How to remove the ears on the hips quickly at home: Exercises

Ears in the people called bulges on both sides of the buttocks, which represent one of the most common problems in women. Most often this problem worries women with the type of figure "pear".

Among the main reasons for their appearance can be called a sedentary lifestyle, as well as malnutrition, which includes a large amount of fatty foods, sugar, baking, etc. Such products adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract, which is a prerequisite for the accumulation of harmful toxins and slowing their release from the body, and as a result – unattractive "ears" in the most unnecessary place.

However, the heredity factor, which also influences their appearance, should not be excluded. For these fatty deposits is characteristic of the lack of blood circulation, so getting rid of them is not so simple, and also to the touch they are colder than other parts of the body.

Is it easy to get rid of the ears on the hips?

To bring your body in order quickly and permanently, unfortunately, is almost impossible. Given the above factors, contributing to their appearance, it becomes clear that the process of their formation took also more than one day. But if you really decided to get rid of them and do not torture yourself with complexes about their presence, then it is important to adhere to certain rules, namely:

  • daily give time for exercise;
  • Healthy food;
  • use cosmetic procedures.

Diet to eliminate such a cosmetic defect as "ears"

By setting yourself such a goal as eliminating "ears", one should not go immediately to cardinal measures in the form of fasting. Such a step will not only do no good, but can also cause harm to health and transform into a sagging skin, exhaustion of the body, exhaustion of appearance.

Food should be balanced and bring maximum benefit to man. As it was said earlier, proper nutrition will only benefit in combination with the necessary and proper physical loads, and therefore the body should receive a large amount of vitamins and nutrients. After all, he needs to replenish his resources from somewhere and transform them into energy.

Benefits will be a large number of simple drinking water, salads, low-fat dairy products, fish, as well as vegetables and fruits.

Eating food is also not desirable in the period of 2-3 hours before sleep.

Exercises used to get rid of the ears on the outside of the thigh

There are a lot of different exercises that will help get rid of the intrusive problem at home. The simplicity of their implementation and the lack of the need for additional equipment, plenty of time to visit the gym, have a significant advantage.

The simplest and classic way is squats. It is basic and can be configured with various other types of loads. There are several options for this exercise:

Classic squatting (15-20 times for the 3-4 approach)

  1. We put the feet on the width of the shoulders (the feet are parallel to each other).
  2. We keep our back straight.
  3. Loins need a little bend (too zealous not worth it).
  4. Hands stretch out in front of you.
  5. We crouch slowly, we firmly fix the heels on the ground, while the gluteal muscles tighten as much as possible.

Squatting the ballerina (10-12 times, 3 approach)

  1. The legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders (the heels are deployed to each other, and the socks to unfold in different directions).
  2. Crouch slowly, holding on to the support, to maintain balance. The back is flat during the squat, the knees are bred, but the feet should stand firmly on the floor and do not move when doing the exercise. At the last point of the squat we fix the body for 15-20 seconds.

It is important to remember that one of the reasons for this problem is insufficient circulation, accordingly, it must be restored and operated at the required speed. To do this, swing exercises are used:

"Stool" (10 repetitions on each leg)

  1. We put a chair to one side of ourselves, with one hand we hold on to its back.
  2. The second hand during the exercise we put on the waist.
  3. Straining the buttocks.
  4. We draw in the stomach.
  5. We set aside the leg. The foot of the working leg must be perpendicular to the shin, the body is even. The leg is raised as much as possible (about 70 centimeters).
  1. First you need to lie on your side.
  2. Then rest your elbow on the floor.
  3. Keep your head at this time.
  4. Raise the upper leg as high as possible, slowly.
  1. The first position is that you need to get on your knees.
  2. Palms rest on the floor, while trying to maximize the back in the lower back.
  3. We tear off the leg from the floor (in the knee it should remain bent) and do a few swings to the side.

This option is the most optimal, although it requires more free time and material costs. A positive result is a faster result and the fact that not only the "ears" disappear, but the whole body is also put in order. In the gym, attention is paid and there is the possibility of simultaneous action on various muscle groups.

Most often, the set of exercises includes warm-up, squats and flies, which are distinguished by the use of additional equipment in the form of dumbbells and bars. In addition, the benefits of training in the gym is the possibility of training with a coach who will monitor the correctness of the exercises and will be able to determine the amount of workload. And also do not forget about the competitive excitement, which spurs to a better performance of exercises.

The most common types of exercises are:

  1. Preparatory stage. To become exactly, legs are placed not too, approximately on width of hips, feet look slightly aside. The bar of the bar passes along the center of the foot, as close as possible to the foot.
  2. Focusing the body in its original position. Knees are even, the body is slowly lowered down, hands are put on the bar in this way. Knees should be inside at a distance of about 40 cm. The arms are straight and fixed with elbows.
  3. Checking. Before lifting the weight, you need to make sure that the position is correct (at the initial stage it is recommended to perform under the guidance of the trainer). The feet should be close to the bar. The back is straight.
  4. Upward movement. Breast expose forward, rise, the center of gravity on the socks can not stand. The bar is held at the shortest distance from the legs.
  5. Completion of traffic. We start lowering the weight by setting the hips back, and not by bending the knees.

Work on cardiovascular exercises includes exercises on treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical and rowing machines. The simplest of them is the treadmill. Its advantages over conventional running consist in the system of depreciation, which reduces pressure on the spine, the simulator is adjusted and adjusted for human growth, the lifting of the treadmill is regulated.

