How to increase the number of push-ups from the floor?

Push-ups from the floor is the most universal basic exercise with its own weight, which can be performed almost everywhere without any equipment. All you need is a bit of free space and a more or less flat surface on which you will press. The more you can do push-ups for the approach, the better physically you are. The question arises, how to increase the number of push-ups from the floor to 100 and more times? This is exactly what will be discussed later.

Push-ups from the floor: muscles involved

First of all, beginners need to have an idea of ​​which muscles involve push-ups from the floor. After all, in order to push a lot, you will need to work on strengthening your weak link. Push-ups from the floor involve a lot of large and small muscles of our body, among which the main load is taken over by the muscles of the chest, triceps and anterior deltas. The muscles of the cortex carry a static load, supporting the body in the correct position.

How to determine the weak link in push-up?

To begin with, you will need to perform the maximum number of push-ups, adhering to the correct technique of execution. To evenly distribute the load between working muscles, place your arms slightly wider than your shoulders, so that your elbows are deployed at 45 degrees from your torso. The point is not only to know your maximum at the moment, but also to find out which muscles refused first and you could not continue to push back to the maximum. This will be your weak link, which must be strengthened if you want to push more from the floor.

To strengthen the pectoral muscles, perform push-ups from the floor with a wide grip. Push-ups with a narrow grip will shift the stress on the triceps. To strengthen the muscles of the bark, you can additionally perform the exercise bar, but only after the main workout or a few hours before it.

How to increase the number of push-ups from the floor?

There are many ways to do more push-up. Nevertheless, I will give only the most effective and proven, which really help increase the number of push-ups from the floor to 100 and more times.

The first method is called the GTG system (Grease The Groove), which literally means "grease routine". The author of the technique calls it the lubrication of nerves. This method was considered in more detail in the article "How to increase the number of pull-ups".

Although the GTG system was originally designed to increase muscle strength in weight training, it can also be used effectively to improve results in push-ups, pull-ups and other exercises.

How to increase the number of push-ups from the floor using the GTG system? The essence of the method of lubrication of nerves for increasing the maximum number of push-ups is that you perform push-ups during the day, performing in the approach no more than 50% of the maximum of repetitions. That is, if your result is 50 push-ups, then you should start with no more than 25 repetitions in the approach. The number of approaches should also be gradually increased.

For example, start with 3 approaches throughout the day. Approach in the morning, approach in the middle of the day and approach in the evening. Press so every day not throughout the whole week. Next week, add one more approach. Then another one. Once a week, on Sunday, for example, fix your new maximum in push-ups from the floor and accordingly increase the number of repetitions in the approach.

It is important to do everything gradually, in order to always remain full of strength and energy. Follow the system and just a month later your maximum in push-ups will increase significantly. Continue to practice and soon you will master 100 and more pushups for one approach!

Completely opposite to the first method, which literally translates as "No pain – no growth". It is widely known in all gyms. Although the pain is not an indicator of progress, many beginners believe that the training was successful if the muscles get sick the next day after training. Anyway. The method is also considered effective and deserves consideration.

How to increase the number of push-ups from the floor using this method? The essence is this. and training, you perform the maximum possible number of push-ups per approach. Then, immediately after a short rest (20-30 seconds), do another approach to failure and so on until you can continue.

It is worth noting that the burning sensation in the muscles will be very strong, since lactic acid will accumulate in the muscles, not having time to be excreted because of such a short rest between the approaches. Train in this technique every day absolutely not, unlike GTG, because the muscles will not have time to fully recover. Therefore, the interval between training sessions should be 1-2 days, according to the state of health. What method to use is to choose you. I wish you luck and a speedy goal.


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