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How to pump your biceps: 4 training programs

Large, muscular biceps with a clear top are the dream of many athletes . They spend countless hours of grueling training in the gym. The following exercises will help you to pump impressively raised biceps!

Who can blame us? When you hear: "Show the muscles," the biceps are the first to come to mind. It is this muscle that always causes surprise and admiration, for example, on the beach, if you strain it to the limit. During the eventing triathlon, impressive biceps are not really needed, but at the contest of bodybuilders they play a huge role, because without them there can not be a proportional and harmonious body.

Even if you are not going to perform on stage, you still need good biceps. What's the use of a pumped chest and a broad back if you have weak hands?

Overtraining is one of the biggest mistakes to be made when pumping muscles, and most often it concerns biceps. Athletes spend one hour per workout, following the approach of bending hands with a barbell, dumbbells, and bending on the simulator and block to get the desired result. Many of these exercises are performed without any sense, and you, at best, just waste time. Hoping to pump up muscles, many make programs thoughtlessly and as horrible.

In this article, I'll tell you how to pump your biceps. The choice of exercises, repetition schemes, the amount of training, the procedure for performing exercises and the intervals between rest periods have a huge impact on the result. Therefore, take a sip of the protein cocktail and proceed!

Although it seems that there is nothing complicated in the biceps, it consists of two muscles that perform double functions (hence the name "biceps").

The biceps brachialis muscle: This muscle makes up most of the biceps and consists of two heads that start at different places on the shoulder blade. The heads are connected to a radial bone, which can be rotated. The main function of the biceps is flexion of the elbow and supination (turning outward) of the forearm. It is assisted by the shoulder and brachial muscles (mainly the muscle of the forearm).

Shoulder Muscle: begins closer to the middle of the upper arm in front (humerus). It passes through the shoulder joint and is attached to the upper part of the ulna. The main function is bending the elbow. Since this muscle is attached to the ulna, which does not rotate, it participates only in bending the elbow, but not in supination.

Pumping impressively raised biceps!

Now that you know about the anatomy and mechanisms of movement, let's figure out how to pump the biceps. Presented movements and exercises are designed to obtain the maximum result for each visit to the gym. Remember that you always need to use the right technique and do not raise too much weight to not risk your safety.

Bending of arms with a barbell and dumbbells

To increase the total mass and strength of the biceps, there is nothing better than the good old bending of hands with a barbell and dumbbells. Grasp the bar with the grip on the width of the shoulders and press the elbows to the sides. Hold the bar tight, but do not squeeze too hard, because it will distract your attention from the biceps. Bend your hands with a bar with a full range of movements and do not rest at the top. Squeeze the muscles, then go back to the starting position.

To perform bending of hands with dumbbells (which additionally involve the shoulder muscle) in the starting position, stand with your hands dumbbells along the body, the thumb should look down. Bend your hands while suppinging your wrists – turn until the thumbs at the top of the exercise look outward, and your palms – up. Squeeze the muscles in the upper point, then lower your hands to the starting position.

Standard hand flexion on the block (standing in front of a simulator with blocks and performing movements like flexing with a bar) is a great way to diversify the program. Thanks to the principle of their action of flexion on the blocks, they emphasize the upper point of the exercise, providing more intensive muscle contraction.

Bending of hands on Scott's bench with a barbell, bent neck and dumbbells

To really make the bottom of the biceps work, you just need to bend your hands on Scott's bench. Make sure that you use the full amplitude of the movements – fully up to the maximum contraction and completely down to full stretching. Pay special attention to the top part of the exercise – too many athletes like to rest at the top point. Do not do this. Instead, squeeze the muscles without lowering the load, and immediately lower the load. Try not to use too much burdening, because bending your hands on Scott's bench can be a bit dangerous because of the strict technique of doing this exercise. In addition, if you are working with a straight neck, your wrists are sore, try using a bent wrist.

