How to learn to do a somersault back and forth quickly at home

The somersault is an element of acrobatic exercises, as well as the increasing gain of parkour. The somersault is a jump with a coup of 360 degrees and a landing on your feet. If you want to learn how to do a somersault, the most important thing is to know that for this exercise you need to have strong muscles and ligaments, especially on the legs.

It is best to conduct training in the hall, under the supervision of professionals. However, such an opportunity is not at all. In this case, you can train at home, the main thing is to remember about caution and observe all safety rules. Since this leap is quite traumatic, at home workouts on the floor you should lay more mattresses and blankets. Also, make sure that there are no sharp and hard objects next to it, and that there is not anything beating on the closet next to it.

It is best to follow training videos at home. Such lessons are more lucid than the usual descriptions. Also, if you have not done anything similar before, you should start with training the necessary muscle groups. Particularly a big load to fall on your feet, so it's best to start classes with squats, lunges, ordinary jumps. Then you need to enter daily jogs, jump in length and engage with the rope. Not sooner than a week, you should carefully try your hand at more complex exercises.

Of course, the best option is to train under the supervision of an experienced instructor. He will not only show you and explain how to move, but also support at the beginning of training, point out mistakes and mistakes.

There are several types of somersaults. Among them there are both relatively simple, and complicated by additional elements and figures. Among the main varieties of somersaults can be identified:

  • Front flip. It is a coup d'etat through the head. To do it, you need to throw your hands from behind your head and kick off with your feet. There are options for doing – bent, double or even triple somersaults, somersaults in a grouping, etc.
  • Flip back. The jump back over the head is similar, but the hands are thrown back, in the jump you need to accept the grouping, or, in the case of a backwards somersault, straighten up.
  • Lateral flip. It can be done from a take-off or from a place, there are several varieties – dablleg, aeration, segunfay and the most famous Arab one.
  • Screw, or pirouette. A somersault with a turn of the body not only forward or backward, but also around its axis. Can be performed in combination with a somersault.
  • Flip from the wall. This option is carried out with a take-off, after a push against the wall. Can be performed with or without grouping, accompanied by a swinging foot.

How to learn to do a flip back?

To learn how to do a back flip, the first thing you need to do is to learn how to do back flips. This is done as follows:

  • Squat and squeeze your chin.
  • To push back and to make a somersault back, knees to grasp thus hands.
  • When landing, catch the balance and lock in.

The back flip is best to learn to do with a small hill. To do this, you can choose the winter time, when warm clothes soften the fall, and you can land safely in a soft snowdrift. At runtime, you need to make a coup for 360 degrees, so the most important thing is to group yourself in the jump and gently land. The legs in the jump process must be bent at the knees, jumping accompanied by a flap of hands. Before landing, you need to straighten your legs. Landing in this version of the jump is necessary on the entire foot.

The main complication in this flip is that during the jump you do not see where you will land. That's why you should take a good look and jump there. Where you will not encounter obstacles, especially at the beginning of training. If the jump back causes great difficulties, it is worth starting with something easier, for example – a flip forward.

How to learn to do a flip forward?

It is best to begin your acquaintance with the technique of somersault with this particular variety. As with the back flip, first of all, you need to practice on the somersaults. This is done like this:

  • Squat, straighten your back and keep your legs together.
  • Put your hands in front, put your head to your chest.
  • Push off with his feet and, placing emphasis on his hands, skew forward.

If you are just learning to do a somersault, it's best to start doing it with a running start. So you can push your feet harder, which means that the chances of a successful somersault will be much greater. After running, you need to jump as high as possible. That's why in high jump and length it is worth to train in advance. You can push off with one foot or two – it depends on how you will be more comfortable. Over time, you will be able to do both versions equally successfully.

When you master this technique in perfection, you can proceed to more complex variants of jumps. It is better not to train several flips at the same time. It will not only take more time, but it can also cause you to get confused about which type of jump you are currently doing and how you should group together.

The lateral airy somersault has several options, but most often do a somersault, which is called Arabic. Before you learn how to do it, it's important to practice well. If you have to do somersaults during the direct and reverse somersault, then in this case you need to be able to do the wheel exercise. After that, your body will easily find the right position and master the Arab or side jump of labor will not be.

When pushing away, you need to jump up as high as possible to make a turn and land on the slightly bent legs at the knees. You can jump in any direction, so it's better to choose the one in which you better get the wheel done. In this case, one hand must move in front and from top to bottom, and the other hand should move forward and forward in the direction of movement. The leg is rolled from the heel to the toe, this is how to get the maximum leap.

During the jump, it is important to group not too tightly. Pay more attention to your situation, but before landing, do not forget to look at the ground in time to regroup. Landing is the most difficult stage. An error may result in injury. It is important that the legs slightly bend at the knees and extinguish the energy of the jump.

A video lesson with somersault training you will find in the following video:

Having become acquainted with all these options, remember that not only the success of the somersault, but also your health depends on the technique of execution. Proceed to the next stage only when you are completely ready. And most importantly – do not give fear before the leap to bind your movements, only relaxed, you can do everything as necessary.

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