How to lose weight on a coal diet?

When trying to effectively lose weight in the shortest time, many often turn to help with medication. All known diet pills promise to save you from unwanted body fat without much effort. Alas, it turns out on the contrary: after their reception, people tend to get well even from the air.

The above example shows what can lead to human laziness and stupidity. In this material, we will consider a coal diet and find out what the reception of seemingly harmless activated carbon can lead to.

Carbon Diet for Weight Loss

The technique is in great demand, since the main product is easily available to everyone and has a low price.

The reception of activated carbon is a common thing. As you know, this drug absorbs all harmful substances, "settled" in the body. It would seem that this is the end of its useful properties. But no. In addition to detoxification, Activated carbon:

  • lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • reduces pain in the joints;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • It is effective in allergic reactions to a particular product;
  • helps with poisoning;
  • It is used for diarrhea and flatulence.

The last fact will be discussed in the following material. How to take carbon tablets to effectively lose weight on the above diet, without harming the health, we will tell further.

power Principles

As already mentioned above, activated charcoal helps with weight loss. But in order to rid your body of a couple of extra pounds, you need to know how to properly take this drug.

Nutrition on the coal diet with the purpose of the most effective weight loss should look like this:

  • a day, drink at least two liters of boiled water;
  • also from drinks are permissible: kefir, soft tea and coffee without sugar;
  • from food is preferable to products containing vegetable (beans, nuts, dried fruits, avocados) and animal (eggs, fish, chicken and beef meat) protein;
  • categorically excluded fried, fatty, smoked and salted.

Follow A coal diet is recommended not more than ten days. Repeat will be possible only six months after the completion of the current one.

It is worth remembering that this technique has its own Cons:

  • together with harmful substances, activated carbon removes from the body and beneficial;
  • excessive use of the drug "irritates" the intestinal mucosa;
  • the probability of prolonged constipation is high.

In addition, the diet of coal contraindicated with ulcers, abnormalities of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, under reduced pressure, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

It is strictly forbidden to take other tablets with the coal diet, especially contraceptives, since activated charcoal helps to reduce the effectiveness of other medications.

How to drink tablets

In order to get rid of the pain in the stomach, you should drink one tablet for every 10 kilogram of weight at a time. But the method of weight loss, based on the above drug, requires a slightly different application.

Read a little instruction on how how to properly take activated charcoal on a diet:

  • the first day – three tablets;
  • the next seven – gradually increase the dose, adding one per day.

In any case, you can not drink more pills at a time than your kilogram divided by 10. Therefore, when the maximum dosage of activated carbon is reached on one of the days, all remaining should be taken exactly the same amount.

In addition to the main way to comply with the coal diet, there are three more:

  • Take two tablets daily on an empty stomach, with plenty of water;
  • The daily norm is 10 of coal tablets. They must be distributed evenly throughout the day. That is, with five meals a day, take two activated charcoal in tablet form before each meal;
  • It is necessary to multiply your initial weight by 10 and take in such quantity three times a day.

If you follow a diet, be extremely careful, as taking large amounts of the above drug entails serious health problems.

Losing weight occurs by accelerating the metabolic processes in the body and restoring the balance between the food consumed and the energy consumed.

The view that activated charcoal will save you from the accumulated fatty deposits is erroneous, since its main goal is to remove from the body toxic food, and not fat. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to combine the coal method for weight loss with proper nutrition and exercise.

In order to avoid beriberi, due to the elimination of the usual products from the diet, after the completion of the coal diet, start taking a complex of multivitamin preparations.

Some nutritionists say that if you follow a coal diet, you can not limit yourself to eating semi-finished foods and fast food, since most of their fats will absorb the medication. Others, on the contrary, tend to believe that the greatest weight loss will contribute to a large number of vegetables, fruits, cereals, herbs and dairy products in the diet.

In order to bring your body into the desired form, in parallel with the coal diet should be engaged in such sports activitiesAs:


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