How to lose weight on the sea


In the spring, many women and girls, anticipating the upcoming vacation, think about losing weight. And this is not surprising: everyone on the beach wants to shine, look the best. Therefore, long before the start of the holiday, women who want to lose excess pounds, start thinking out a plan for weight loss. Combine the rest at sea with the program of dumping excess weight is quite realistic, you just need to correctly allocate time and effort. The choice of the program is also important, because at sea you still want to practice not only exercise, but also enjoy your vacation.


Before the start of the holiday, prepare yourself for weight loss: go to a healthy balanced diet, remove fried, floury foods from the diet, rich in carbohydrates. Also, you should forget about the sweet soda water, even if in the summer heat you really want to take a sip. Not the best companion on the road to harmony will be alcohol – he is rich in calories, and a glass of beer for caloric content is equal to a vegetable salad. Make a choice in favor of salad, then directly on vacation you can start a program of full-fledged weight loss.

Meals on vacation

To lose weight at sea, it is extremely important to revise your daily menu, and leave is no exception. You can try to apply the beach diet, which consists of several stages:

  1. The first stage: 10 days we use mainly meat and fish products, exclude carbohydrates, use as much liquid as possible, for example, water, green tea. We cook the meat on the grill, cook or simmer, you can also bake in the oven. You can cook offal: liver, heart, tongue. Fried meat is excluded. The fish is suitable for everyone, but low-fat. You can boil it or bake it. A good addition to fish or meat will be a vegetable salad, you can eat a maximum of 2 eggs a day. The use of vegetable oils should be limited to two tablespoons a day.
  2. The second stage: we introduce in the diet rice, bread, pasta from solid varieties of wheat. The beach diet at this stage provides, in fact, a gradual introduction to the diet of conventional foods. Vegetables, fruits, fish and meat form the basis, boiled rice or pasta is served according to 100-200 grams. Bread use whole wheat or rye – baking from white refined flour is still banned. The second stage lasts until the loss of the planned number of kilograms.
  3. The third stage is a return to the normal diet of a woman. Diet on vacation should become a normal eating style, balanced and low-calorie. If you can forget about fried meat and potatoes, sweet pastries and carbonated drinks, chocolate and alcohol, harmony is assured.

How to lose weight on the sea

Physical exercises

All exercises can be performed at home, they require a little time, and the result will not be long in coming.


It is extremely important in the process of losing weight to exercise. For a beautiful press, there are several very simple, but quite effective exercises for which no shells are needed, but only a rug.

  1. Lifting the legs on the back. It repeats 10 times, after rest it is still the same.
  2. Exercises for a beautiful belly are twisting with the lifting of the legs. Performing lying on the back, the ankles should be parallel to the floor, hands behind the head. It also runs 10 times, after a short break – more 10 approaches.
  3. A bike. This is all familiar from childhood exercises, although not so effective for actually inflating the press, but it helps to remove excess from the sides. Runs in two sets of 10 minutes.

Slender legs are the dream of every woman. When excess pounds start to go, the muscles of the legs should be supported by physical exercises, so that they do not lose elasticity and do not become flabby. Exercises for slender legs can be carried out by everyone – they do not require special training.

  1. Squats. Keep your back straight, set your legs apart to the width of your shoulders, hands on your waist. Squatting, try not to tilt the body forward. Start with two approaches 5 times. Over time, you can perform 15 squats for two times with a little rest.
  2. Makhi legs and side lift of the legs. These exercises are suitable not only for strengthening the muscles of the legs, but also for the press. We rely on the edge of the table or chair, the back is even, and we lift the legs alternately to the side or back. We implement two approaches in 25 times.
  3. Scissors. Lying on the floor, hands under the head, we raise our legs perpendicular to the floor and cross them. The exercise is not easy, so you can start with five crosses, eventually bringing their number to 25 for two approaches.

How to lose weight on the sea

To have slender legs, exercises for a week must perform all of the above, as they act on different muscle groups. Start with a few exercises, gradually bringing their number to the maximum possible number. Do not forget to rest between approaches. It helps to restore breathing and heart activity. It will help you to properly perform exercises for slender legs video, detailing the process of implementation, the right attitude and the number of approaches.


Harmonous special exercises designed to strengthen them and burn fat on this part of the body will also help to make hips. Exercises for hips look like this.

  1. Squats with a delay are exercises for the inner thigh. We put the feet on the width of the shoulders, put our hands on the hips and perform squats. We sit for a few seconds in the sitting position. We execute 15-20 times on the 2-3 approach. To increase the effectiveness of the exercise, you can take dumbbells in your hands.
  2. All sorts of swing legs – exercises for the hips and buttocks. The mahi can be performed lying or leaning on a chair or table. The number of flies is 20-30 times, you can make an 2-3 approach.
  3. Running on the spot. If there is a treadmill at home, you can do the exercises on it. Running on the floor is also great.
  4. Jumping on the rope. Perform on 30-50 jumps, depending on the degree of preparation. Do not forget about rest between approaches.

All exercises at sea should not be performed in hot heat, but in the morning. Do not forget also that after eating and before the start of training should take at least one hour. Any training involves the use of a large amount of fluid, and the summer – and even more so. Mineral non-carbonated water, ice tea, mors will perfectly cope with the task of restoring water balance in the body after intense physical activity.

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