How to increase the number of pull-ups

Do you want to increase the number of repetitions in pull-ups? Work on it! Train on a special program, and your numbers will fly up. For other exercises with body weight, the program is also suitable.

Author: Edward Chico

So, you want to break a personal record in pull-ups. Then stretch more often. This is a short answer in one sentence. If you pull up once a week with the same number of approaches and repetitions, you will not see record numbers.

Do you want a detailed answer? Follow the example of Major Charles Lewis Armstrong. He was a marine, a champion in karate and a marathon runner. And he twice updated the world record for the number of pull-ups at a time, doing 1435 repetitions a little less than five hours.

The program, by which he trained, is suitable not only for those who are going to aim at a world record. I used it to set personal records in pull-ups and push-ups from the bar.

If now you are not able to pull up and two times, this program is not for you – not yet for you. But if you can pull yourself ten times and treat the tourniquet with deep respect, get ready to learn from the guy who was the best.

The program for increasing the number of pull-ups

Definitely, this is a very specific program. It is calculated for five trainings per week, and I recommend sticking to the schedule for 5-6 weeks. You can choose any five days of the week, but be sure to do it every day. Then two days of rest, and again everything from the beginning.

Armstrong trained from Monday to Friday, and on weekends he rested. But he not only pulled himself up. Every morning he made three extremely hard approaches in push-ups from the floor. This allowed to maintain the balance of the muscles responsible for the press (chest, triceps).

This program is focused on the muscles responsible for traction (biceps, back). The total time to rest between approaches is somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes.

In the rest it is an endless series of stretches. But here it is important to make it clear: you need to pull yourself clean, by all the rules of technology. This means that you need to overcome the entire range of motion without jerking and jerking with your feet, and not something like pulling your chin to the crossbar. Everything needs to be done beautifully and controlled, and if you can not pull up with the perfect technique again, just finish the set.

Here's how the workouts look by the day:

You can use this basic chart to improve the results in any exercise with your own weight, which is performed on the number of repetitions, for example, in push-ups from the floor, push-ups on the uneven bars, push-ups from the bar. In this case, some days will require minor adjustments to the program. For example, on the days of nine sets you need to press from the bar first with a standard grip, then narrow, and in the end – wide.

Take this program seriously, and you will see how the numbers go up. And be sure to share your success with us!

Hello! 1 day written the maximum repetition of 5 sets! 5 sets did everything? For the whole day 5 sets the 1 approach? And what about the information-This program is focused on the muscles responsible for traction (biceps, back). The total time to rest between approaches is somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes.

Day 3: the day of nine approaches After the description of the 3 type of pull-ups is indicated – is it all necessary to do it or do you need to choose a comfortable exercise for yourself ??

And I do not understand.

Written the same – 10 seconds

In the second day it is not clear how much time is needed between the approaches (ladder).

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