To perform the bending of the hands on Scott's bench with dumbbells, sit on the bench slightly sideways for convenience. Make sure that at the top of the exercise the muscles contract as intensively as when flexing with the bar. An additional plus option with dumbbells – you can rotate the dumbbell so that the little finger was closer to the shoulder and achieve an even stronger muscle contraction.

In many gyms there is a special simulator for performing flexions, which repeats the movements of the exercise "Bending of hands with a bar on a Scott's bench". Exercises on this simulator are an excellent addition at the end of the standard program, if you want to properly "pump" the biceps.

Tip: As a final exercise, do the following: after muscle failure for complete repetitions, try partial pumping in the upper third of the movement until you can not move the load at all. Your biceps will beg for mercy!

Simulator Smith is best used in the middle or the end of the workout, when the muscles are already tired and so the balance and correct technique of performing the exercises are important.

Bending of arms with a barbell and dumbbells with an inclination forward

The bending of the arms in the slope is very similar to the bending on the Scott bench. Just stand up, lean chest against the pillow, on which you usually put your elbows. Hands will hang down on the other side of the pillow. Take the barbell with a light or moderate weighting grip on the width of the shoulders and bend your arms up, feeling how your muscles contract. Lower the load back so that the arms are completely perpendicular to the floor.

The advantage of flexing the arms with a forward slope compared to the flexing on the Scott bench is the constant muscle tension, especially at the top point. During the performance of bending hands with a forward tilt, you can not rest when your arms are bent and the bar is at the top.

The bending of the arms in tilt with dumbbells is the same as bending the arms with dumbbells on the Scott bench. Remember that the muscles must be constantly tense, and try not to rest at the lowest point. You can get from this exercise a maximum even with light or moderate weight.

Tip: A great opportunity to update the usual exercise a bit – 21 repetition! Take a lighter weight than usual and perform seven repetitions from the low point to the middle, then seven repetitions from the middle to the top point, and finally seven complete repetitions to complete the approach. Your biceps just bellow!

Bending of hands with dumbbells on a bench with a positive slope

Arnold Schwarzenegger's favorite exercise is bending hands with dumbbells on a bench with a positive slope. This is an unbeatable tool for stretching muscles and building a muscle abdomen with a top. Adjust the bench by about 45 degrees (or slightly higher if you are doing the exercise for the first time). Lay your back on the bench so that the shoulders touch its surface (many athletes make a mistake and lean forward) and lower down the straight arms with medium-weight dumbbells.

Some of these exercises are slightly isolated, so do not take a lot of burdens, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

In the initial position, thumbs look down. Bending and raising his hands with dumbbells, supine them, as when doing bendings with dumbbells standing. Make sure that you bend your hands along the body and do not lift your shoulders from the bench. Completely bend your hands, squeeze the muscles, then lower your hands to the starting position.

Tip: In order to force the muscles to work even more intensively, try to perform hand bending on the blocks on a bench with a positive slope. Install the D-shaped handles on the pulley at the floor and place the bench in front of the machine so that you sit with your back to it. Perform folding first with one hand, then the other. Constant tension accurately pumps your muscles!

Concentrated flexions, which are usually left at the end of the workout, are an excellent exercise if you want to pump up the top of the bicep. Sit on the edge of the bench, lean forward with a dumbbell and lean your elbow on the inside of the thigh. Bend the arm with the dumbbell to the shoulder and squeeze the muscles. Again, do not use too much weight. It's not the time to take heavy dumbbells and swing them from side to side.

Use a weight that you can lift and that you can control, and perform a moderate number of repetitions. Do not lift the weight, helping yourself with the shoulder, it should remain stationary, while the biceps will perform all the work.

Tip: You can also perform concentrated bending in the standing position, although they are a little more complicated and require more skill. Bend at the waist and lower the dumbbell so that it is a few centimeters from the floor. Bend the weight to the shoulder, keeping the upper part of the arm still. Do not approach the elbow to the body and make sure that it always looks strictly down. Feel how the biceps squeezes into the knot at the top point, then lower your arm to its original position.

