How to pump your shoulders with dumbbells and a barbell at home

How to correctly and quickly make your shoulders bulky and embossed. The technique of training will help to achieve a good result both at home and in the gym.

The deltoid muscle, which must be trained to get a round form of the shoulders, consists of three bundles: the front, middle, rear. Each exercise should include all the beams in the work, only a comprehensive development of the muscle will make the shape of the shoulder correct. It is important not only the correct composition of the program, but also the technique and the degree of workload.

Despite the training of the athlete and the weight of the equipment, it is necessary to begin training with a warm-up. Even exercising without equipment, there is a risk of injury in the form of stretching muscles or ligaments. It is also important to warm up all the joints, so start training with jogging for 7-10 minutes, or warm-up the joints in place.

Be sure to perform circular rotation with your hands and stretching the deltoid and other muscles of the shoulder – the biceps and triceps, as they also take on some of the load. Another stretch is recommended at the end of the session, it will help restore and grow new muscle fibers.

The main requirements for training

The main condition for muscle growth is the correct load and work regime, in this case for weight gain, also nutrition before and after training – obtaining the necessary nutrients. As for the load, to increase the volume of muscles, you need to perform an approach on 8-12 repetitions. This means that the load should be maximum, and the ability to perform an exercise with this weight does not exceed 12 times. Only in this case the muscles begin to grow. Over 15 repetitions, volumes, on the contrary, will start to go away.

Knowing the main requirements for muscle growth, it follows that you can not pump up muscle without weight, and if you are told this, be aware that this is a myth. You have to provide the weight exactly to the extent that you can perform the specified number of times, no more. Working with a small or own weight will only bring the muscles into a tonus, but not increase their volume. You can use improvised means instead of dumbbells – six liter bottles, chairs, anything, if only this weight was noticeable for you. Such training is suitable for beginners.

Perform this exercise better only trained people. Without physical training, you can not technically hold the body, there is a risk of injury. So be careful.

  1. To simplify the technique, put the feet on a hill, for example, a sofa. Hands flatten on one line with the body.
  2. The arms are wider than the shoulders, the body forms a right angle.
  3. Breathe: bending arms, lowering the body, elbows go to the sides, forming a right angle. Head tends, but does not touch the floor.
  4. Exhalation: we wring out our hands due to the strength of the shoulders and triceps. We return to the original.

Perform 12 push-ups on the 4 approach.

In this version, only the rear beams of the deltas are involved, so one push-ups for the muscle are not enough. But in home training for the back delta, as one option, the exercise is permissible.

  1. Take the emphasis lying, place the palms under the shoulders, holding the waist without sagging.
  2. Breathe: we lower the chest lower to the floor, bending arms, elbows are pressed to the body.
  3. Exhalation: push up, bending your elbows.

We perform 12 repetitions according to the 4 approach.

Complex exercises with a bar in the home

Exercise develops front and middle deltoid beams. The weight of the bar is regulated with the help of small pancakes, gaining the necessary load. Exercise is performed while standing.

  1. We place the palms on the neck with a narrow grip, connecting the thumbs in the center – this will be the grip meter.
  2. Exhalation: pull the bar along the body, elbows we pass through the sides. Bringing the neck to the chin, elbows slightly rise slightly above the shoulder joints.
  3. Inhale: without a jerk, gently lower the neck, straightening the elbows.

Perform the 4 approach on 8-12 times.

It is performed sitting or standing, the main thing is that the loin does not bend, and the body does not swing. Exercise trains the front and middle delta.


  1. Grasp the bar with a wide grip, bending the elbows, we place the bar near the collarbone.
  2. The elbows are looking down, the chin is slightly raised.
  3. Exhalation: squeeze the bar in front of him, completely straightening his elbows over his head.
  4. Breathe: slowly lower the neck to the collarbones.

Perform without jerks by 8-12 times, depending on the weight of the bar. Total 4 approach.

In this variant, the middle and posterior beams of the deltoid muscle are used. Also performed sitting or standing.

  1. We place the neck on the upper part of the trapezius muscle, hold the bar with a wide grip. When lifting, the elbows must pass through a right angle.
  2. Exhalation: squeeze the neck up, elbows look to the sides. At the top the bar is above the head, not moving forward or back.
  3. Inhale: gently lower the neck, without touching the cervical vertebrae.

Perform also up to 12 times, in total 4 approach.

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Complex with dumbbells for wide shoulders

One of the most effective exercises for deltas. You can perform standing, to ease the load on the back – sitting.

  1. We take dumbbells, we place above the shoulder joints, but without touching. The elbows are bent, they look down, without touching the case.
  2. Exhale: squeeze dumbbells above your head, straightening your elbows.
  3. Breathe: smoothly lowered to the starting position, without touching the shoulders.

As usual, perform 4 × 8-12 repetitions.

Machs are performed either with two hands simultaneously, or alternately, to simplify the complexity. In the exercise, the front delta works in isolation.

/> Technique:

  1. Place the palms with dumbbells on the front of the hips, the elbows slightly bent.
  2. Exhalation: At the same time, we carry out the dumbbells in front of us, lifting just above the shoulders. The case does not swing.
  3. Breathe: gently lower the dumbbells to the hips.

Rest between sets of approaches 1-2 minutes, and so 4 approach on 12 machhes on each hand.

Exercise uses only the rear delta. Take small dumbbells, since the exercise is quite complicated, first try to work out the technique.

  1. From the standing position, we tilt the forward body forward, keeping the back straight, arms hang freely, knees slightly bent.
  2. Exhalation: perform flies through the sides, slightly bending the elbows. The dumbbells are raised to the level of the shoulder joints.
  3. Inhale: gently lower the dumbbells to the starting point.

Perform 12 times, sensing the operation of the back beams of the shoulder. Also 4 approach.

To your attention exercises with dumbbells on shoulders:

Another important condition for muscle growth is a timely and balanced diet. With a lack of nutrients, muscle growth becomes impossible.

Principles of nutrition for weight gain:

  • the diet should contain a sufficient number of complex carbohydrates (cereals, cereals);
  • mandatory consumption of building material for muscle protein (eggs, lean meat, seafood and sour-milk products);
  • six meals a day;
  • eating food for 40 minutes after exercise, thus closing the protein-carbohydrate window needed to build new fibers.

Video lesson from the champion of the category Mens physicist – "How to quickly pump broad shoulders":

Do not exercise for more than an hour to not lose muscle mass. Training deltas is enough 2 times a week, to restore these muscles you need 2-3 days, so do not load every day. Between the sets rest on 2 minutes. The main thing is to eat right and exercise regularly.

Is it possible to do similar exercises to nursing mothers?

Hello! I'll tell you honestly, to pump up shoulders with dumbbells is the most effective way for muscle growth. I recommend it to you!

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