How to pump the triceps at home and in the gym?

Quite frankly, few people are interested in how to pump the triceps, because the absolute majority of visitors to gyms and homebrews are more interested in how to pump the biceps. Nevertheless, it is the triceps arm muscle that makes up most of the arm volume. Therefore, if you want to pump up large muscles of the hands, then triceps training should be your first priority. Next, I'll tell you how to pump the triceps in the gym and at home.

Triceps is a small muscle group, which is best trained in conjunction with a large muscle group. Therefore, most often the triceps workout is performed after training the chest, back or legs. Sometimes triceps and biceps are shaken in one day, but this option is suitable only for advanced athletes using pharmacological support.

With natural training, as mentioned above, it is better to train the triceps in conjunction with a large group of muscles, as during the development of large muscle massives, the production of natural anabolic hormones and growth factors is stimulated. Personally, I prefer to train triceps after training the muscles of the chest or back, depending on the version of the three-day training program, which I train for a long time.

The frequency of triceps training depends on a variety of individual factors, among which you can select the level of training and experience of training the athlete, the scheme and intensity of training, restorative abilities and so on.

As a rule, newcomers, who are engaged in the program for the whole body, can train triceps from 2 to 3-x once a week, every other day. More experienced athletes are recommended to pump the triceps not more than 1 times in 5-7 days. The main thing is that the next training should be at the peak of supercompensation, when your muscles are fully restored and become slightly stronger and bigger.

How to pump the triceps in the gym?

We have already considered when and how often to train the triceps. Now let's take a closer look at how to properly pump the triceps in the gym. So, the triceps brachium muscles consist of three heads: lateral, medial and long. And although all three beams work simultaneously, however, depending on the position of the body and elbows, the stress of the load, as a rule, falls on one of the heads.

From this it follows that in order to fully pump the triceps, it is necessary to perform at least 2-3 exercises, which stress the load on different muscle heads. Personally, I always start triceps workout with a heavy base exercise – bench press with a narrow grip or triceps push-ups on the uneven bars with additional weights.

As you know, basic exercises with large working scales include the greatest number of muscle fibers and maximally effectively increase muscle mass and strength. After completing the 3-4 approach for 6-8 repetitions, I "finish" the triceps with a French bench press or an extension of the arm with a dumbbell from behind the head. In this position, when the elbows are above the head, the main load falls on the long head of the triceps. Typically, it is enough to perform an 2-3 approach on 8-10 repetitions to achieve muscle failure. At this training triceps in the gym is complete.

How to pump the triceps at home?

Of course, to pump the triceps in the hall is much easier. Therefore, many are interested in the question of how to pump the triceps at home. This task is not simple, but it is possible. To do this, you will need, as a minimum, collapsible dumbbells. By the way, exercises with dumbbells at home will help you not only pump triceps, but also other muscle groups.

As a basic exercise on the triceps at home, we will perform push-ups from the floor with a narrow grip (elbows are pressed to the trunk) or triceps push-ups on the beams, if you have bars at home or in the yard. At the first stage, there will be enough push-ups with the own weight of the 3-4 approach for 20-12 repetitions. Then, to stimulate the growth of muscle mass and strength, it will be necessary to perform push-ups with additional weight. Here, the number of repetitions in the approach will have to be reduced to 8-12 times.

After the basic exercise it is necessary to pump the triceps with dumbbells, performing either a dumbbell press because of the head, or extending the arm with a dumbbell from behind the head, or extending the arm with a dumbbell standing in the slope. It is enough to execute 2-3 approach on 8-12 repetitions. After training, properly stretch the muscles and give them time for proper rest and recovery, providing all the necessary nutrients for muscle growth.

So we figured out how to pump the triceps at home and in the gym. If you have any questions, write in the comments. I wish you good luck and good health!


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