  1. Starting with walking (10-20 minutes).
  2. Running on a flat surface (15-20 minutes).
  3. Gradually increase the angle of the rise of the path.
  4. The back is flat, arms bent at the elbows during the run.
  5. Smoothly rearrange the feet (from the socks to the heel) while running.
  6. We follow the breath.

The advantages are simplicity and ease of use, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, it is possible to independently regulate the level of stress. Facilitate the employment of such a plan to improve metabolism. Before the start of the training, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions for use, adjust the height of the seat, and conduct classes no earlier than 2 hours before or after meals.

  1. Hands should be in a relaxed state.
  2. The feet are parallel.
  3. Knees are directed forward or slightly inward.
  4. Keep your head straight.
  5. Increase the speed gradually, as described below.
  6. The back is as flat as possible.

The approximate scheme of interval training:

  1. 5-10 minutes usually go off to warm up. To do this, rotate the pedals in the most comfortable mode and simultaneously stretch your hands.
  2. Make short-term acceleration (30 seconds), the tempo is medium. It is mandatory to control breathing.
  3. Further within 30 seconds, you should set the maximum intensive load and maintain the fastest possible rate.
  4. Alternate these positions.
  5. 10-15 minutes – hitch.

How to remove the ears on the inside of the thigh?

In order to get rid of the ears on the inside of the thigh, it is also recommended to perform squats. Their distinctive feature is the wide setting of the feet. Also a set of exercises includes jumping on the spot, jumping back and forth and from foot to foot.

Thus, to get rid of such problems, plyometric exercises (wide jumps, jumps on the box, jumps from the box, etc.) will come to the rescue. Such exercises are characterized by increased activity and dynamism. They require a gradual increase in the load, which is provided by the initial mastery of the technique of performing an exercise, and then by performing it in a shorter period of time, more times, and by performing sets and using complications.

  1. Lie on your back, press it tightly to the floor.
  2. Hands (palms down) pull along the trunk.
  3. Tighten the press. Straight legs tear off the floor and hold for 15-20 seconds at an angle of 45 degrees.
  4. Raise your legs (trying not to bend at the knees) alternately. It is also possible to perform cross-motions. It is important not to crawl and move your hands during this exercise.
  5. Do not throw your feet high, work in the middle range brings greater efficiency.
  6. If possible, do not bend your legs.
  7. Move smoothly.

This kind of exercise can be done in the reverse position (sitting on the bench).

  1. Lie on your side, lean on your elbow.
  2. With the other hand, hold the case in front of you.
  3. A leg (which from above) to put ahead of a knee of other leg or foot.
  4. The elongated leg should be gradually raised and lowered (not touching the floor).

Makhi feet from standing position (10-15 times per leg)

  1. Legs should be placed shoulder width apart, hands should be placed on the waist.
  2. Weight should be gradually transferred to one leg, and the other to do the mahi aside.
  3. The sock needs to be deployed.

Makhi kicked, sitting on the floor (10 times, 2-3 approach)

  1. First you need to sit on the floor.
  2. Hands to rest behind your back (for maximum balance and support).
  3. The legs must first be raised together to a height of about 10 centimeter from the floor, fixed for a couple of seconds.
  4. Then slowly and smoothly raise the legs to the sides, to the maximum position and connect them back. Sharp movements are not only not recommended, but also forbidden to avoid stretching the muscles.

This exercise is important for women's health and strengthens all the muscles in the pelvic region.

  1. Get on a special simulator, fix your legs.
  2. The back is flat.
  3. Hand fix on special handles and armrests.
  4. Slowly plant and collect legs together.

Squats with dumbbells (15 sit-ups, 3 approach)

  1. Legs are widely spread, the socks are deployed to the sides.
  2. The back is flat, bent at the waist.
  3. Take a dumbbell weighing 6 -8 kg.
  4. Crouch slowly.

Simulator Gakkenshmidt (10 times on the 2-3 approach)

The exercise of squats with the help of this machine makes it possible to minimize the load on the knee joints and back, in comparison with squats with the bar. However, the positive effect is approximately at the same level.

  1. Set the optimum weight.
  2. Lie on a special platform and rest your shoulders on the roller.
  3. The body should be kept as level as possible.
  4. Legs rest against the platform, knee joints slightly bent at the same time.
  5. We remove weight from the stoppers and smoothly transfer the load to the shoulders.
  6. Do not hurry during the performance of this physical exertion.

  1. We become face to the back of the simulator, shoulders should be started under the rollers.
  2. Legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders, while the socks should be slightly spread apart.
  3. The head should be kept exactly, the stomach should be drawn in and strained by the muscles of the press, the back should remain flat.
  4. Further slowly take the pelvis out, so that it takes position parallel to the floor.
  5. We return to the initial position with a strong, sharp upward movement, but the knee joints at the upper point do not change the angle of the bend.
  6. Complex exercises for the home is very effective, and most importantly do not need to spend a lot of time.

The above complexes have high performance indicators and the following feedback only confirms this:

An effective set of exercises for getting rid of the ears on the hips you will find in the following video:

Exercises can be done in a comfortable environment, enjoying your favorite music or while watching a movie. All that is required is a clearly formulated goal and systematic training for different muscle groups. True, with insufficient willpower, you will have to forget about good results.

Thanks for the advice, I want to lose weight too. I read Turchinskaya's book and now I want her system of training Slim mom to try, they say the results are very good

A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.

Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it's very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

Exercise for stretching is only for those who are professionally engaged in their body for example bodybuilders.


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