How to quickly lose weight for 3 days on 4 kg


Sometimes there are such events, when we should look just on top. An example of this is wedding celebrations, sudden trips to the seas, etc. But your figure, unfortunately, is not as perfect as you would like. And to look at all one hundred percent, you urgently need to lose weight on 3 – 4 kg. Is it possible to do this in just 3 days and how?

Of course, you can lose weight for 3 days, but not the fact that the achieved results will be preserved for a long time. After the express slimming requires a strict restriction of daily caloric content to 1000 or less, which leads to the introduction of the organism in great stress and it simply can not respond to it normally. All this leads to the appearance of various diseases, but at the same time burning of the fat layer as such does not occur, even despite such a low daily caloric value.

In total for 3 days, consuming about 1000 kcal, you can lose 300 grams of fat. The remaining kilograms are only excess fluid and intestinal contents, and therefore they return very quickly.

Therefore, to expect a lasting result from such diets is not worth it. However, if you need to lose weight quickly for 3 days, you can still use them. So, let's move on to the basic rules of effective weight loss in such a short time.

How to quickly lose weight for 3 days on 4 kg

How do I reset 4 kg for 3 days?

If you need to lose weight urgently on 3 kg in just 3 days, then the most reliable and effective method is the use of mono-diet. These are nutrition programs that involve the use of a single low-calorie product for several days.

An example of this is rice and buckwheat diet. Groats are cooked until ready in the usual way (only without salt, butter and other spices and flavor enhancers), and then eaten all day long for 5 – 6 receptions.

There are also cucumber and apple diets, and also kefir and cottage cheese. But only the diet of such diets is so dull that not all can survive for three whole days. Almost every second person breaks down on the second day, which naturally leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of the diet.

Therefore, it is best to "sit down" on such diets, which include in your diet a fairly large list of various foods, which will allow you to stay on a limited diet and achieve your goal.

Do not now look for such a diet on the Internet. You can easily develop it for yourself, given your taste characteristics. But at the same time you need to exclude from the diet all sweet, flour, smoked, salted and fried. It is better to refuse salt and other spices for this period of time.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. However, not all of them can be eaten either. It is necessary to exclude from the diet potatoes, persimmons, bananas, grapes. Give your preference to cucumbers and tomatoes. They contain very few calories, but they have a diuretic effect and quickly remove all excess fluid from the body.

How to quickly lose weight for 3 days on 4 kg

In order to quickly lose weight, cleaning of the intestine is also effective. For this, you can eat in large quantities of boiled beets. In addition, it has a sweet sugar taste that will completely allow you to replace it with sweets. Clearing the intestine, you will notice that your stomach has become much smaller and began to look very attractive.

If you are a lover of meat or fish, do not give up these products. Once in three days you can afford them. But it should be remembered that you should choose only not fatty meat and fish. And they should be eaten only in boiled form. And since the use of salt is not desirable, they can be filled with lemon juice.

Basic rules of losing weight

So, if you decide to lose weight in 3 days, then you should stick to a few basic rules. It:

  • intake on an empty stomach 1 – 2 glasses of drinking water, while it is best to add honey in small quantities or lemon juice – this will help to satisfy hunger and contribute to reducing the eaten food during breakfast;
  • per day you need to eat 5 – 6 times in small portions;
  • daily calorie intake should not exceed 1000 kcal, which means that for one meal you should not consume more than 200 kcal;
  • during the day you need to drink 1 – 2 liters of water – this helps to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, as well as the start of metabolic processes, which also contributes to weight loss;
  • exercise is also important. Every day, you should make walks in 30 – 40 minutes, as well as perform physical exercises aimed at strengthening different muscle groups.

That's the way you can reset 3 – 4 kg in just 3 days. But remember that it leaves the liquid and contents of the intestine. For more effective weight loss requires time and rational nutrition!

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