How to give up sweet and flour, is it worth it

It's no secret that most men like slender women, and it's not just a whim, as some representatives of the fair sex think, but a feature of the human body that has deep evolutionary roots. The fact is that at the most subconscious level, man is an animal.

And the main goal of any animal on Earth is to leave healthy offspring. Healthy means, with normal metabolism, including. The female, who has all the parameters necessary to create a healthy offspring, the male perceives as beautiful, and that is why, at the sight of her, the man triggers the instinct of procreation, realized as love.

Many women tend to improve their figure, thereby becoming more attractive to men, and they are good fellows. But on their way, like an insurmountable barrier, there is a craving for sweet and flour dishes.

Why want a flour and sweet: the reasons

This is the main reason why people want flour and sweet – the body as it says: "I need energy, eat something containing carbohydrates." In a word, without carbohydrates, we could not do even the simplest movements and move around at all. That is why, absolutely in any case can not be completely excluded from the diet of sweet and flour.

But, in addition to carbohydrates, there is also a second source of energy in the human body – fats. They are necessary for a person to perform heavy physical work, such as lifting weights and running. Also, fat tissue allows people to live without food for a long time.

That is why, contrary to popular belief, it is impossible to lose weight (reduce the amount of fat tissue) by walking or cleaning the house, exactly as with mental work, since in this case, not fat, and carbohydrates are consumed. In order to lose weight, you must perform intensive physical work for a long time. The most effective types of such work are running and swimming.

Thrust to hydrocarbon-containing products is the norm, however, in some cases, it can be hypertrophied and capable of causing excessive completeness. It happens, for example, when you are nervous and hurry to seize your stresses with something delicious.

And sometimes even consumption of sweet and flour in normal quantities can lead to obesity, if a person has a disturbed metabolism.

How to abandon flour: the methods of psychology

Refuse the consumption of carbohydrates in no way, because in this case your body can not get energy from food. And without energy, the body is just a rag, not even capable of the most simple and simple actions.

But if you have firmly decided that you will lose weight, if you stop eating flour, harmful and sweet, then for you there are several psychological techniques that will help you to abandon them.

  1. Neuro-linguistic programming. This technique, developed jointly by Richard Bendler, John Grinder and Frank Pucelik in 1970, has gained great popularity recently. It is that you give yourself a setting at a subconscious level, which you will later begin to perceive as some kind of truth in the last instance and believe in it impeccably. NLP is used in many areas of psychology and psychiatry and for a long time successfully helps people get rid of obsessive fears, attitudes such as "I am a failure" and other ideas that spoil their lives;
  2. Psychological training. This technique consists in the fact that her adept increases her willpower, gaining the ability for powerful mental self-control. Its advantage is that if you develop will power in relation to one thing, you can, in the future, use it in anything;
  3. Communication with those who have already given up flour and sweet. Everyone knows the popular proverb: "With whom you are led, from that you will be typed". And this is not an empty thrill. It is known that in order to learn to speak in English, it is necessary to communicate with native speakers in order to learn any craft, it is necessary to share the experience with a knowledgeable craftsman, and to become a good athlete, you need a coach, he passed all the way.

Of these three methods, the most accessible is for the majority. The first two need to learn, and preferably, under the guidance of an experienced mentor. Therefore, in order to master them, take a course of study, the benefit of them today in any city is spent almost every day. After all, if you do something wrong, you can make yourself worse, and instead of losing weight, on the contrary, even more fat.

Can a person give up flour and sweet forever?

Alas, an ordinary person can not give up anything habitual once and for all. To do this, he must undergo a certain special training, without which, sooner or later he will break and will lose time lost in triplicate.

To push an unprepared person to overcome dependence for ever can only one thing – the fear of death. For example, it is known that smokers quit smoking only when their body is already on the verge of death, and the alcoholic thinks about the harm of beer / vodka, when the doctor diagnoses "liver cirrhosis".

What products replace harmful sweets baked goods

Since sweet and flour is carbohydrates, they need to be replaced by other hydrocarbon-containing foods, such as sweet fruits, vegetables and berries.

Can I lose weight by simply giving up sweet and flour

This question was asked by many well-known nutritionists, and after numerous studies and experiments, the answer became clear: you can not lose weight by refusing sweet and flour.

The fact is that the reason for completeness is not at all delicious sweets, but either their excessive consumption, or the disturbed metabolism.

In the first case, you need to eliminate the problem of such a craving for food, perhaps it's stress, sexual dissatisfaction or obsessive fears, an experienced psychologist will help.

In the case of disturbed metabolism, refusing food will not help in any way, as it will be accompanied by mental stress and self-torture, which ultimately lead to the fact that you will still break and eat everything that was lost during this time, moreover and from above will throw.

