How to lose weight on 7 kg for 7 days?


How to lose weight on 7 kg for 7 days?

How to lose weight in a short time? This issue worries not only women, but also men who want to lose weight. The slimming menu for the week contains the optimal number of products that not only make the figure slimmer, but also heals the body, removes toxins and toxins.

In order to lose weight on 7 kg for a week, you need to choose the right scheme. Cindy Crawford's technique, as well as a kefir diet, can easily restore the former weight and return the forms.

Can I lose weight for 7 days on 7 kg?

When compiling the optimal menu, it is worth considering that losing weight per week on 7 kg is quite realistic. The most reasonable way to build a correct diet for a month in order to lose weight without compromising on health and without the subsequent sagging of the skin.

It is necessary to combine a diet with physical exercises in order to tighten the skin and lose hateful extra pounds. According to the Indian method, using various herbs and decoctions for weight loss, it is really possible to lose weight by 7 kg for 7 days. You can also use an aqueous diet, in which you can only drink water with lemon for several days to lose weight. However, this diet is suitable for healthy people without serious chronic diseases.

Water diet

How to lose weight on 7 kg for 7 days?

The diet for 7 days makes it possible to throw off 7 kg per week. This American technique allows you to lose weight quickly.

All days spent on a diet should be subject to the following menu:

  • First breakfast – a glass of warm water with lemon;
  • The second breakfast is oatmeal on water without sugar;
  • Lunch – chicken broth;
  • Dinner – celery fresh (celery soup) or a glass of water with lemon.

All the days to lose weight should be consumed up to 3 liters of water per day, as food on water removes all toxins and toxins from the body, thereby purifying the body.

People with kidney disease have a water diet for weight loss contraindicated.

Kefir diet for the week

How to lose weight on 7 kg for 7 days?

Kefir diet is considered one of the most useful for the body as a whole and for the human gastrointestinal tract. but most importantly – it helps to lose weight very much. A diet based on a sour milk drink helps to strengthen immunity and easily saturate the body, thus, the feeling of hunger is dulled. On kefir, it is possible to lose weight minus 5-7 kg for 5 days.

  • Monday. Liter kefir and 2 baked potatoes. Drinking a different liquid during the kefir diet is not recommended. Clean mineral water without gas is an exception;
  • Tuesday. Litre kefir and 200 gram of fat-free curd product;
  • Wednesday. A liter of kefir and baked apples;
  • Thursday. A liter of kefir and a handful of fresh berries or fruits for the season;
  • Friday. A liter of kefir and fruit;
  • Saturday – water day, you can use only mineral water, but without gases;
  • Sunday is fruit and yogurt.

It is not necessary after the end of the days on the diet to attack the food, you need to smoothly enter your diet, and it is best to take as a basis the correct nutrition system to maintain the results.

Spring diet for 7 days

How to lose weight on 7 kg for 7 days?

You can lose weight from 4 to 7 kg for 7 days, adhering to the spring technique on a water basis. The essence of this technique in the use of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as vegetable purees and broths.

Approximate menu on the spring method of nutrition:

  • Breakfast – any vegetable for a couple – asparagus or beet, without the addition of salt and spices;
  • Lunch – a plate of any liquid dish, better vegetable broth;
  • Dinner – rye toast and a handful of fresh berries.

Water Day – the use of a large volume of liquid – up to 2, 5 liters per day.

  • Breakfast – fresh fruit and berries;
  • Lunch – vegetable puree;
  • Dinner is a light fruit salad, seasoned with a fatty yoghurt.

Water diet – the use of a honey-lemon drink, you can add ginger;

Unloading day on kefir and baked apples.

  • Breakfast – 150 gram of cottage cheese;
  • Lunch – vegetable soup – mashed potatoes;
  • Dinner is a honey drink.

Nutrition according to the Indian method

How to lose weight on 7 kg for 7 days?

This diet allows you to throw up to 5 kilograms with the regular use of such a product as rice. This cereal contains a complete list of amino acids, which are very useful for the body.

The menu is divided into 3-4 meals.

Menu on the Indian method of losing weight:

  • Monday. 200 gram of rice without salt.
  • Tuesday. 150 gram of rice and chicken fillet, steamed.
  • Wednesday. Water Day. It is permissible to drink about 2 liters of liquid.
  • Thursday. Chicken fillet – 150 gram and 200 gram of rice.
  • Friday. Day on yogurt.
  • Saturday. 200 gram of rice and half a liter of kefir.
  • Sunday. Rye toast, rice with seafood.

