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How to lose weight for a week at 5 kg minimum?

A diet lasting a week is a wonderful solution to the problem of a small excess of weight. Scientists have proved that it is this term that the body needs to maximize the positive effect of experiments with weight loss. At first glance, this is not a long time, however, from a psychological point of view, it has sufficient significance and allows you to confidently count on a notable result.

You do not need to pre-adjust yourself to a half-starved existence. In addition to monotonous diets in a large selection of nutrition plans are presented, which allow you to lose a week extra pounds and at the same time eat nourishingly and diversely. Different diets, depending on their complexity and focus, allow you to lose over seven days from 3 to 10 kg of excess weight. The success of the event largely depends on the choice of a particular dietary diet, which will be comfortable for you and will be feasible. For the sake of losing weight, you do not have to radically change your way of life and do strong-willed deeds.

To your attempts to lose weight in a week had success, you should carefully consider the choice of diet, then it will give the desired result to you. The efficiency indicator is not only in those kilograms that you dump, but also in the ability to keep the result obtained and at the same time not to damage the quality of life and health.

When the organism has time limitations, the main emphasis is on the daily diet. Any other good endeavors, such as changing the regime of the day, a positive attitude and increasing physical exertion, with all the desire, will not have time to give visible results in such a short time.

There are three ways that give an explicit result for those wishing to spend a week's diet:

Sharp restriction of the use of calories (the "hungry" diet strongly wears out the body and assumes no physical exertion);

Monodiet, which assumes the use of a single product with certain properties in the menu (monotony affects the psychology of the process in different ways – someone can absorb buckwheat with yogurt as a medicine from extra pounds without disgust, and someone is burdened by monotony);

A diet based on protein nutrition, which affects chemical processes and corrects metabolism (is famous for preserving the result for a long time because there is no risk of reducing muscle mass, in contrast to express diets).

Some believe that the scarcity and monotony of nutrition helps to achieve the best results in weight loss. But this is not as close to the truth as we would like. A week is a very long time for severe dietary restrictions, the health risk in this case exceeds the value of the result obtained.

For many such diets, there is a sad tendency to "plateau", when the first couple of days there is a good start, but then suddenly the weight loss stops, because in conditions of limitations the body turns on emergency mode and brakes energy consumption. This leads to the fact that the weight is not really discarded, and the forces leave the body, which begins to feel like a lethargic dream.

Wishing for the minimum period to throw off the maximum number of kilograms, try to choose the lesser of evils, soberly assess all the risks and limits of the body's capabilities. A short diet with good results can serve as an excellent motivation for subsequent measures to get rid of excess weight. But it is always worth remembering that after "hungry" diets the former weight returns quickly enough. For this reason, after a week's fast for a harmonious figure and beauty, it is important to refrain from overeating in the future.

An adequate assessment of the state of one's health will not be an obstacle. It is not recommended to lose weight on your own, if excess weight exceeds 30 kg, in this case, multidisciplinary support of doctors is needed. Be sure to ask your doctor for advice before strenuously reducing the energy value of the diet or switching to a mono-diet.

The five most popular weekly diets

The Japanese diet. Allows you to reset from 4 to 7 kg. The essence of the diet lies in the almost complete absence of carbohydrates, and meals are prescribed strictly by the hour and gram.

Kefir diet. Allows you to reset from 3 to 5 kg per week. The menu includes kefir and several other permitted products.

Buckwheat diet. It gives a record result – up to 1 kg per day. Russians are very fond of this useful rump, but for the diet menu buckwheat is not boiled in the usual way, but steamed in boiling water without salt. The taste of this cereal is no different from cooked buckwheat, but it is good in that it retains almost all its useful properties.

Juice mono-diet. This diet (dzhusing) adores photomodels, because it works without fail in the shortest time. However, nutrition exclusively juices causes enormous harm to the body, and one week is too big and extreme for such a diet. It should be used only in the extreme case. At the first signs of discomfort in the body, the diet should be interrupted for the sake of health. For lovers of fruit, a much more gentle and balanced diet on grapefruit is suitable.

