How to lose weight on an alkaline diet?


How to lose weight on an alkaline diet?

Experts developed a special diet based on alkaline products. Among those who tried it were such stars as Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. Judging by the impeccable appearance of actresses, this method of losing weight is very successful.

What is an alkaline diet and what are its basic principles of nutrition, we consider in the following material. Also, you will be presented with a list of acceptable foods and an approximate menu for a week, adhering to which you will reach maximum weight loss.

Alkaline diet for weight loss

Surely, this feeling is familiar to everyone, when the state of health worsens for no apparent reason. The reason is, and it is in the wrong nutrition, and more specifically – in the excessive use of acid-containing products. As a result, the accumulated acid in the body leads the human body to weakness.

In connection with the frequent cases of the above example, dieticians have developed a special alkaline diet. As you know, products containing alkali dissolve acid.

In addition, according to some information, the observance of the menu of methods contributes not only to losing weight, but also to stop the growth of kidney stones. In addition, this method of nutrition improves memory and good sleep. Let's look at the essence of the alkaline diet for a week.

What it is?

How to lose weight on an alkaline diet?

Acids accumulated in the body in excessive amounts, contribute to the formation of bacteria, resulting in a significant deterioration in human health. In this case, a special alkaline diet can help.

What is an alkaline diet? This is a food ration built on the restriction in acid-containing products. The daily ratio of these two substances is as follows:

Strict adherence to the menu will not only save your body from toxic substances, but also contribute to effective weight loss. So in a week you can reset to 5 kilogram.

First, let's get acquainted with the main principles of nutrition alkaline diet, without which you will not be able to achieve the desired results.

power Principles

How to lose weight on an alkaline diet?

Nutrition on an alkaline diet implies compliance with mandatory rules:

  • the permissible fruits and vegetables are preferable to use in raw form, since during cooking, some species are able to change their structure from alkaline to acidic;
  • the last meal – no later than 19: 00;
  • it is recommended to combine a diet with moderate physical activity.

The full course consists of three-week diet:

  • In the first week there is a complete cleansing of the body and rapid weight loss. During this period a person can feel an unusual weakness for himself in the body. This is absolutely normal. The diet should be discontinued only in case of serious deterioration of health;
  • The second week is designed to restore the acid-base balance in the body. During this time, your health will noticeably improve, and the heaviness in the stomach will stop worrying;
  • Third week is aimed at consolidating the results of losing weight.

Product List

How to lose weight on an alkaline diet?

An equally important principle of adherence to an alkaline diet is the proper selection of food. First, let's look at Food, which should be in the menu in moderate quantities:

Strongly recommended completely excluded from the menu alcoholic beverages and semi-finished products.

List recommended products for an alkaline diet is as follows:

  • all kinds of fruits;
  • all types of vegetables, in addition to cabbage;
  • dried fruits;
  • all berries, except cranberries and cranberries;
  • soybeans.

Sample menu for the week

How to lose weight on an alkaline diet?

Having become acquainted with the basic rules and lists of food products, we will proceed directly to compiling an approximate menu for the week. We provide you with an overview of your most effective dietary option. Alkaline diet for weight loss – menu for the week:

  • Breakfast: skimmed strawberry yogurt;
  • Lunch: stewed mushrooms with chicken meat – 200 g;
  • Dinner: boiled rice – 250
  • toast with melted cheese, a cup of coffee;
  • low-fat chicken soup;
  • boiled egg, grapefruit.
  • salad from cucumbers and tomatoes with low-fat sour cream, green tea;
  • stewed peppers with meat – 250 g;
  • boiled rice – 150
  • Toast with cheese and lean ham, orange juice;
  • ragout from zucchini and tomatoes, a glass of skimmed yogurt;
  • two boiled eggs.
  • apple-carrot puree, unsweetened tea;
  • 2-3 low-fat chicken cutlets;
  • baked pepper.
  • fruit salad with natural yoghurt;
  • stewed chicken meat – 200 g;
  • baked fish with greens.


Recipes for an alkaline diet contain a lot of useful vitamins, necessary for the body. Let's look at the most useful ones:

How to lose weight on an alkaline diet?Spring salad

Ingredients: 250 g cucumber, 150 g radish, 100 g of almonds, a handful of greens, a teaspoon of honey, half a lemon juice, a clove of garlic, a pinch of salt.

  • soak almonds in water and leave for 10 hours;
  • then grind with a blender, adding honey, salt, squeezed garlic and lemon juice;
  • pour all 150 ml of water and again thoroughly crush all ingredients in the blender;
  • wash and cut cucumber, radish and dill;
  • mix and season with the resulting sauce.

Salad of cucumbers and sweet pepper with pumpkin seeds

Ingredients: according to 200 g of cucumbers and pepper, 100 g of lettuce, pinch of greens, 50 g pumpkin seeds, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, a pinch of salt, 100 g of grated carrot.

  • cut vegetables and lettuce;
  • chop the greens;
  • then add pumpkin seeds;
  • salt and fill with vegetable oil.

How to lose weight on an alkaline diet?Fruit salad

Ingredients: half a kilo of strawberries and bananas, 400 g of peaches and kiwi, two apples, a tablespoon of honey.

  • wash, peel and cut fruit;
  • mix everything and season with honey.
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