This exercise with a double function is perfect for both forearm development and for pumping the top of the biceps. Lower the dumbbells (grip with the thumb on top) along the trunk. Without suppinging your wrist, bend your arm, and your wrist should remain motionless (hammer-style movement). Bend your arm up, squeeze the muscles and return to the starting position. These flexions can be performed with both hands simultaneously or in turn.

Tip: Many athletes perform this exercise in a slightly different form. Start in the same position when you bend your arms, pull the dumbbells out through the body to the opposite shoulder, keeping the upper part of the arm still. Change hands on each repetition. Many claim that in this version, the muscles contract more strongly, and that it is more comfortable for the wrists.

Do one of the following 1-2 complexes once a week so that there is a break between them for at least 4 days between them to ensure maximum results. You can alternate exercises and choose the ones that suit you the most.

Note: follow the 2 approach for 10-15 repetitions of the first exercise with easy or moderate weighting in order to warm up the muscles.

Hello! I only need 15, but I need to practice, thanks for the information provided.

Good afternoon. To me 18 years, after reading this article, I managed to increase the size of the hands by 7cm. Thank you very much.

I go to the hall a month, I 17, the growth of 172, I go to the hall every day and all alternate day of shoulders, day of triceps and biceps, breast day, back day from this will result? Thanks for the answer)

Greetings. What should be the average progress during the inflation of the biceps for a month? For example, now I lift the barbell to the biceps standing 20 kg 8 times. In general, approximately the scheme is 20×8, 19×8, 18×8. That is, with each new approach I shoot on 1 kg to perform 8 repetitions. Pause 1 minute. What should be the normal progress through 1 month without a pharma? For example, 23×8 in the first approach? Vader has a program that starts with 3-x approaches on 8 repetitions, but with the same weight. When the repetitions reach 3×12, you should add the weight to start again with 3×8. But he does not say that we need to lose weight. That is, to implement the last approach to 8 repetitions, the first approach is to do not to the extreme repetition, but with a reserve of forces. Therefore, I think that if I vary scales, what would be the necessary number of repetitions to do with the last limit, then I correctly act.

I want to increase the biceps .17 years help to make the program.

I 17 years, weight 55 kg, height 173 see. Especially once did not swing, so I decided to take up the job . There is 10 kg dumbbell. Tell me where to start .

It is necessary to do base necessarily!

Hello! At me a question: my weight 98 kg, I want to pump up a relief form, what weight should work? Thank you.

Z6 years. 174. 75. He began studying in October, increasing gradually. load.

1. Bar 20 kg per biceps, 10 rept.

2. Bar 40 kg. Bench press. 10 ref.

3. Push-up. 10 ref.

4. Pancakes by 5 kg. I take it, raise it in front of me, bend at the elbows 90 grad., And I follow the trail. Movement: I spread it to the sides, then I take it down. 15 ref.

5. On the floor I shake the press. 10 ref.

6. I pull myself up on the bar. W rep.

7. I squat with a bar 20 kg. 10 ref.


All this every day.

In general, the goal: to build muscle, g.o. biceps. Is there a prospect? What do you advise?

Without rest and recovery there will be a constant overtraining effect.

On Crossfit it is more similar (only rest between approaches to remove :)) So muscles to not increase.

hello, I have such a question, what muscles are pumped up when you raise your hand up? Well, first I bend my arm at the elbow, then I lift it up, it gives some sense.

You bend at the elbow-biceps, lift-shoulder (front delta)

When the arm is raised, the muscles of the shoulder girdle work.

and if you shine the training completely biceps and do

1bearing rod for biceps

2 lifting dumbbell for biceps sitting

3 scotte with a curved barbell

4 transverse dumbbell lifting on an incline bench

5 concentrated biceps sitting

7 lifting dumbbells on the bench at an angle lying down

will he really be such a training on the biceps

Almost none! unless you are a chemist by an adult. I advise you to read a series of books by Kurt Brungardt! it helps me!

