How to increase the number of pulls on the bar

Pulling is one of the best exercises for the upper body, which can be performed not only in the gym or on the playground in the yard, but at home if you have a horizontal bar for home. That's why pulling up on the bar is such a common and popular exercise. Everyone who loves this exercise before the calluses, wants to know how to increase the number of pulls on the bar. This is exactly what will be discussed later.

How to increase the number of pulls on the bar?

There are many different ways to increase the number of pulls on the bar. We will not consider all of them, only the most effective and proven, which will surely lead you to the goal. However, it is worthwhile to understand that the result will not be visible immediately. Therefore, be persistent and purposeful. The more time and effort you spend, the better the result!

The first way is the GTG training system, first developed by Pavel Tsatsulin to increase strength. However, with minor changes, the GTG method is also excellent for increasing the number of pull-ups. This method consists in the frequent performance of a small number of repetitions of pull-ups on the bar or other exercises during the day. The essence of the method is to perform as many pulls as possible during the day, but at the same time remaining fresh. That is, each approach must be completed long before failure, and not to perform the maximum number of repetitions.

So, let's look at an example, how to increase the number of pull-ups on the horizontal bar with the GTG system. First you need to determine your maximum result in pull-up. Let's say you can perform clean 14 repetitions. To stay fresh, you must perform 30-50% of your maximum number of pull-ups. So, in each approach, you need to do 5-7 repetitions. Start with 4-5 approaches per day in the interval between approaches 2-3 hours. Then gradually increase the number of approaches per day and shorten the rest interval to 30-60 minutes. About once a week you need to repeat to determine your new maximum of repetitions and accordingly increase the number of repetitions in the approach.

Using the GTG method, you can increase the number of pull-ups to 50 and most for 5-7 weeks, depending on your fitness and dedication. The main thing is never to give up and follow your goal.

Many people play on the stairs on the horizontal bar since childhood. The essence of the game is simple. The usual ladder on the bar starts with the fact that you and your friends, with whom you play, do one by one, one at a time. In the second circle, already by 2 pull-ups, in the third – by 3 and so on. Most often play in the ladder on the bar up to 5 or 10 repetitions and back. It all depends on the level of your physical fitness.

How to increase the number of pull-ups on the bar with the help of the game "Little Scaffold"? Experts recommend using a backhanded ladder when you start with the maximum number of repetitions in the first approach and end with one repetition in the last approach. Back stairs are more likely to increase the number of pull-ups than the traditional ladder in ascending order.

Nevertheless, it is worth considering that unlike the GTG system, when you constantly remain fresh, this method significantly oxidizes and traumatizes muscle fibers. Therefore, training should be done no more than once in 2-3 days, to allow the muscles to recover. If after the previous workout you still feel the pain in the muscles, rest still 1-2 days. Training against a background of under-recovery only hurts and impedes the achievement of the goal.

Lifting with weight not only increases the number of pull-ups with its own weight, but also develops strength and stimulates the growth of muscle mass. However, this method is suitable only for those who can already catch up on the horizontal bar at least 20 times in pure style.

How to increase the amount of pull-ups on the bar using this method. It's simple. Instead of the usual pull-ups on the horizontal bar, perform pull-ups with weights that can be hung on the belt. Start with an easy extra weight (2,5-5 kg) with which you can execute the 3-4 approach on 8-12 repetitions. Then, as the strength develops, gradually increase the weight of the burden. When you will easily carry out weight lifting exercises, the weight of which is not less than 1 / 3 your body weight, you will be surprised at how much your result will increase in pull-ups without additional burdening.

This method also requires a long period of rest between training, as weight-lifting exercises heavily injure muscle fibers, stimulating their further growth. Therefore, do pull-ups with weights not more than 2 once a week at an interval of 3-4 days between workouts and eat strongly during rest between workouts.

The basis of any method of increasing the number of pull-ups is the progression of the load. Without a progression of the load there will be no result. Imagine that you always do the same number of repetitions and approaches at every workout. What do you think will happen? That's right, you will mark one place. Therefore, any program of pull-ups or a method for increasing the number of pull-ups is based on the principle of progression of the load.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to increase the number of pulls on the bar is to do the pull-up program, according to which you will perform more pulls on 2 each week than on the previous one (see the figure).

Please note that this program of pull-ups is intended for those who can initially pull up at least 15 times in one approach. However, you can easily adjust this training program for you.

I hope, now you know how to increase the number of pulls on the bar. Choose which method or program of pull-ups to use only you. I wish good luck and soonest achievement of the goal, friends!


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