Unloading diet from a dietician from Russia Margarita Koroleva. This diet includes a daily meal plan, which includes 2,5 liters of plain water, 1 l fat-free yogurt, 100 g of cottage cheese, 400 gram of chicken, 1 of potatoes and a couple of cucumbers, eaten evenly at regular intervals. A week on such a diet allows you to reset in a gentle mode 2-3 kg.

Reset 5 kg in just one week is possible with the Estonian diet, involving a very intricate meal plan, in fact consisting of several mono diets. For seven days, salt and sugar, as well as seasonings and sauces, are banned. At this time it is recommended not to drink coffee and tea, and to do without water without gas, which requires at least 1,5 l per day. The amount of food indicated in the menu is distributed evenly from morning to evening.

1 day. 6 pcs. boiled eggs.

2 day. 1 kg of fat-free cottage cheese.

3 day. 300 g of steamed or boiled chicken fillet.

4 day. Rice soup: 100 g of cereal, boiled in 1 l of water.

5 day. 6 pcs. boiled potatoes in a uniform.

6 day. 1 kg of apples.

7 day. 1,5 l kefir.

Do not be confused by the word "nourishing", because the egg diet gives good results: for a week from 3 to 10 kg (the result is directly dependent on the individual characteristics of metabolism and the initial weight). The effect of the weekly egg diet is based on the benefits of biotin, which promotes the acceleration of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, levels the level of sugar in the blood. Biotin is of great importance in the diet for diabetics and people in the pre-diabetic state.

In case of need to quickly lose weight, the diet on eggs is preferable, since this product saturates the body well. Eggs are digested slowly, so you do not face a painful feeling of hunger. Very useful is the addition to the egg menu of grapefruit, which contains a special flavonoid naringenin, regulating the secretion of insulin and allowing you to keep your appetite under control.

During the whole period of the diet, you can not eat salt and sugar, sauces from the store and other ready-made condiments, juices, carbonated drinks and bread. In a day, you must drink at least 1,5 liters of plain water.

1 day. For breakfast: grapefruit, a couple of eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. For lunch: tomato, a couple of eggs, herbal tea. For dinner: vinaigrette without oil from beets, potatoes and carrots, a couple of eggs, grapefruit and tea without sugar.

2 day. For breakfast: grapefruit, a couple of eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. For lunch: grapefruit and a couple of eggs. For dinner: 150 g lean boiled meat, a couple of eggs and a green salad.

3 day. For breakfast: grapefruit, a couple of eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. For lunch: spinach, a couple of eggs and tea without sugar. For dinner: vinaigrette without oil, a couple of eggs, herbal tea and 100 g low-fat cottage cheese.

4 day. For breakfast: grapefruit, a couple of eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. For lunch: spinach, a couple of eggs and black coffee. For dinner: vinaigrette without oil, 150 g sea fish, a couple of eggs and tea.

5 day. For breakfast: grapefruit, a couple of eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. For lunch: spinach, a couple of eggs and black coffee. For dinner: cabbage salad, 150 g sea fish, tea or black coffee.

6 day. For breakfast: grapefruit, a couple of eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. For lunch: fruit salad (fruit any as desired). For dinner: 150 g cooked lean meat, a couple of eggs, a salad of celery, cucumber and tomato, herbal tea.

7 day. For breakfast: grapefruit, a couple of eggs, coffee without milk and sugar. For lunch: cold boiled chicken, a couple of eggs, grapefruit and a tomato. For dinner: 150 g of cold boiled chicken, a couple of eggs, cabbage salad, carrots and tomato, black unsweetened coffee.

In the course of the egg diet, it is advisable to drink mineral alkaline water so that the acid in the grapefruit is neutralized.

This type of menu refers to "chemical" because of the reduced carbohydrate content and increased protein content. Egg diet is good because in the process of losing weight a person does not lose his protein stores. By reducing the level of available "fuel" in the form of carbohydrates, the body begins to consume fat stores.

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Healthy meals without dinners – 5 kg a week off!

