How to lose weight fast or diet for 3 days


How to lose weight fast or diet for 3 days

People tend to postpone solving problems for a deadline. So with weight loss: the imperfection of your figure is remembered even when there is no time for a full-fledged transition to proper nutrition.

It can be a wedding, a trip to the sea or a meeting with a long-time acquaintance. The body needs changes in the shortest time, so it's worth knowing how to get yourself in shape in three days.

Diet on 3 days for weight loss

How to lose weight fast or diet for 3 days

Everyone wants quick results on the way to weight loss, no one wants to wait a few months, or even a year, before a significant external transformation. But it is necessary to clearly understand: rapid weight loss is a huge stress for the body.

Stunning the result is achieved by critical unloading and fasting. Such a diet can lead to double weight gain in the future, if the rules for exiting the food system were not respected.

Most of the short effective nutrition programs involve partial or total refusal to eat.

How to lose weight fast or diet for 3 days

The fastest way to lose weight at home for 3 days will help the diet starvation:

Type of curative fasting, in which a person does not eat food or water. Practitioners of yoga recommend to spend it 1-2 times a year for the purpose of unloading and purification of the body. The body starts to take the missing water and energy, splitting its own fatty tissue.

It means drinking water all three days. Thanks to the liquid, the body is cleansed, slags and toxins are naturally washed away, and metabolism, due to regular use of water, does not decrease. You can lose weight on 4 and more kg.

Other diets still have a number of allowed products and menus for a day, but the return from any food system should be smooth: you can not overload the shaken organism.

It is advisable to prepare yourself for a new diet, using simple light food the day before and gradually launching digestive processes after.

Types of three-day diets

How to lose weight fast or diet for 3 days

Any diet system for fast weight loss in three days is a low calorie diet. There are many options for losing weight in a short time.

Effective diets for 3 days:

Are leaders in rapid weight loss. They are included in the food by one product throughout the life of the restrictions. The most popular is kefir mono-diet, which is easily tolerated and produces a noticeable result. Other common options are weight loss on chocolate, apples, buckwheat, rice, tea.

As a quick weight loss, you can use the first stage of the famous dietary system of Dr. Ducan: this will not only help lose a few pounds in three days, but will also be the starting point for proper nutrition.

For people who can not stand the prescribed menu, there is also the possibility to quickly reduce weight. You can eat absolutely everything, but within 1000 kcal. It is desirable to give preference to healthy food, then the hunger will not be felt at all.

Whichever diet is chosen for three days, you need to strictly monitor your feelings. If you feel very bad, then perhaps this power system does not suit you and it is worth considering other options with milder conditions.

Menu for every day

How to lose weight fast or diet for 3 days

To start your body after waking up, you need in the morning to drink 1-2 glass of water on an empty stomach. Water is also drunk half an hour before each next meal and in between. It is impossible to wash down the food itself – this interferes with normal digestion.

In addition to food, these three days are necessary observe the special regime: only this way it will be possible not to harm your health and continue to lose weight after the period of active struggle with weight.

So, it is necessary Sleep no less than put 7-9 hours per day. Otherwise, the body is under stress because of the restriction in the diet, which will make it slow down the metabolic process even more.

In addition, constant fatigue muffles the willpower – the chance not to last until the end of the diet increases several times.

How to lose weight fast or diet for 3 days

Strict diet for 3 days – menu (breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner):

  • 2,5 teaspoons of bran and yogurt;
  • grapefruit or orange;
  • breast of chicken marinated in kefir (baked or cooked on steamed);
  • soup of celery and any vegetables to choose from (except potatoes).
  • milk with 1 tsp. cocoa;
  • Snack: a glass of mineral water without gases;
  • salmon and salad;
  • curd 0%.

Although the serving volume is not limited, recommends Do not eat at a time more than 300 grams: it can cause stretching of the walls of the stomach and an increase in appetite in three days

Model diet or how thin model?

How to lose weight fast or diet for 3 days

Looking at the models, everyone thinks that they have a special secret in losing weight. Such figures of the girl reach for months the restrictions in nutrition and strict regime of physical activity.

However, in their stock there really is a diet that helps to shape itself before the show or an important photo shoot.

The model diet is calculated for 3 days:

  • to eat in this way more than this period can not be, otherwise the metabolism is broken, which will lead to the need to limit oneself all the time. Also it is not recommended to sit on a diet with gastrointestinal diseases.

How to lose weight fast or diet for 3 daysThe diet of mannequins at 3 day exists in two versions:

The maximum restriction in nutrition, the emphasis on proteins and carbohydrates from vegetables, the complete exclusion of sugar and salt.

The diet menu on 3 day is as follows (breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner):

  1. egg,
  2. tea and 150 g curd 0%,
  3. a glass of skimmed yogurt,
  4. a glass of mineral water.
  1. oatmeal on the water;
  2. vegetable salad without dressing (tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, parsley, spinach);
  3. 200 g brisket, steamed.
  1. buckwheat porridge
  2. 150 g of brisket and a few vegetables (tomatoes, sweet peppers, carrots);
  3. 150 g of salad (arugula, celery stalk, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli).
  • The second option implies limiting its power to 800-1000 kcal, depending on the initial parameters of the girl.
  • You can not get this amount by any products.
  • But you can not sweet, salty, floury and spicy (like salt, some spices have the property to hold water).
  1. 150 g cottage cheese (low-fat);
  2. Alaska pollack 150 g and tomatoes;
  3. water without gases.
  1. 1 egg and oatmeal on water;
  2. vegetable salad 200 g (spinach, stalk of celery, tomatoes);
  3. low-calorie yogurt.
  1. 1 boiled egg and 100 g cottage cheese – 0%
  2. 150 g brisket and 1 cucumber.
  3. vegetable salad without dressing 150 g (parsley, carrots, onions, beets, cabbage).

Reviews about the diet are contradictory: many simply can not curb their appetite and stay on such a diet all 3 days. However, those who managed to eat according to the rules of the models suggest that the weight really left, but it was much more difficult to save the result than to achieve it.

Fast diet – minus 5 kg for 3 days

How to lose weight fast or diet for 3 days

Weight will go away very quickly, if a dietary supplement is added to the product, which will additionally affect the purifying function of the body – Prune. Thanks to him, he will manage not only to lose weight, but also to renew his body.

To the list of allowed products include: prunes, lean meat, fish, eggs, cereals (except manga), fruits (especially citrus fruits), fresh and ready-to-eat vegetables, as well as sour-milk products that will enhance the effect of dried fruit.

The approximate diet menu on 3 day is as follows:

  1. 2 eggs, prunes, green tea, 1 toast;
  2. kefir;
  3. broccoli, braised beef and prunes;
  4. mandarin;
  5. prunes with cottage cheese.
  1. oatmeal on water and prunes 1 pcs;
  2. fish for a couple – 150 g and vegetables;
  3. Prune
  4. kefir with prunes.
  1. 2 eggs, prunes, green tea, 1 toast;
  2. kefir;
  3. vegetables, brisket 150 g and prunes;
  4. an Apple;
  5. prunes with cottage cheese.

According to reviews on this diet really lose weight for 3 days at 5 kg. And it is carried very easily: the body perceives prunes, as sweetness and does not require other delicacies.

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