How to replace the press with your feet?

Foot press lying in the simulator traditionally referred to the basic exercises for training leg muscles. Usually, the foot press is performed on the day of training the legs after or instead of squatting with the barbell, since this movement perfectly utilizes the front surface of the hips, that is, our quadriceps. But what if you, for some reason or another, can not include this leg exercise in your training program? How to replace the press with your feet lying in the simulator? This is exactly what will be discussed later.

Much more often people are interested in the question of how to replace squats with a barbell, since squats are more traumatic exercise with an axial load on the spine. Therefore, people who have problems with their back perform a bench press instead of squatting with a barbell. But, nevertheless, often there are such cases that a person has no contra-indications, without any problems doing sit-ups and is looking for what to replace with bench presses only because there is no gym for foot press in the hall. In this case, as a substitute for the practice of bench press, it is best to choose one of the following leg exercises:

  • frontal squatting
  • Bench Press in Smith
  • squat
  • Extension of the legs in the machine
  • attacks

A frontal squat can be done instead of or after the usual traditional squat with a bar, in order to further focus on the front surface of the thigh.

Gakk-sit-ups in the simulator, as well as press-feet, practically relieve the load from the waist. Therefore, sit-ups in a gank car are great for those people who have problems with their back.

If in your room there is a Smith machine, then you can try to perform a press with your feet or foot in this simulator. Just lay your back on the bench, put your feet under the bar and do the same press with your feet. True, the weight will have to be taken less.

If in your room there is also no gak-simulator, then try changing the bench press in the trolley to extend the legs in the simulator. With this one-joint movement, it is possible to "finish off" the quadriceps after squats.

In extreme cases, instead of bench press, you can perform a variety of attacks with a barbell or dumbbells in a standing position. With the help of this auxiliary exercise, you will not only work on the front surface of the thigh, but also pull up the back surface of the thigh and buttocks.

How to replace the bench press will depend on the equipment of your gym and a lot of individual circumstances. Someone will do gak squats or leg extension in the simulator. Others may be more suitable frontal squats or lunges. The choice is yours.


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