How to lose weight on 20 kg for 20 days?

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Every day to lose one kilogram is the dream of every woman. But as you know, such methods greatly worsen the state of health. Consider an effective diet for weight loss of 20 kilograms for 20 days, during which your health will not be threatened.

Very effective diet for weight loss for 20 days

The essence of this diet is a rapid extreme weight loss by a large number of kilograms in a very short time. To achieve the most effective results, the following rules:

  • a day to drink at least 1,5 liters of pure non-carbonated water;
  • during the diet should take a complex of vitamins and minerals, in the form of medicines;
  • Of physical exertion, only stretching exercises are appropriate;
  • also to get rid of stretch marks, massages and wraps are recommended;
  • when there is a strong sense of hunger, as a snack, let’s say a glass of skimmed yogurt;
  • from honey, sweet honey and a small slice of dark chocolate a day.

When observing an extreme diet for rapid weight loss per 20 kilogram, one must always skip one of the meals. At what every day this method should be different. For example, on the first day, skip dinner, in the second – lunch, on the third – breakfast and so on throughout the 20 days.

What can you eat?

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Before making a detailed menu for the next 20 days, we will consider what products will contribute to rapid weight loss by 20 kilogram, and which ones are not recommended.

List of allowed products Power for fast and extreme weight loss for 20 kilograms is:

  • vegetables: broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, greens, beans, tomatoes, beets, carrots;
  • from fruit, citrus fruits and apples are permissible;
  • cereals: rice and buckwheat;
  • oatmeal;
  • dietary meat: chicken, veal and turkey in cooked or baked form;
  • eggs;
  • cottage cheese, milk;
  • low-fat fish;
  • green tea.

В list of prohibited products supply of extreme methods for weight loss at 20 kilogram hit:

  • coffee;
  • marinades;
  • ketchup, mayonnaise;
  • confectionery and bakery products;
  • fatty fish and meat;
  • salt, sugar and other spices;
  • fast food and semi-finished products.

Menu on 20 days

Based on the above list of acceptable food, quickly and effectively lose weight in 20 days for 20 kilograms you will help the following menu:

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The first week of an extreme diet for weight loss at 20 kilogram

  • Breakfast: a cup of unsweetened herbal tea and 250 g low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Lunch: 200 g of boiled chicken and 150 g of boiled rice;
  • Dinner: not available.
  • 200 ml of natural yogurt with fruit;
  • food is not available;
  • 200 g stewed white cabbage and a cup of green tea.
  • skip meals;
  • salad of cucumbers and tomatoes with a slice of whole grain bread;
  • carrot-apple vitamin salad and 200 ml of fat-free yogurt.
  • cottage cheese with raisins and a cup of tea;
  • one avocado and 200 g cooked rice;
  • skipping meals.
  • apple and 200 ml of natural low-fat yogurt;
  • there is no food;
  • 200 g buckwheat with low-fat fish cutlets.
  • without breakfast;
  • low-fat broth with vegetables;
  • a glass of ryazhenka and 200 g of baked trout.
  • grapefruit and a cup of unsweetened hot beverage;
  • buckwheat and 200 ml of yogurt;
  • dinner is absent.

The second week of an extreme diet for weight loss at 20 kilogram

  • oatmeal and a glass of warm milk;
  • skip meals;
  • 200 g of baked fish.
  • food is not available;
  • stew of tomatoes, carrots and cabbage to drink orange juice;
  • baked turkey meat – 250
  • omelette with herbs and a glass of warm milk;
  • 250 g cooked rice and kefir;
  • power outage.
  • there is no food intake;
  • vegetable salad with whole grain bread and a glass of freshly squeezed citrus juice;
  • 150 g buckwheat and a glass of yogurt.
  • oat porridge with milk and dried fruits;
  • without food;
  • apple puree and carrot juice.
  • green apple and yogurt;
  • buckwheat soup with lean meatballs;
  • there is no power.
  • without breakfast;
  • boiled chicken meat – 250 g and a slice of whole grain bread;
  • salad of vegetables and 150 g of baked fish.

The third week of an extreme diet for weight loss at 20 kilogram

  • oatmeal and two boiled eggs;
  • without food;
  • steam omelet with tomatoes and herbs, herbal decoction.
  • oat flakes with prunes and orange fresh;
  • buckwheat soup and a glass of yogurt;
  • dinner to skip.
  • without eating;
  • salad of citrus and cottage cheese, herbal decoction;
  • 250 g of baked trout.
  • omelet with vegetables and yogurt;
  • lunch to miss;
  • boiled chicken meat – 200 g and a glass of yogurt.
  • apple jelly and 200 g oatmeal;
  • buckwheat with low-fat fish cutlets;
  • no food.
  • without eating;
  • boiled rice – 200 g and 100 g of baked veal;
  • ragout from tomatoes and chicken meat – 250

Physical exercise

To permanently preserve the effect of losing weight and permanently get rid of stretch marks, it is strongly recommended to engage in moderate physical activity during the period of observance of such an extreme method of losing weight.

When losing weight for such a large number of kilograms, the following are best: exercises:

To quickly lose weight at home on 20 kilogram, to an extreme diet should be added such exercises, like fast walking, running, swinging the press, squats and exercises with a hoop.

Quitting the diet

If you are convinced by your own example that the technique of “losing weight for 20 days per 20 kilogram” is effective, you can repeat it only three months later.

When exiting from of the above extreme diet do not rush to return to the usual diet. In the first days after the end of the twenty-day method of rapid weight loss dieticians recommend to enter into the diet of meat soups and cereals.

Before you devote your time to an extreme diet for rapid weight loss by 20 kilogram for 20 days, you should carefully read the contraindications.


Alas, not everyone can lose 20 kilograms for 20 days. This kind of extreme weight loss leads to excessive strain on the body. Based on this, extreme diet is strictly prohibited:

  • in the presence of chronic diseases;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • presence of problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • persons under the age of majority;
  • in the postoperative period;
  • To old people.

In addition, the first days of rebuilding the body for diet food for weight loss for 20 kilograms are fraught with such serious consequences, like severe headaches and a depressed condition.

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Miriam Josey
Miriam Josey is an RD and expert in healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. She has a B.S from Cal State (Nutritional Science) and an M.S. from the University of Southern California (Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity). Miriam’s professional chef certificate allows her to develop rich, non-restrictive diets for weight loss.


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