The sense of this training will be very small.

and what posovutuete and what exercises?

In this article, all the exercises on the biceps are painted and 4 programs are shown. Choose any of your taste. Or are they not satisfied with something?

And for girls, the exercises on the biceps are more than different?

For girls all the same, only the number of repetitions can be increased to 15.

Weight 60, I perform exercises on the biceps 2 times a week. I make concentrated bendings on the biceps sitting, hammer, lifting dumbbells while standing. I follow the 3 approach with the weight of 10-12 kg (10 first approach) for 8-12 repetitions. I consume protein about 90-100 grams per day. I'm engaged in a month, I'm thin, my height is 178. The biceps do not grow in breadth, only the peak, but the peak has grown well, has taken shape. Perhaps something will be advised or continue in the same spirit.

want to pump up your hands – kick your feet ©

For a month nothing will grow

And besides the biceps, is there anything else you "rock"?

Without basic exercises can not do.

Lifting the rod to the biceps c cheating is one of the best exercises for weight and thickness, you can try it.

Say, lifting dumbbells with a hammer indicated 5 approaches for 5 repetitions. This is for both hands, if alternating bench presses or on each hand for 5 repetitions?

On each hand for 5 repetitions.

but as you need to swing, all the time doing the same thing well, for example, on top of the biceps and all or need to rent them ?? Well for example in one day we do only on top and on another on width and so on.

I read that if you swing in the evening, then the muscles are almost not growing. (Do you think there is any sense in swinging the clock in 5 vechera ??

there is. I had time to swing only in the evening at 17 hours so the muscles and vostanovitsya were in time and grew normally in general for half a year from the drift turned into a cultivist

Thanks, all is intelligible and understandable)

but you can s11 years to swing.

guys, but if I make myself such a cocktail: 200 g milk, 4 repetitive eggs, honey (1 tablespoon) and I use 3 once a day after a small meal, I do it every day, but I warm up the body more, and I do 3 a few times a week with the right technique. I 17, weight 59 kg, tell me this cocktail will help me in an increase to muscle mass?

Depends on the rest of the diet, for a set of muscle mass you need about 200g protein and 3000 kcal per day.

Do not listen to anyone! if you want to increase the biceps then work with a tango, the dumbbell gives the biceps only a relay. you need to work with such weights that swing. you could do 8 times in three ways. the day of training biceps not to do more than three exercises, do not swing more than two times a week! all good luck in the sport

Schwarzenegger biceps swung mainly dumbbells. One only does not pump up the barbell, the muscles quickly get used to a uniform load. It is necessary to constantly try different exercises and change the number of approaches and repetitions.

Zdrastvujte.Podskazhite please how and what do the exercises on the biceps so that he grew at the bottom?

I on a horizontal bar pumped, half was pulled and all.

Well, how many repetitions and approaches you can solve with weight. Swings pretty pretty well.

Guys how to train properly with dumbbells?

So did I understand that it is necessary to make an approach to the total mass then to the top, the relief and the thickness, and after the start immediately start a new approach? Or do you pause after each approach?

And do not tell me which is better to take the weight of dumbbells with the growth of 171 and the weight of 66 kg? Before that, I just wriggled every day and lifted dumbbells in 5 kg to the biceps standing, but in one approach for 50 repetitions, read your site, I realized that I probably suffered nonsense ^^

Choose the purpose of training, mass / relief / strength of the biceps. Then according to the program for the purpose. At the same time, it is wrong to do exercises for all purposes and it is not possible.

Do not forget about the rest of the muscles, the biceps will not grow apart from everything else.

And can you mix the program?

