How to lose weight fast without dieting

How you can lose weight without dieting and counting

Weighing and counting are really the most optimal way, since they do not exclude anything from the diet at all. You can and chocolate, and desserts, as long as they fit into the daily caloric value. But sometimes it's easier to sacrifice sweets several times a week than constantly carrying scales, containers and everything in control.

WHO recommends the "Dish Principle" for portion control. To lose weight, you need:

  • buy a standard flat plate, 15 cm for girls, and 20 cm for guys;
  • three times a day to fill half of its contents with fresh or stewed vegetables, a quarter – low-fat sources of protein, and a quarter – complex carbohydrates;
  • two more times a day to have a snack with fruit, a serving should not exceed half the volume of your plate. To the snack is added a handful of nuts, or yogurt, it is desirable to alternate these two options;
  • two of the three portions of main dishes can be seasoned with useful fats. A tablespoon of any vegetable oil, or a tablespoon of grated cheese will be a good choice.

Today, for convenience, you can buy "marked" on this principle plates. And the list of products will help you to buy the right food:

  • Sources of protein: squid (boil with lemon juice), shrimp (boil with lemon juice, bake in a package with dill). Chicken fillet (steamed, or boiled, you can add any spices to the water, cooking on a grill, a ceramic frying pan is allowed). Any white fish (tastiest to bake in a package with slices of lemon and dill greens), cottage cheese 0-2% fat content of any consistency, low-fat beef, preferably meat of calves grown on grassy pastures (mark "organic" on imported products, or farm product of domestic manufacturers;
  • Sources of complex carbohydrates: kinva, any legumes that are well tolerated (it is advisable to start with red lentils, it has the least disagreement with intestinal problems). And also buckwheat, wild (black) rice, brown (plain unpurified). Whole oats, shirits or amaranth. A couple of times a week you can replace it with sweet or ordinary potatoes (bake without fat in foil), pasta from durum wheat, or whole grain bread
  • Sources of useful fats: avocado, vegetable oil, all kinds of raw nuts and seeds, peanut / almond paste natural (PB2 is allowed, powdered sublimate peanut butter, a couple of times a week)
  • Vegetables: absolutely everything except potatoes and sweet potato, they belong to the sources of complex carbohydrates. Do not abuse cooked carrots and beets, eat them a couple of times a week.
  • Fruits: any, mainly apples of the variety "Granny" and "Fuji", grapefruits. Grapes and other fruit-eaten fruits can be no more than 1-2 servings per week.

This method of weight loss is designed for normal physical activity. It is not necessary to go into the hall and climb under the bar. The beginner will have enough 30-minute walk at a pace that will allow to begin to sweat slightly. Moving half an hour a day – an indispensable condition for healthy and fast weight loss.

How to lose weight without dieting with exercise

Lose weight diets can be well-trained physically girls. Those who attend fitness for a long time, train at home systematically and do not experience difficulties with, for example, lifting to the 8 floor without an elevator can try the following:

  • there is a need as usual, that is, do not increase or decrease anything;
  • add aerobic load of high intensity. 2-4 once a week perform training on the stairs: after 5 minutes of warm-up by fast walking on a flat track, alternate running up the stairs, 2-3 span, with descent to the same distance. Work 20 minutes, then 5 minutes to devote slow walking, to calm the pulse. In the remaining days – from half an hour to an hour of any aerobic activity, even swimming in the pool, even skiing, even dancing to favorite compositions at home;
  • Strength training should be left at the level that has already been mastered. If they have not yet entered the life of losing weight without a diet, it makes sense to get a subscription to the lessons of Hot Iron – this is a specialized lesson with mini-bars. They build dry tight muscles, make the body hardy, learn to move properly with weights and are designed to lose weight without dieting.

How to lose weight without dieting for free

Usually losing weight without diets serves the interests of businessmen of all stripes. They will offer either a magic cream, or a magical simulator for 10-minute sessions, or expensive salon treatments. And all this – absolutely not necessary to reduce the fatty layer of things. And often – not working at all.

To reduce your own weight, burn fat and become tight and slender, you need only two things:

  • sustained calorie deficit. You can eat everything that is usual, just reduce the amount of servings. Allowed for unloading days, 1-2 times a week, while maintaining normal food in "free time". Deficiency will be created by those who add to their usual physical activity a little aerobics of high intensity, or . just starts to move more during the day. The main task is to remember the shortage, and do something to create it every day. Suppose, on Monday to abandon the car and walk to work on foot. On Tuesday – do not take dessert for dinner. On Wednesday – instead of massage go to the pool and swim actively there;
  • normal mode of work and rest. Attempts to reduce the "arrival" of energy are often broken about the banal lack of sleep and inability to plan everything so that in the evening it turns out in bed, and not after a quarterly report. Sleep is important because it allows you to keep the balance of hormones leptin and ghrelin needed for weight loss. If the latter is excessively abundant, a person will feel hunger even with relatively dense nutrition.

How to lose weight without dieting a young mother

Can I lose weight without dieting, being in a decree? To achieve the result for a month is unlikely to succeed, but gradually, for half a year – very much even. The main task here is to find pauses during the day when the child is asleep, and fill them . no, not by domestic work, and not watching the video for motivation, but by sleeping. The biggest problem for young mothers is lack of rest, and inability to recover and normal appetite. Therefore, it is better to make a dream your priority, and connect the rest as the forces develop.

Lose weight without diets reviews and results

I had to lose weight in a week without diets before the New Year. I'm a student, and I simply do not have any money for special food. To reduce weight, I shared half of dinner with a friend, excluded evening tea with sweet, and began to walk for half an hour. After a week, the weight decreased by 2 kg, and left a little belly. It was enough to get into the dress, and it was easy!

I have problems with the gallbladder and was overweight 20 kg. I needed an operation, but the doctor refused to prescribe it until I lost weight. I decided to lose weight without dieting, I just ate everything boiled, without mayonnaise, and I replaced half of the servings with cabbage salad. Six months later, the weight was reached, and now I'm ready to continue treatment.

Video about losing weight without dieting

Video about weight loss without dieting

Reviews on how to lose weight fast without dieting

That I did not do, how many did not try to do, how many did not try to do, to sit on diets, nothing helped me, 1 kg with a grief I'll fold 2, I already accepted that I'll spend my life all my life until I met my girlfriend who gave me a fortune-teller number , which helped her, you will not believe, I do not know what kind of conspiracy she used to read, but after a week the weight began to go down, but that does not mean that I ate the rolls of the roll, but I do not particularly care for them, I am very happy and grateful to Inna, her whatsapp 89639923376, and by the way how to start losing weight, and her husband was cheered up)) I'm happy.


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