How to lose weight by the summer?


The arrival of summer, of course, brings a lot of positive emotions, but, unfortunately, those kilograms that were recruited in the winter time do not bring so much joy. Therefore, more and more often before a beautiful representative of the sex is the question of losing weight. Where to begin? How to lose weight quickly by the summer and at the same time keep your results for a long time?

Where to start?

So, you do not need to start losing weight tomorrow or a week, but today. After all, the process of losing weight is not fast, and if you think that you easily lose 5 – 7 kilogram per month, then you are mistaken. Yes, of course, there are also such women who succeed. But is it so great to lose weight, as it seems at first glance?

As a rule, with a sharp decrease in weight there are complications. Firstly, it is the appearance of saggy and ugly skin. After all, you will agree that a woman with excess weight looks much more attractive than a woman with sagging skin on her stomach and arms. And secondly, such slimming leads to health problems.

Very often in women who quickly lose weight, there are hormonal failures, leading to the development of dystrophy or vice versa, rapid weight recovery, and in large quantities.

Therefore, it is necessary to start losing weight in the summer not for one or two weeks before the opening of the beach season, but today. After all, if you want to lose weight, but still remain attractive and healthy, you should not do this very quickly. The normal loss of weight is 2 – 3 kilogram per month. Only in this way you can keep your health.

How to lose weight by the summer?

Yes, and the psychological state of slow weight loss is more balanced than in fast, where the main rule is a hunger strike.

If you are wondering how to lose weight before the summer, then you must understand that without adjusting the diet here is indispensable. After all, it is this that causes the appearance of extra pounds on your body.

Therefore, you should carefully consider your diet and reduce the daily calorie intake to 1000 – 1200 kcal. That is, you need to exclude from the menu all fatty, fried, smoked, flour and sweet.

In flour and sweet are simple carbohydrates, which very quickly turn into our body into fat cells. That's why you should not eat these foods. It should also be excluded from the diet pickles. They contain a lot of salt, which leads to fluid retention.

The liquid, in turn, adds a few extra pounds, and besides it loads the kidneys, which leads to the appearance of edema. And this is not good. Therefore, the consumption of such products should be reduced to a minimum, and it is best to completely exclude from the diet.

Also, you should reduce the amount of salt added to the food and completely eliminate any spices, because they contribute to an increase in appetite, because of what you can not control the amount of food you eat.

How to lose weight by the summer?


Physical activity is the main point of losing weight in the summer. Many believe that in losing weight, the main thing is less than jump. However, this is completely wrong. Physical exercises trigger in our body metabolic processes, which contribute to a better splitting of food.

In addition, it is physical exercises that prevent the appearance of sagging skin and make the body fit and slender.

Arrange for yourself a daily walking tour lasting 30 – 40 minutes, climb the stairs on foot, and buy a subscription to the gym. All this in a complex will allow you very quickly to lose those extra pounds in the summer and will give you confidence in your beauty!

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