How to fight hunger and increased appetite

Hunger is one of the main barriers that block the path to an ideal figure. The process of losing weight is often complicated by the fact that, together with hunger, a person begins to feel weakness, irritability, drowsiness, etc. In this article, we will densely approach the issue of fighting the side effects of low-calorie diets and help you suppress hunger and increased appetite.

Excess weight almost always tells us that the person is disturbed by the regulation of the feeling of satiety and hunger, along with this, there is often an increased appetite. Having such an imbalance, and not following the daily diet, a person sooner or later gains excess weight.

For losing weight you need to get into the right psychological mood. Promise yourself to strictly adhere to the necessary diet. You have only two options: either to comply with the diet, or to follow the path of least resistance, indulging your lower biological needs. In the first case, you can overcome hunger with the help of willpower and get a better physical shape. In the second – you are doomed to a constant increase in weight, thereby exacerbating your health and losing appeal.

In order to alleviate the diet and suppress the feeling of hunger, there are several effective techniques, which we will tell you about.

Warm water is excellent for fighting hunger, in addition, the body needs water to break down fats. It fills the stomach, relaxes the smooth musculature of the digestive organs and dulls the feeling of hunger. Water can be replaced with tea or coffee without sugar. Caffeine and theine contained in both beverages accelerate the burning of fats. A glass of water can be drunk before going to bed, it will help you to get distracted from thoughts about food and quickly fall asleep.

Under physical stress we mean walking or running. Physical activity causes the body to break down fats to use the released energy. With a strong sense of hunger, combined with irritability, a walk on the 1-2 km will help. Try to stick to the speed of two or more steps per second.

Hunger is not an essential component of losing weight. It can be avoided by taking food that does not interfere with weight loss. For this purpose, excellent fiber-rich vegetables and fruits are excellent: cabbage, apples, grapefruit. Grapefruit is especially useful, because it contains naringin – a substance that burns fats.

Likewise, onion, radish, tomatoes, sea kale, cucumbers and carrots do not prevent losing weight. Products from this list can be eaten in unlimited quantities, since their caloric value is insignificant. Let's say even more, a person spends more energy on the assimilation of such food than it gets from it.

Before you eat high-calorie foods, eat something from the above. Fiber and fibers that do not digest the human body, fill the stomach and help you get fuller quickly.

Frequent nutrition is one of the most popular and effective ways in the fight against excess weight. Regular, but small meals give the body a constant influx of new nutrients, it allows you to get rid of hunger and run metabolic processes, including fat burning. Along with this, the body rejects adaptive reactions such as fat deposition and increased appetite, which are "included" in conditions of lack of food to save life.

It is important to consider that frequent eating does not mean that your daily diet can be increased. The total number of calories consumed should not be increased. For example, divide the dinner plate with soup into two meals at intervals of 2 hours. The power frequency should be divided into 5-6 receptions per day.

Proteins are beautifully struggling with hunger and increased appetite. They also force the body to expend more energy. Proteins can not be taken indefinitely, therefore, before you start a course, consult a professional or calculate your rate according to a special system.

A special place in dietetics is occupied by drugs that compensate for hunger and reduce appetite.

Fat burners are one of the types of sports nutrition that suppresses the feeling of hunger and helps in the fight against fatty deposits. As an active substance in fat burners can be used: caffeine, L-carnitine, etc.

Frequent nutrition really helps, I'm sure of myself) Earlier breaks were hours for 5-6. In the evening I came home and swept away everything I saw. Now I'm taking food with me. And if not, then I buy something as much as possible) I love bar-muesli or protein (from the beloved – turboslimovskie). The stomach is not so inflated, the weight is slowly falling)


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