How to learn how to wring out from scratch: on uneven bars, horizontal bar and on the floor

If done correctly, this exercise will only benefit the person. First of all, push-ups will help to tone the body by strengthening the cardiovascular system. Also help in achieving a good figure for those who want to lose weight. They are an excellent way to improve the endurance of athletes.

There are several types of push-ups, in which a variety of muscle groups are involved.

  1. Narrow setting of the triceps arm.
  2. Broad staging of the hands – pectoral muscles.
  3. Feet on the bench – a strong load on the pectoral muscles.
  4. Putting hands on fists – triceps, delta wrist and wrists, biceps.
  5. Putting hands on the fences is a lighter version of putting on fists.
  6. The setting on one hand is the shoulder girdle, triceps, ligaments.
  7. "Grasshopper" – the upper part of the pectoral muscles, the muscles of the hands.

If you want to learn to do push-ups, you need to start with the lead-in exercises that will prepare your body for this exercise.

  1. It is worth making a schedule of training, because the body needs rest and recovery.
  2. Do not expect a quick result, visible progress will only be visible after a few weeks of hard training.
  3. You can not train every day and repeat the same exercises.
  4. Between the exercises aimed at the correct technique of push-ups, engage and exercise to work out other muscles involved in the exercise. Also do not forget about cardio.

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How to learn to squeeze out girls and boys

The program for teaching this exercise for guys and girls is almost the same. Professional athletes advise girls not to increase the load very sharply, to increase the preparation time for the classical method. They should be more cautious approach to training.

Before you try for a week to master the training exercise from scratch, you need to make sure that you have good health and you will not become ill from a strong physical load.

Achieving a quick result consists in increasing the number of push-ups for one approach and approaches for training.

To quickly master this exercise, you need to perform the following tasks.

  1. Focus on the wall – sit against the wall, put your hands in it. Bend your arms in the elbow joints, trying to touch the wall of the chest. Accept the starting position. 15-20 times for the approach.
  2. The emphasis on the knees – is performed in the same way as the classic push-ups from the floor, differing only by setting the legs with bent knees. 20 times for the approach.
  3. Focus on the bench / chair / table – due to the high emphasis, the load on the hands decreases. 15-20 times per approach.
  4. Plank on straight arms – stand in the original stand for push-ups, hold the body for 1-3 minutes.
  5. Squeezing from the floor – to fatigue.

Number of approaches for induction exercises

For any type of push-ups, the most important component is the technique of execution, on which the result of the exercise will depend. With the wrong technique, you can get serious damage. Also there are a lot of subtleties that will help to increase the efficiency of push-ups.

We can say that everyone has ever faced this type of physical activity, trying to achieve the required number of times. However, not everyone did the exercise correctly.

In order to perform the correct push-up from the floor, it is necessary.

  1. Take the starting position – focus on the straight arms on the floor, the body is a straight line, the head in a natural position, all muscles are tense.
  2. Go down – bend your elbows, touch the floor with your chest.
  3. Rise into the original rack – do not straighten the elbows to the end, increasing the load on the hands and avoiding injuries to the elbow joints.

Performing these tips will help you achieve a better effect from the simplest kind of exercise. In addition to special techniques of movement, it is worth taking into account the breathing technique.

When from the starting position you go down, take a deep breath with the diaphragm. Exhalation can be done in two ways: slowly during lifting of the trunk or in the initial position.

There are several variations of this exercise.

  1. Lightweight push-ups with the emphasis of hands on the chair – are carried out on the same principle as push-ups from the floor, but thanks to the fact that the armrest is higher than the footrest, the power load on the shoulder belt is much smaller.
  2. Back push-ups from the chair – help strengthen the muscles of the upper body (shoulder girdle, arms, chest). Turn your back to the chair, place your palms on its edge clearly on the width of your shoulders. The back is straight. Put your feet on the floor with your heels. Smoothly, taking a breath, lower the pelvis to the right angle, bending your arms in the elbows. It is important to make sure that the elbow joints do not part ways. When exhaling, return to the starting position. Do not jerk the body.
  3. Push-ups from two chairs – set two chairs so that you can lower your chest as low as possible. To complicate the task, you can put your feet on any elevation, for example, a sofa. The technique of performing this exercise does not differ from the classical type of push-ups.

This type of push-ups is, perhaps, the most effective and time-consuming. In order to achieve an increase in the number of repetitions of the exercise, you will need training for a long time. The technique of execution can vary so that the muscles work more or less.

Let's analyze the classical version of the exercise.

  1. Approach the bars, the distance between which should not be much greater than the width of the shoulders, and jump on them.
  2. Take the original position – the body is located vertically, the arms are straight, elbows are turned back.
  3. On inhalation, drop down as far as possible. It is desirable to the right angle in the elbow bend. Elbow joints are pressed to the body.
  4. When exhaling, return to the starting position by unbending elbows.

If you do not have enough strength to perform the exercise, you can take advantage of the support of a coach or training partner. If you are doing it alone, do not do the exercise to the maximum, build up the amplitude gradually.

The next exercise will require good physical preparation. The exercise is performed as follows.

  1. Accept the starting position, your pelvis should be parallel to the horizontal bar.
  2. On the inspiration, lower so that the chest is at the same level with the horizontal bar. For those to whom this option was not sufficiently complex, you should lower your chin to the level of the crossbar.
  3. On exhalation, rise to the starting position.

You can learn how to squeeze and pull up (ladder). In each approach, add one at a time. The first approach is one push-up, the second two, the third three. The fourth approach is again three and decreasing in subsequent approaches.

If you can not do more than one push-up from the floor cleanly, then it's better to start with push-ups from the knees, and then you can gradually do in the bar. A pull-up can be done with a hard rubber band, thrown on the crossbar and the elbow tightened with an elastic band, it will help you pull, so when you can fold 10 with an elastic band, you can start the usual pull-ups.

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