As you may have guessed, the next diet is based on the principles of healthy eating, and its main weapon is the absence of dinner. The last time the food is received is not later than 18: 00. A side effect of this diet is an early withdrawal to sleep without an empty and unhealthy hovering in front of a computer or TV.

In general, it is not recommended to violate the usual daily routine. In addition, you must strictly adhere to the list of products for a day and do not change it at will and mood.

It is very important not to eat salt and sugar throughout the whole week, alcohol should be completely ruled out. Fruits in the menu do not need to be eaten at the main meal, preferably half an hour before the meal, or in 30 minutes later. In addition, every day you need to drink a lot of ordinary still water.

1 day. For breakfast: 50 g fish per pair, lettuce leaves with a little olive oil, a full glass of 1% kefir. For lunch: a couple of slices of coarse bread, boiled egg, 90 g chicken fillet or turkey.

2 day. For breakfast: 80 g cooked veal, 1 boiled potatoes, celery without restrictions, boiled carrots and green tea without sugar. For lunch: 100 g skimmed cottage cheese, a glass of low-fat yogurt, 5 dates and oatmeal porridge cooked on the water.

3 day. For breakfast: 3 loaf, 50 grams of boiled chicken breast and a full glass of chicken broth without salt. For lunch: 50 g of boiled veal, a couple of pieces of rye bread, orange, spinach without restrictions and an apple.

4 day. For breakfast: a glass of 1% kefir, boiled buckwheat, tomatoes with olive oil. For lunch: a glass of fresh citrus juice, boiled rice, 100 g cottage cheese with prunes, kiwi and grapefruit.

5 day. For breakfast: boiled egg, 60 g cooked beef, a pair of sweet Bulgarian peppers and one cucumber. For lunch: one boiled potato, boiled chicken breast, a pair of walnuts, 3 pcs. dried apricots, orange and apple.

6 day. For breakfast: 100 g red fish per pair, 100 ml unsalted chicken broth, 3 st. l. green peas, a slice of rye bread and green tea with honey (1 tsp). For lunch: tomatoes and lettuce, seasoned with sesame seeds and lemon juice, brown boiled rice; After an hour dessert: a banana, a kiwi, a glass of skim milk.

7 day. For breakfast: a bowl of buckwheat with 60 g of boiled chicken breast, 2 st. l. low-fat cottage cheese with Bulgarian pepper, black tea with 1 tsp. honey and dessert from a handful of raisins. For lunch: 100g boiled beef with lentils, 125 g low-fat yogurt without additives, 30 g of almonds.

Other ways to lose weight without suffering

Despite the fact that the "gold standard" is considered to be weight loss for a week, there are many effective diets that give good results in terms that deviate from the standard both in the direction of decrease and in the direction of increase. Here are some examples:

Easy and satisfying diet on pumpkin for 12 days. It is relevant for autumn with a fresh harvest of melons.

Six-day diet of "6 petals". It is a series of mono-diets. As an additional motivation, a flower is used, from which, at the end of another successful day, with a sense of accomplishment, the petal comes off.

Cottage cheese diet, conducted in two days off. It is a proven way to lose a few extra pounds.

Chicken diet in the format of three or standard seven days. This mono-diet is famous for its effectiveness.

Poll: What is the easiest way to lose weight in seven days?

Sharp restriction of calories used.

Protein diet. For a quick slimming, a menu with lots of proteins is ideal.

Monodietta from steamed buckwheat and kefir gives an excellent result. This diet is most easily maintained for a week.

No diet will give the desired results in a week. And lose weight properly does not work, and the body will have time to suffer.

There are universal methods of losing weight in the general plan, which do not require great feats for their implementation. The reverse side of the coin is in the low effectiveness of such diets. Only your intention will lead to the implementation of cardinal techniques that have proven effectiveness.

As you know, the popularity of a diet depends on how quickly it helps to get rid of excess weight, because more often than not we remember this vital problem only on the eve of any important events or holidays. Naturally, in such situations almost all women are looking for the most.

To date, separate food is a fairly popular way to eliminate excess weight. Many popular people claim that they used this method to adjust their weight. Many nutritionists believe that it is easier to follow an established diet in the event that a person alternates foods in.

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