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How to lose weight on a vegan diet?

Vegan for ethical reasons do not use meat, milk, eggs, honey (all products of animal origin). On these principles, a vegan diet for weight loss is based. The refusal of honey is motivated by the selection of honey from bees, and milk – by the captivity of cows.

Veganism is a special world. Vegans consider their way of eating moral and extremely healthy. But most doctors, nutritionists note that such a diet is not balanced, there is a lack of vital elements, for example, a health-critical vitamin B12. As a time-limited dietary system, a vegan diet is quite effective for losing weight.

Vegan diet for weight loss

The vegan diet is basically consistent with the principles:

  • In addition to the traditional elimination of milk, eggs, meat, honey, products from them, the refusal of coffee, fast food, french fries is necessary;
  • there is a feeling of hunger;
  • breakfast after charging;
  • ration is based on vegetables, fruits, whole-grain dishes, soy products in the proportion of 6-4-2;
  • alcohol and sweets are not recommended;
  • five meals a day;
  • normal portion of dishes 0,25 kg / l serving;
  • physical activity is necessary;
  • herbs, teas, natural juices are recommended as beverages.

The vegan diet – what is it?

The essence of vegan movement is the exclusion of violence and exploitation of animals. When vegan food is not allowed products that were created by animals or are themselves (meat). The main principle of nutrition – excluded meat, dairy products and even honey. The vegetarian system is less rigid, allowing milk, eggs.

The vegan diet is based only on plant products. Carbohydrates, dietary fibers are provided with vegetables and fruits. Also the source of the required carbohydrates are whole-wheat porridges and bread. Fats are provided with vegetable oil, nuts. The source of protein is mainly legumes, soy.

  • vegetables stewed, boiled, vegetable soups;
  • salads from tomatoes, celery, carrots, greens, a variety of cabbage;
  • dishes from potatoes, pumpkins, beets, cucumbers, salad;
  • porridge rice, millet, buckwheat, oatmeal;
  • Soups from vegetables, legumes, cereals;
  • dishes from beans;
  • soy milk, cottage cheese, tofu.

The vegan diet is low-calorie, contains a little fat. Such food allows you to lose over a week 3-5 kg of excess weight. The nutrition system is well described by the book "The Slim Stinker" by Rory Friedman, Kim Barnuin.

The vegan diet is practiced in a seven-day variant and for twenty-two days. It was three weeks effectively losing weight on such a diet Beyonce. Use such food and Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox. More than a month to adhere to the vegan diet is recommended only provided that you take an additional complex of essential vitamins.

Benefit and harm

The benefits and harms of the vegan diet are closely related to the advantages, disadvantages of eating plant foods. The reviews show that the vegan diet allows you to easily drop up to five kilograms per week. Especially it is effective in combination with physical exertion. That's how the celebrities lose their weight. Simplicity of weight reduction, excellent state of health, improvement of skin condition is noted.

Vegan nutrition is indeed useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, oncology due to a large amount of fiber, vegetable fibers, reduced saturated fat, sugar, low caloric intake. Vegans also note that their food reduces the amount of cholesterol entering the body. But the revision of the theory of the development of atherosclerosis, linking the disease with inflammation, rather than cholesterol, makes this advantage questionable.

The task of balancing such a diet is extremely complex, and in some positions it is impossible. Absence of vitamin B12 will imply the development of nervous disorders, frequent irritability. The vegan diet does not allow you to get enough iron, some essential amino acids, calcium. In theory, you can pick up plant products that contain iron. But man does not take iron from plants. It is also difficult to replace animal protein with soy, beans. It is not easy to gain the norm of trace elements, vitamins in the vegan food system. The daily rate requires expensive soy products, exotic fruits, plants. The necessary advice is to take a vitamin complex, iron preparations.

The vegan diet can cause the following harm:

  • with prolonged use deteriorate the condition of the skin, the musculoskeletal system;
  • lead to diseases of the blood, GIT, anemia;
  • because of the significant amount of purines in vegetables to cause gout.

The vegan diet is a highly effective way to lose weight. One of the most effective ways of low-calorie nutrition, but far from balanced and non-harmful. Strongly not shown to children, pregnant, with breastfeeding, the presence of chronic diseases. Due to the high cost of soy products, a number of fruits, vegan diet is quite expensive, not easy. The best results of using the vegan diet fall on the summer.

Menu for the week

  • pancakes corn on soy milk, mint tea;
  • a pair of bananas;
  • pilaf vegetable, vegetarian (carrots, onions, corn, tomato paste);
  • pear;
  • vareniki with mushrooms, lentils, melissa tea.
  • porridge porridge with pieces of apples, pears, juice, tea;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • stew with baked potatoes, eggplant, pumpkin, apple juice;
  • peach;
  • tofu.
  • porridge buckwheat on soy milk, rosehip broth;
  • mixture of nuts;
  • borsch vegetarian (beets, potatoes, onions, cabbage, carrots);
  • cocktail of greens, fruits;
  • fruit salad.
  • beans boiled with tomato sauce, pear juice;
  • soy milk;
  • cutlets cabbage, tomato juice;
  • peaches;
  • soup with squash, fruit cocktail.
  • porridge porridge, cabbage lettuce, tea;
  • apples;
  • mashed potatoes and mushrooms, soy milk;
  • bananas;
  • stewed corn and beans, strawberry-banana cocktail.
  • porridge of millet and rice, rose hips;
  • soy yoghurt, avocado;
  • rice soup, cabbage salad, boiled potatoes;
  • pears;
  • vinaigrette, walnuts, ginger tea;
  • pumpkin puree with carrot juice;
  • tomatoes with onions green;
  • lean mushroom borsch, mint tea;
  • a mixture of dried fruits with nuts;
  • salad from boiled beets with cashew nuts, apricot juice.

Dish recipes

Recipes of dishes with a vegan diet:

Cauliflower soup

Separate, wash cabbage and carrots, pour boiling water, boil until cooked. Fry the flour with the addition of vegetable oil, add the broth of cabbage color. Add the dressing to the soup, cook for five minutes, add the sliced ​​greens.

Cucumbers soup

Clean, rub zucchini and cook in salted water for ten minutes. Fry the flour with the addition of vegetable oil, add the broth of zucchini. Add the dressing to the soup, cook for ten minutes, add the sliced ​​greens.


We clean, grind the potatoes on the grater, drain the juice, cut the onions. Mix onion, potatoes, flour. We fry sorghum on vegetable oil.