How to pump the biceps at home and in the hall?

How to pump the biceps? This question does not give rest to the majority of visitors to gyms. Everyone wants to pump biceps like Arnold, and maybe more. It so happened that it is these muscles that are associated with the enormous strength and excellent physical form of their owner. Indeed, nothing attracts attention in a man like pumped and sculptured muscles of the hands. However, few people can boast of truly large biceps hands. Therefore, today I decided to tell in detail about the fact, how to pump the biceps at home and in the gym. But first things first.

How to pump the biceps at home

According to statistics, the question of how to pump the biceps at home is asked much more often than the question of how to pump the biceps in the gym. The fact that pumping the biceps at home is much more difficult than in the hall. In addition, in the hall you can ask how to pump the biceps from the coach or more experienced athletes. If you train at home, then no one will tell you how to properly pump the bicep. All the information has to be obtained independently.

However, the biggest problem is that your home is not a gym, which has all the necessary equipment and sports equipment for effective training. Unless you have your own home gym. As a rule, most often there is a pair of dumbbells and a bar. Believe me, if you have absolutely nothing for training at home, then it is unlikely that you will be able to pump the biceps with push-ups from the floor.

In order to pump up muscles, the weight of the body itself is not enough. It is necessary to perform exercises for muscles with free weights and gradually increase the load. If you do not even have a pair of collapsible dumbbells and a horizontal bar, then do not waste time and do not ask yourself how to pump the biceps at home. Go to the gym or try to get the necessary sports equipment for home workouts. Now let's get to the point.

Training of the biceps at home will be held twice a week at intervals of 3-4 days. In the gym it is common to train the muscle group not more often than 1 times a week. However, whatever one may say, training at home is less intense than training in the gym. In addition, the biceps arm is a small muscle group. Therefore, it takes much less time to restore it than to restore the muscles of the legs or back.

Training biceps should not be monotonous and monotonous. The routine kills the desire to train. Therefore, in order to diversify our training process, the first training will be aimed at developing strength, and the second for increasing muscle mass. Increasing muscle mass through increased strength is the best concept of progress for the straight. The development of muscle strength is a springboard for the subsequent increase in muscle mass.


  1. Pulling up with a back grip (with weights) 3×5-6
  2. Dumbbell lifts sitting with supination 3×5-6
  3. Hammers with dumbbells 3×5-6
  1. Pulling up a narrow grip 3×10-12
  2. Lifting dumbbells standing with supination 3×8-10
  3. Concentrated folds from dumbbells 3×8-10

How to pump the biceps in the gym

As mentioned above, to pump the biceps in the gym is much easier than at home. Therefore, the question of how to pump the biceps, most often asked by beginners who are engaged in the home or for the first time came to the gym. However, very few people train the biceps correctly. And even more advanced athletes sometimes make mistakes, blindly copying the champion's training programs. So how to properly pump the biceps?

Typically, the training of the biceps is held once a week after training the chest or back. Some athletes work out the biceps along with the triceps, allocating a separate day for training the hands. In fact, it is best to train the biceps in conjunction with a large group of muscles. For example, the biceps with back, legs or with pectoral muscles. And, first you need to train large muscle groups, then small ones. This is the best scheme for building a workout for the straight.

Why should the training of the biceps follow after the training of a large muscular group? The fact is that intensive training of large muscle groups contributes to the production and release into the blood of a large number of natural anabolic hormones, without which there can be no question of increasing muscle mass. If you train only the biceps of the hands, forgetting about training large muscle groups, then it is unlikely that you will be able to pump large biceps. This is especially true for athletes who train without pharmacological support.

Personally, I prefer to train the biceps after training the chest or back in a three-day split. In order to pump large biceps, it does not need to do a lot of exercises to work out the muscle from different angles. Enough 2-3 exercises on the biceps for the 3-4 approach in each. The number of repetitions from 6 to 12. Rest between sets of 90-120 seconds. Between exercises 3-5 minutes. It is necessary to allow the muscles to recover between approaches and exercises in order to work with large weights.

If training the biceps at home is done twice a week, then, given the total amount of force, training the biceps in the gym should not be more than 1 times a week. At each workout, try to do more or slightly increase the working weight. Progression of the load is the key to success!


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