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How to lose weight after 45 years woman – dietician advice

Aging induces the process of restructuring the whole organism. One of the most unpleasant surprises of aging is overweight. Slowed metabolism is a problem that appears with years. In this case, muscle mass decreases after 40 years. Correctly selected diet will regulate weight, and you will again look fresh and beautiful, as in youth. Try boosting your diet with this appetite suppressant to get best results.

How to lose weight a woman after 45 years?

In order to lose weight a woman after 45 years, you need to keep a calorie count. In youth, you can eat high-calorie foods. After 40, they need to be excluded from the menu.

The problem of slow metabolism means that you need to move more to successfully lose weight, and consumed calories burned successfully. Movement can improve the metabolic process. It’s worth starting from small – more walking (minimum 30 minutes per day).

After 40 years, a woman tend to lose muscle and bone tissue. They are converted to a fatty layer. It is necessary to add physical loads with weighting agents, especially if you are doing at home.

Lose weight and look young will help aerobic exercise. They are also useful for the lungs and heart. Walking is one of the simple and easy exercises available to any woman. Lose weight to help and ordinary walking in the evening, or in the morning.

You can also lose weight and look even younger by using yoga. It helps to improve health, gives the body flexibility, making it easy, relieving tension. Begin with basic exercises. But do not forget that yoga provides for a certain menu. His goal is to eat right. Complex yoga makes weight loss correct, burns fats, without the possibility of their appearance again.

Skin problems caused by diet, cycle change, or sudden weight gain will help solve endocrinologist’s advice.

Useful advice of a nutritionist

A woman after 45 years is hard to lose weight on her own. To look young and fit to her advice dietician. He will help to make the menu correctly, explain what should be food when losing weight. In order to lose weight, the principle of nutrition is used, which is based on 3 factors: food quality, quantity and frequency.

Look younger than his years, and cause envy even a young girl, a woman after 45 years will help specialist advice.

How to lose weight after 45 years woman – advice of a nutritionist:

The correct balanced diet looks like this:

Breakfast: freshly squeezed carrot juice, oatmeal with cottage cheese and apple.

Lunch: lemon soup, salad with tomatoes and broccoli.

Snack: natural yoghurt with dried apricots.

Dinner: white fish of low-fat varieties, chamomile tea, salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, rucola, lettuce, parsley, cheese, dressed with olive oil and lemon).

Breakfast: Freshly squeezed juice from cucumber, green apple, celery stalk, parsley and boiled rice.

Lunch: soup with meatballs, steamed zucchini, tomatoes, asparagus, sweet pepper.

Snack: salad of fresh cabbage and apple.

Dinner: boiled rabbit with cauliflower, tomatoes, dill, spinach.

Breakfast: protein omelet, a slice of bezdrozhzhevogo otrubnogo bread, freshly squeezed apple juice.

Lunch: cauliflower, radish, cucumber.

Lunch: fish cooked on steam (you can hake, potassu, seabass, pollock) with spinach, iceberg, parsley, broccoli, tomatoes, cheese and sweet pepper.

Snack: curd casserole with herbal tea.

Dinner: vegetable casserole with boiled breast.

Snack: cottage cheese with unsweetened fruit (green apple, apricot, plum).

Breakfast: ginger tea with honey, buckwheat.

Lunch: fruit salad from apple, plum, apricot, orange, raspberry.

Snack: natural yoghurt with nuts.

Dinner: boiled beef with artichokes and tomatoes.

How to improve metabolism after 45 years?

The issue of metabolism is discussed in every article on the subject of weight loss.

In fact, metabolism converts nutrients into energy. Energy provides breathing, digestion, blood circulation, creates muscle mass. The faster the metabolism, the faster a woman will manage to lose weight, saying goodbye to excess weight.

Up to 40 years about 75% of calories a woman manages to burn without doing physical exertion. For every 10 years, the percentage of metabolic rate decreases by 5%. A woman 40 years can burn 1200 calories per day, but in 50 years this amount equals 1140 calories.

Conclusion: if a young girl for losing weight should simply reduce the number of calories consumed per day, then a woman after 45 years to lose weight, this is not enough. After 45 years, you need to completely revise your menu.

Food should be based on foods rich in protein:

This will allow a woman after 45 years to accelerate metabolism by natural means. The body burns proteins faster than carbohydrates and fats.

The problem of slow metabolism is solved by fractional nutrition. Power 5-6 once a day is much easier than 3-x one-time nutrition.

Lose weight properly after 45 years will help the breakfast. It gives the body to wake up, launching the process of metabolism. Also, breakfast is good for regulating the level of insulin and glucose, not allowing to save energy in the form of subcutaneous fat.

Properly drink up to 2 l of water per day. This accelerates the metabolism. Another useful property is to remove toxins. The necessary level of water in the cells will keep the skin young.

In addition to water, you can drink tea (preferably herbal).

And of course, as without physical exertion. They help burn fat, making the body fit and beautiful. First, start a habit of walking a lot in the fresh air. Even this will be quite enough to maintain the form. 30 minutes in the morning and in the evening before going to bed – the perfect schedule of walks. After 40, there are many health problems and not every woman can afford to actively engage in sports, so walking quietly is exactly what you need.

