How to lose weight on 8 kg?


Quick and easy to lose weight on 8 kg – the desire of many people, what to do to make this dream come true? Here it is important to understand that the loss of such a huge number of kilograms can not but affect the body of the losing weight. Therefore, it is better to choose a long-term diet that will help keep the body in tone and not create a lack of vitamins and minerals that are so necessary for the effective functioning of internal organs.

How to reset 8 kg per week?

Here are a few options for the best diets for weight loss.

The first day it is necessary to drink mineral water without gases. The second is 4 glass of milk, a green apple before bed. The third – as the first. The fourth is a vegetable salad made from white cabbage, carrots, herbs, seasoned with vegetable oil, washed down with water or unsweetened green tea. The fifth is milk throughout the day. The sixth – boiled egg, a glass of tea without sugar, vegetable broth, a piece of boiled beef, apples. On the last day it is allowed to eat cottage cheese and drink milk.

Here's how to lose weight on 8 kg and more if you follow the above rules, most importantly, do not zealous, and follow not only the forms, but also the overall condition of the body.

The promised result – for a week – 8 kg. You can eat any fruit, except for calories (grapes, bananas, dates), drink plenty of water.

During the whole week in the diet there are dishes from carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, beets, potatoes. Wash with low-fat yogurt. And before going to bed, you can eat a green apple.

How to lose weight on 8 kg?

How to reset 8 kg on a more sparing diet? Such a nutrition system is most suitable for each organism, lost kilograms will persist and will not return in the future. An approximate diet of one day:

Breakfast – a plate of muesli, a banana, a glass of kefir.

Dinner – a salad of vegetables, liver pate, rye bread and low-fat milk.

Dinner – steamed fish, cooked vegetables, rice porridge.

Before bedtime – a glass of low-fat yogurt or an apple.

It is important that the products are useful, contain the necessary minerals, vitamins and trace elements. More vegetables and fruits, less harmful food and empty carbohydrates in the form of chocolate, crackers, chips, produce from fast foods.

How to throw off 8 kg without diets?

It is important to adjust your diet, eat no more than 1500 calories per day. To get acquainted with the table of caloric content and to make individually the menu for each day. Exclude from it flour, fatty, spicy, smoked, sweets, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Green vegetables help to rid the body of harmful substances, promote the normalization of metabolic processes, normalize the intestinal microflora, eliminate harmful radicals. The menu must include buckwheat and rice porridge, fruit, bread from wholemeal flour, beef, fish, chicken.

Here's how to lose weight on 8 kg quickly and without harm to health! Will be at the time also physical exercises will be most appropriate here, you can go jogging, go to the pool, yoga, more to walk in the fresh air. You also need to avoid the stresses that lead to the desire to eat everything, it will be correct to weigh yourself daily and control your weight.

How to lose weight on 8 kg?

Before going to bed, it is strictly forbidden to eat, if you really want, you can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or eat a green apple. The less food got into the stomach during the passive time of the day, the more useful it will be for all internal organs, especially the digestive system.

These ways will help not only to lose 8 kg, but also to look better, to be attractive and charming!

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