The main philosophy of this diet is to maintain a balance, both drinking and mineral. Figure perfectly copes with this task and helps to lose weight.

The Swedish diet

How to lose weight on 7 kg for 7 days?

The Swedish diet for 7 days minus 7 kg is designed for regular consumption of proteins in unlimited quantities. Experienced nutritionists have developed a food system, thanks to which it is possible not to consume additional vitamins and minerals to maintain the health of the body. However, to keep drinking balance is just necessary to lose weight.

Menu Swedish diet for 7 days to lose weight fast:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal or buckwheat porridge in water without salt, rye toast;
  • Lunch is a light salad with prunes and arugula;
  • Dinner – a glass of mineral water without gas.
  • Breakfast – chicken fillet and rye toast;
  • Lunch – vegetable puree;
  • Dinner – not fatty yogurt or curd product.
  • Breakfast – hard-boiled egg;
  • Lunch – salad with seafood to choose from;
  • Dinner – yogurt or curd product.

Unloading day on the milk to lose weight. It is allowed to consume about 500 ml of fresh cow's milk.

Water or kefir day. In case of famine, it may be necessary to use boiled beets.

Saturday. Chicken fillet without salt and spices – 300 gram for a full day to lose weight.

The Swedish technique to lose weight is tough, not many people can withstand it. But it is one of the most effective express diets.

Diet Cindy Crawford – minus 7 kg for days 7

How to lose weight on 7 kg for 7 days?

This method of nutrition is developed by the well-known model of Cindy Crawford. For 7 days, it is possible to lose up to 5 kilos of weight.

The menu from Cindy Crawford, to lose weight:

  • Monday. For the whole day it is allowed to use chicken broth and a few fresh fruits;
  • Tuesday. Chicken broth, 200 gram of chicken without salt and spices;
  • Environmentsa. Vegetable soup and yogurt;
  • Thursday. Water or kefir day;
  • Friday. Salad of fresh or baked vegetables, 150 gram of curd or curd product to lose weight;
  • Saturday. Water Day. It is allowed to use only mineral water without gas;
  • Sunday. Day on yogurt. In case of a bout of hunger, it is possible to eat one baked apple or pear.

Cindy Crawford's method is an excellent alternative to strict nutrition schemes. It combines the optimal ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, which the body needs every day. Cindy Crawford recommends combining a diet with active physical activity or walking. If you have a bicycle it will be useful to make active bike trips.

What exercises can I do?

How to lose weight on 7 kg for 7 days?

Lose weight on 7 kg for 14 days can be actively using the exercises that Cindy Crawford developed:

French twists. A great exercise, aimed at maintaining the muscles and abdominal relief. To do this you will need a gym mat. It is necessary to lie down, stretch your legs and alternately make a rise of the body to the feet. For beginners, you should perform no more than 3 approaches.

Squats. An excellent option for maintaining strong buttock muscles and to lose weight. In order to increase the load at home, you must use dumbbells or weights with sand. Do squats from 15 times.

Makhi feet. For beautiful calf muscles, it is necessary to perform dynamic legs with legs that allow you to add slim and slender legs. To do this, you will need a chair or any other support. To make movements to lose weight is necessary without rest, aside and back. You can use the load. Cindy Crawford recommends using exercises with sets – so a beautiful and smart silhouette is formed.

Diet Agapkin – minus 6 kg per week

How to lose weight on 7 kg for 7 days?

The diet of Agapkin allows in the shortest time to throw off to 5 kilograms per week. It is not recommended to use this method of nutrition for people who suffer from liver and kidney disease.

Approximate menu on the diet of Agapkin:

  • Monday. Vegetable broth in unlimited quantities;
  • Tuesday. 2 chicken eggs and vegetables in any quantity;
  • Wednesday. Chicken broth in unlimited quantities;
  • Thursday. 2 cup kefir with natural additives made of fruits and berries;
  • Friday. Water day with the addition of lemon juice;
  • Saturday. 2 toast from rye flour and a handful of fresh fruit;
  • Sunday. Water without gas.

More details with the method of losing weight from Dr. Agapkin can be found here.

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