But you must listen to your body and if you understand that simple walks are not enough, you can add to them a small exercise which consists of the following exercises:

Squat – the ideal exercise for weight loss, which burns a lot of calories. The back is flat, we do not fully crouch. Begin with 5 times in 5 repetitions, making a small rest between the approaches (2-3 minutes). Try to reach 30 squats by 5 times, gradually increasing the load.

Raising legs for slenderness and gait ease. Take the emphasis lying, firmly rested hand. Start also with 5 on 5, gradually increasing the load.

Push-ups – start with an easy way, resting on your knees. Gradually move on to full-fledged push-ups.

Raising priests – the shoulders are pressed to the floor, hands along the body, the legs are bent at the knees. Slowly lift the ass.

Twisting – helps to strengthen the muscles of the press. We start with 10 on 3 approach, gradually reaching 30.

Sample menu

To lose weight, a woman after 45 should choose a diet correctly. The main thing is not fast weight loss, but safe and high-quality. See a photo of a woman who lost weight on 20 kg for a week, which gave advice girlfriend, you can on the Internet. Do not trust such advice. Dietitian’s comments after such weight loss are not the best.

A safe diet is offered by a nutritionist Margarita Koroleva. The course is designed for 9 days, for every day a woman will manage to lose weight to 1,5 kg. Feedback from those who lost weight on this diet, talk about the quality of nutrition and the result, which all have different, but high.

The food of the first three days is only in boiled rice (not more than 250 gr). Also in the menu you need to turn on 3 a teaspoon of honey every day. It is correct to drink at least 1,5 liters of clean water every day.

The next three days, the food is peeled boiled chicken meat. To lose weight fast it is impossible to salt and pepper meat. These days you can not eat honey. Do not eat for 4 hours before bedtime.

The last 3 days are only raw and boiled vegetables (per day 1 kg, in the ratio 1: 1).

You can also lose weight using the following menu:

  1. food intake for weight loss should include low-calorie foods: muesli, or oatmeal, green tea, coffee without sugar, bread with bran, you can low-fat cheese.
  2. reception: classic yogurt or fresh fruit salad.
  3. reception: light vegetable soup, low-fat lean soup, boiled chicken or rabbit meat, cucumber salad and compote of dried fruits.
  4. food intake: cottage cheese with blueberries, green tea with lemon.

For snacks between meals, an apple, dried fruits. Also, you must drink at least 2 liters of water.

Diets for losing weight after 45 years woman – an exemplary menu:

  • For breakfast, 1 boiled egg, tea with a cracker is perfect.
  • The second breakfast can include pancakes made from corn flour, an apple.
  • For lunch, a vegetable broccoli soup, cooked fish, tomato.
  • For dinner, you can cook vegetables for a couple and drink a glass of low-fat kefir. These days (in addition to water) you need to drink a broth of dogrose.

Sitting on a diet for weight loss after 45 years can be a long time. It has no special contraindications.

You can lose weight faster by setting up an 1 unloading day a week. On this day, you can either drink 1 l of lean yogurt, or eat 1 kg of fresh cucumbers.

As you can see, losing weight after 45 is also real, as in 20 years. The main thing is to choose the right products and menus.

Simple Effective Tips

A big belly is another problem that comes with age. No gymnastics will solve the problem without a diet. But what if the diet is not possible? Lose weight at home without dieting, you can, using 7 simple products.

How to lose weight without diet and remove the stomach after 45 years – simple ways to lose weight at home:

  1. Water with lemon. The stories of those who have already changed their sweet drinks into water with a lemon speak of a good result. Weight goes to 1,3 kg per year more than those who do not rule out sweet fizzy drinks. This innovation in the menu prevents osteoporosis.
  2. Muesli, bran. Research centers have proven that a woman who consumes fiber-rich breakfasts (muesli, oatmeal, bran) is easier to burn fat during the morning exercise.
  3. Linseed oil helps a woman lose weight, normalizing her appetite. Many dietician doctors can recommend linseed oil – as a means of combating hormonal imbalance, which contributes to weight gain after 40 years.
  4. Nuts. Lose weight to a woman will help and ordinary walnuts. By including in the food 8-10 nuts per day you can forget about the accumulation of fat and sugar in the blood for a long time. By the way, the head from nuts works faster.
  5. Spicy seasonings. Sharp dishes on the menu will help you lose weight, reduce sugar levels and increase metabolism.
  6. Lose weight to a woman will help the substance of epigallocatechin (EGCG), which accelerates metabolism and burns calories even in moments of rest.
  7. Salmon. Contains the hormone leptin, which regulates appetite, vitamin D and calcium. Also, fish is rich in protein, which speeds up metabolism. Including this type of fish in the menu, the woman saturates the body with the necessary nutrients. Salmon will help to lose weight and smooth the symptoms of menopause.

Incorporate into your menu these 7 products a woman is not only to lose weight. After 40, a woman needs to pay special attention to her health. These foods – part of a healthy lifestyle, can improve the level and quality of life.

To strengthen the effect, you can do the following exercises:

Scissors – cross your legs slowly, just lifting it up.

Twisting – just curl up to a burning sensation in the press area.

Raising the legs – focusing on the hands, the back is even. Raise your legs one by one.

A woman who crossed the threshold of 40 years, is hard to survive malfunctioning of the body. Most begin to gain weight after these changes. In this situation, a woman needs to be done correctly: to study possible ways of diet, to observe proper nutrition and if possible to do morning exercises. Then losing weight to a woman will seem more pleasant.