Take all the exercises here with dumbbells and take turns doing each exercise. Since there are only dumbbells in 10 kg = (Will there be any benefit from this and whether it is correct to do this, and in addition to this push-ups and employment for the press?

the muscles get used to the scales, so after a month of training you should increase weights and approaches, and naturally exercise, then you can return to the same exercise

me 18) if for example to do, 3-4 approach, with the peak weight for me (with which for example I do only 10-12 povoreny) is this normal? if so, how many times do it? and does it still have to increase the weight? Thank you in advance for the answer)))

and before that .. I just did it .. and 4-5 approaches, for 20-30 repetitions in each) I understand it was not right (

it's normal to increase weight by little

A large amount of biceps can be achieved only under one condition-this muscle must be strong! Do not immediately take up the increase in volume. First make the muscles strong. The volume of the hands is the consequence of its strength. Begin to gain strength, that is, follow 4-5 approaches with 3 -4 repetitions. But the working weight should be the most extreme for you. Here, the "faulty technique" works very well: do 3-4 repetition with the maximum weight yourself, then 2-3 again with the help of a partner. By adhering to these rules, you quickly enough gain strength, that n invariably entail massy.Kak muscle gains will only make yourself strong muscles, go to the exercises for weight set.

I swing biceps and triceps according to the 3 approach for 20 repetitions of dumbbells in 10kg plus I perform the 100 pushup program. Biceps and triceps I shake through the day and push-ups every day for 40 times. I'm 18 years old, my weight is above 85 kg and the height is 193cm. whether so to pump muscles. Please advise how quickly and effectively to pump the biceps and triceps.Zaranee thanks))))

To increase muscle mass, you need to do 8-12 repetitions in each approach. In this case, the weight should be the maximum with which you can perform all approaches.

A friend of my 8-12 repetitions is a rude statement, in general it is necessary to implement the approach to failure for 20-30 seconds when working on mass, if you have time to execute for this time, the approach to failure can be 5 and 6 and 15 and 20 repetitions do)))

that is, I do not even see a small result.

No, the result will be, but it is unlikely to pump large banks without lifting large weights.

Exactly! Weight gain will be in case of serious working weight, training with weight from 10 to 40 kg will not give anything. From this and the conclusion that for the growth of the mass of hands, I doubt that everyone wants only the biceps, it is necessary to devote all the attention to the tales of the legs, back, pectorals, deltas, trapezoids, since you yourself think what your hands are attached to? From this and we need to proceed. Rock reasonably 🙂

and if you increase the weight of the dumbbell to 35 kg. a couple of cm can be pumped bicep and triceps.

and if 3 approach on 10 repetitions with a dumbbell in 10kg do without any difficulties, then whether it is necessary to increase the weight of dumbbells for further development and pumping of the biceps.

Zdrastvujte, I am still in iron pulling rookie, and I would like to know the following: I am doing so far exercises for the total mass of the biceps, the weights are not so heavy, so I try instead of 10, each according to 20. After training, the biceps do not hurt at all, the hands do not get tired practically, they exhale themselves. This is normal? Vsmysle will the result of such training?

My friend! Those who say that without muscle strength, muscles grow, or get bored, or on serious farm support. If you train without pharma, the muscle strength is what you should be doing in your training! Specifically, to revise first of all the technique, working weight, the number of repetitions, approaches and exercises. Personally, after my back training, back crepatorite (pleasant muscle pain during contraction) 3-4 days! Do the right conclusions and train wisely 🙂

If the hands do not get tired, then there will be no progress. You have reached a certain limit, your body can hardly bear the ascent to the bisebse, you need to strengthen the stamina of the whole organism, you need to do sit-ups with a barbell at least 3 approach for 8 repetitions once a week and you will have the strength to pump the biceps to the limit. The weight of the rod is extreme, do not forget to do warm-up squats before the main ones.

Is it worth changing the number of repetitions from a workout to a workout and can there be a speed of execution? Do not get used to the muscles and will not stop in development if each time to stick to one tactic.

Is there any sense in alternating workouts at the top of the biceps and width? let's say the first to the top, in 5 days to the width, well, and so on

you need to constantly experiment, so dare

and whether it is possible to swing biceps and triceps at once.

Yes, it's called a superset.

Not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. Combining the loads on the biceps and triceps in one workout gives excellent results.

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