How to increase the bench press?

Bench Press Bench Press although not the most effective, but one of the most popular exercises for the chest. Surely, you have repeatedly asked: "how much do you press from the chest?". In this case, very few people are interested in your squat or draft. Everyone seems to be bothered by the result of bench press lying down. That's why most athletes are interested in the answer to the question, how to increase bench press. This will be discussed later.

Why does not the result in bench press lay?

First of all, it is necessary to find out the reason why bench press does not grow and only eliminating it can be expected to make some progress. There can be several reasons for the stagnation. Let's do it in order:

  1. A large amount of stress on the pectoral muscles and muscles-assistants. The problem is that as soon as the progress has stopped, most athletes, instead of giving the body a rest and recovering strength, begin to increase the load even more, trying to increase the working weight, the number of exercises, approaches or repetitions at each workout. However, it is worth understanding that sometimes, in order to make a step forward, you need to step back. Skillful use of the principles of progression and periodization of loads is the key to success.
  2. Abuse of approaches to failure. Ideally, only in the last approach of the exercise should there be a muscle failure, or even better if you complete it for 1-2 repetition to failure. In fact, most of those who encountered the "plateau" state are constantly trained in the refusal mode, almost every approach ending with a failure, which leads to stagnation of results and overtraining.
  3. Too frequent penetrations to the maximum. Many beginning athletes make a gross mistake, practicing for almost every practice, which depletes the reserves of the organism and quickly drives the athlete into a state of stagnation. Passage to the maximum can be done no more than 1 times a month.
  4. Few exercises for large muscle groups. In the pursuit of large scales in bench press, athletes often forget about exercises such as sit-ups with rod and deadlift – the main exercises for training large muscle groups (legs, buttocks, back). However, an increase in the result in these two exercises per 30 kg can contribute to the increase of the bench press by 10-15 kg. And this is a fact. As the saying goes: "If you want to harvest a lot, you have to squat!"

As well as the reasons why there is not a press, not one, but many, and ways to increase the bench press is a lot. Some of them have a short-term effect and are used periodically, while others on a permanent basis, take a long time, but the result in the long-term outperforms all expectations. To this method is the periodization of the load. Let's figure out how and when to apply the periodization to increase the result in bench press.

To begin with, you are probably already in a "plateau" state. You have reached the peak and your result in the press has stalled in one place, say 100 kg for 6 repetitions. That's all, have reached once cherished figures and bench press does not grow. Negative repetitions, forced repetitions and other chips do not work. Only regress begins. What to do in this situation? How to break through stagnation and increase bench press?

First of all, you need to take a break for one week. Give the body a rest, restore strength, heal micro-trauma. Then start training, previously lowering the working weight by 30-50%. The more you step back, the longer you will go to the initial level, but the longer the inertial progress will be preserved. Conversely, the less you lower the working weight, the sooner you will reach the current level, but the increase will be slightly less.

For example, your current result is 100 kg per 6 repetition. You rested a week and start training, reducing the working weight by 30%. In this case, the further bench press scheme will look like this:

  • 1 workout 70kg 3×10
  • 2 workout 80 kg 3×8
  • 3 workout 85 kg 3×6
  • 4 workout 90 kg 3×6
  • 5 workout 95 kg 3×6
  • 6 workout 100 kg 3×6
  • 7 workout 105 kg 3×4
  • 8 training 105,7-110 kg 3×4

Thus, already at 6 week you will reach your previous level and easily go further, because all this time your body continued to actively recover and store forces, while you were not working at its fullest. The next two weeks will be peak for you and your new working weight in the press will be about 107,5-110 for 6 repetitions, and 1 a maximum of at least 120 kg. Then again reduce the working weight, taking into account your new result, and start the path to a new record.

Now let's talk about more simple methods, how to increase the bench press lying down. These methods, as mentioned above, include negative, forced and partial repetitions, bench press, press with a bridge, a press with a pause on the chest, etc. It is worth noting that if you stopped on the first method (periodization), then do not additionally use the above methods, especially negative, forced and partial repetition. These methods too heavily load muscles and tendons, demanding a long and qualitative recovery.

So we have analyzed the main reasons why the result does not increase in bench press, as well as the ways to solve them. I hope now you know how to increase bench press. Good luck!


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