People with disrupted metabolism are doomed to completeness, and the only thing they can do is to become less complete. For this there are a huge number of ways: sports, gymnastics, physical education, running, swimming, yoga, qigong, taiji and many others. Just remember that everything you ate, you must burn in hard training, and then your days will become brighter and more joyful, and a feeling of satisfaction with life will appear.

And you know how useful apricot bones? Read our article on the benefits and harms of this valuable product.

Flavored and fragrant black tea, we drink it every day and do not even know about its properties. The benefits and harm of black tea are here.

Important tips for giving up sweet foods

Firstly, do not dare to torment yourself with feelings about your fullness, because from this you definitely will not lose weight, but the time of life spent for suffering, which becomes less every second, you definitely will not return.

Secondly, any process of self-development and self-change should not go through strength, but on the contrary, it should bring pleasure, be easy and pleasant. If this does not exist, then you are doing something wrong, which means you are doing yourself harm.

Thirdly, before losing weight, think carefully about whether you need it. After all, the fact that you were born and lived up to your days – is the result of a set of random processes, and we can say that you are really lucky that you live. You exist, you have the most valuable in the universe – life. So is it worth it to spend it on adjusting yourself to the standards imposed on society? Look at these models that are "skin and bones"! Any dietitian doctor will say that this is not normal.

Therefore, if you do not want to lose weight, do not lose weight in any case, because many people achieve success and happiness and in their fullness. A biography of successful fat people, which you can easily find on the Internet, only confirm this rule.

Often, consuming a lot of carbohydrate food makes us lazy and addicted. It's much easier to have a pizza or pies, than to prepare a full dinner or dinner. And again, it happens that banal thinking over the food can easily move to a more correct way.

I tried to give up the sweet. But it always caused irritability, bad mood, which is logical. But sweets are sweet. For example: I chose marmalade, marshmallow, or pastille – based on gelatin or agar-agar. For the female body, they are useful, strengthen the bones. And in general, to cheer me up one candy is enough. If I eat more – I drink a lot of water. The weight is ok and the mood is the same. The main thing is not to overeat!

I really like sweets, and especially chocolate. I can not deny myself such pleasure. But I try to restrain myself and the sweet is only until lunch that I will consume calories. Well and so I try not to overeat, and especially for the night.

My sister drank modelforms 18 plus, it regulates the passion for sweet and flour, much more restrained to them you become. Therefore, I lost weight for the course on 7.540

Do not drink model forms. The muck is the one, insomnia is terrible

With all the support of proper nutrition, I pamper myself with sweets. The main thing is to eat them in the morning, and then add the cash. And all ok)

I'm very interested in psychological methods to abandon the sweet. Recently I have been keen on studying various NLP techniques, including in the fight against "sweetness". In my project I described several effective techniques in my opinion.

We are a sweet tooth sister from childhood. Sister was a year in Italy and brought the secret of how to abandon the sweet – replace it with a slice of sugar. Sweet do not buy, as soon as you want a sweet – eat a piece of sugar. We have not bought a sweet one for a year now and do not want to.

Another Italian secret: If you need to lose weight in problem areas, for example: stomach, arms, legs, hips, it is best to use a natural Italian mitten from horsehair and sisal Aloe. Mitten makes peeling massage, that is double benefit: the skin cleans and renews, removes unevenness and makes anti-cellulite massage.

The skin will always be clean and smooth, silky. Massage I do every day, mittens are cool, fat is burnt noticeably, there will never be an orange peel, the skin becomes thin, supple, tender.

I can not agree with the statement that rejection of sweet and flour does not lead to weight loss. Six months ago I stopped eating two products: bread (any) and sugar from a sugar bowl, and returned to the volumes of 10-year-old. Weight has decreased very slightly. But I look absolutely different. A figure appeared. At the same time I ate honey, marshmallow, pastille, almond cookies and other sweets.

I believe that now people are being imposed a stereotype that a thin woman is normal. Everyone starts to rely on skinny hangers-photomodels.

And poor women themselves are tortured by diets around the world, striving for false ideals!

It's time to understand that the norm is a woman with forms.

In my life I met many men who adored magnificent forms in women.

So, enjoy the baking, dear women.

But without fanaticism! )))

And healthy diet and exercise are useful to everyone, both full and thin. In this topic of the site I fully support.

And I now eat much less sweet. After the end of GW, I decided to lose weight on the preparation of Modelform for moms. Completed a full course – 2 months. During this time, I not only lost weight, I became stronger than hair, now it falls in less quantity. My appetite also came back to normal.


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