effect of the components on the stimulation of the intestine, while the rate of water absorption is slowed. Thus, excess water out of the body emerges, which can immediately be noted while standing on the scales, but one should not flatter oneself, the effect remains temporary.
  2. Thermogenics. The principle of action of these additives is associated with amphetamines, which are also associated with the likelihood of dependence. Metabolism is noticeably accelerated due to an artificial increase in temperature. In addition, activation of the nervous system takes place. The effectiveness of thermogenics is many times higher than the others, but it is important to know about some possible side effects, such as irritability, sweating, tachycardia.
  3. Suppressors of appetite. According to the composition and the presence of active components, these additives are similar to thermogenics. It is important to know that at the present time a suppressant appetite is not developed without the effect on metabolism, but its effectiveness is realized by activating the metabolism.
  4. Calorie blockers. In the annotation to additives it says that active ingredients reduce the level of digestion of food by the body, thereby minimizing the assimilation of calories. The practical side demonstrates only a deterioration in the absorption of fats and only a part of the blockers.
  5. Means for accelerating the metabolism. It is one of the most effective for fighting the fatty layer. To normalize the metabolism of the composition included L-carnitine, vitamins and substances to stabilize the thyroid gland.

How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight lossGetting rid of excess fluid will favorably emphasize the shape. Excretion of water should last at least 3 weeks, so as not to inflict severe harm to the body, it is worth to familiarize yourself with this method in detail.

Before you get rid of excess fluid, you need to saturate the body with water, this process takes up to 2 weeks. Each athlete is recommended to drink twice the daily dose of water. It is under these conditions that the body begins an intensive fluid withdrawal. When the process is launched, dramatically reduce the amount of fluid used. The secret is that the body can not stop instantly, so even with a lack of water, the elimination of the liquid does not stop.

Some athletes additionally resort to the help of special diuretics, but it is important not to overdo and feel the fine line. To cause irreparable harm to the body under these conditions is very simple, often there are violations in the work of the kidneys. Dehydration will lead to loss of form and worsen overall well-being.

Differences between female and male body drying

On this occasion, opinions are strictly divided, some see a fundamental difference in the process, others believe that there is no gender difference. The difference can only be in the mass of the body, not only in the final figure, but also in the initial figure. In the rest, it is necessary to understand that each organism is individual, therefore there may be slight differences.

As for female drying, this process is not as intense and long-lasting as in the male drying. In addition, the male half needs to limit itself more in the use of proteins and carbohydrates. Stage refusal from food saturated with proteins and carbohydrates, can coincide with the stages of removing excess fluid, that is, immediately before the very end of drying.

How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight lossThe effect of the light drying regime may well be comparable to the effect achieved with a diet. That's why many women of the fair sex resort to drying, in order to achieve the desired harmony. In men who did not give proper time to sports training, things are somewhat different. Even light drying of an unprepared body may not have the most pleasant effects, the stress received by the body leads to a deterioration in overall well-being. In appearance, the result may not be the most pleasant either. Therefore it is strongly recommended to prepare the body for this process.

What is the difference between drying for muscle relief and weight loss?

Weight loss is based on fixing lost kg, the process of removing water from the body, reducing the calories consumed in food will lead to a treasured loss in weight. The difference is that with weight loss, muscle mass can also be lost, which is not a problem. Drying on the contrary, keeps the muscle tissue unchanged, only removes the fat layer, which prevents viewing the relief.

To effectively dry the body and get rid of excess fluid and fat, you need to adhere to a special diet. Leading specialists in the field of sports nutrition and physical training have developed several major recommended diets that can significantly increase the efficiency of the process.

Abrupt transition to a new food system will negatively affect the end result, so it's better to start gradually, about 2 or 3 weeks before the start of complex events. The transition from carbohydrate to protein foods should be smooth.

How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight lossThe point is that fatty and carbohydrate-rich food is the source of energy, if the source runs out, in the last place the body will begin to worry about its stocks, which were postponed in advance, strength training requires an energy reserve. This is the principle of drying, the remaining layers of fat, are spent on additional energy.

We offer an effective diet, calculated for a month. For convenience, the key points of the diet are divided into the following stages:

  • 1-7 days. Refusal of sweet and salt, in the diet mainly vegetables, low-fat cheeses, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat kefir, 2 apple.
  • 7-14 days. Planned rejection of fruit. Eating porridge should be reduced.
  • 14-25 days. The reception of predominantly protein foods, the rejection of fruits, the use of porridge is permissible only in the morning hours.
  • 25-30 days. Refusal of porridge. Only protein foods in combination with vegetables.

After achieving the ultimate goal, a complete restoration of the body is required. To avoid overloading the digestive system, you should gradually return to the usual diet, alternately adding foods to the daily diet.

Details and drying rules for beginners are detailed in the following video:

Recommendations are only half the success. The secret of this success is to strictly adhere to all the advice received. A responsible approach to the matter and certain efforts on a daily basis will help achieve the goal. Individual features of the body play a significant role in the advisability of drying, for example, with good metabolism, intensive drying is strictly contraindicated. Without that, the excellent ability of the body to burn fat does not require additional measures, drying often leads to serious consequences in the work of the body.

How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight loss

How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight loss

How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight loss

How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight loss

How to dry properly for men for muscle relief and girls for weight loss

The article very briefly shows how to eat on drying, I am a trainer with 10 years experience, acting bodybuilder, I would like to supplement the article, since it talks about drying too dimly. Firstly, you gently cut carbohydrates, for example the first week 300 grams of carbohydrates per day, the second week, 200 gram of carbohydrates per day, 3 a week 100 gram of carbohydrates per day, and 4 a week, 50 gram per day. With the reduction of carbohydrates, you need to eat more protein and gluten, since without carbohydrates our muscles are eaten by catbalism. The toothbrush is needed for better digestion. You have to eat 2g on 1 kg of weight on drying, to the beginning of 3 of the week, 2.5g to 1 kg of weight. In no case do not take away carbohydrates as in the article under 0, for 5 days, if so to make your body go into ketosis, and it will be very bad for you, you can hardly train. If done under 0, then 2 days sit on 0 gram of carbohydrates, and 1 day load, 300 gram of carbohydrates, and then again 0, Buch system, then it will be good.

Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it's very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

Exercise for stretching is only for those who are professionally engaged in their body for example bodybuilders.

Kiwi used to be like a fairy fruit, now it is sold in every grocery store. Very good.

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