How to reset 7 kg

If you have extra 7 kg (or more) and you want to get rid of them urgently, then we want to immediately warn that it will not be easy, but real. And the most difficult thing in this business is to save the result. After all, the faster the weight loss, the faster the lost pounds are returned.

The diet is based on a decrease in daily caloric intake to 1500 – 1200 kcal. In this case, the more active your lifestyle, the more calories per day you should consume. However, this weight loss will allow you to reset 7 and more kilograms for 2 – 3 months.

Well, if you want to lose weight quickly in a few weeks, then you will have to torment yourself greatly. After all, the caloric content of your daily ration should not exceed 900 calories, and this is despite the fact that every few days you should arrange for unloading days. But first things first. So, let's begin.

The first steps to success

A sharp decrease in daily calorie content can negatively affect your health and undermine your health. Therefore, you should prepare your body in advance. Reduce the daily calorie intake gradually. Refuse at first from sweets and flour, and after and from other fatty dishes.

You should also think about cleaning the intestines. It accumulates decay products that release toxic substances that poison the body from within and lead to a slowing of metabolism. And if you do not, quickly lose weight on 7 kg, you will not get, because the weight will simply "stand" in one place.

Clearing the intestine, you will notice that your stomach is smaller and the scale is shown on 3 – 4 kg less. But remember that you got rid not of fat, but of stool, which will also quickly accumulate if you move to the habitual way of life.

Therefore, do not take into account these lost pounds, and follow the result should be after you "sit down" on a diet.

What can you eat to quickly lose weight on 7 kg?

How to reset 7 kg? Naturally, you need to adjust your diet. Without this, nothing at all. It is necessary to erase all harmful products from it and forget about them once and for all! Instead of them, use only healthy foods with a minimum amount of fat.

During the diet, you can eat the following:

  • vegetables in raw and boiled form (with the exception of potatoes);
  • fruit, except bananas and grapes (in the priority of citrus fruits);
  • vegetable broth;
  • secondary chicken broths;
  • eggs boiled and steamed omelettes;
  • lean meat (in priority beef and chicken breast);
  • low-fat fish;
  • nuts;
  • fermented milk products (yogurt only natural without any additives);
  • cereals;
  • green tea and cocoa (without sugar);
  • still mineral water.

Although nuts are high-calorie, but when losing weight, their use is simply necessary. And all because they contain valuable organic acids, which improve digestion and promote the acceleration of metabolism.

About alcoholic beverages should generally be discarded, as they cause appetite and slow down metabolic processes in the body. And in the period of weight loss, this can not be allowed, otherwise it will not be possible to reach the set goals quickly.

And a few rules .

Quickly to lose weight on 7 kg by one restriction in a food it is impossible. Still some rules are required.

First, you should drink a lot of water (more than 1,5 L per day). You need to drink only purified water without any additives. It is not recommended to replace it with juices or teas, as these drinks do not have such properties. Water in turn helps to remove toxins from the body and increases the elasticity of the skin.

And if you want to lose weight quickly, then sagging the skin is guaranteed. And to avoid this, do not forget to drink water. Yes, and without physical exertion you can not do. Walking and classes are recommended in 2 gyms – 3 times a week.

Now let's talk about the food itself. Your daily calorie intake should equal 900 calories. In this case, you must eat 5 a day – 6 a day. This means that one meal for its calorie content should not exceed 150 kcal. This is difficult, but possible.

If you eat meat for lunch, then it is recommended that you just drink kefir and so on for a mid-morning snack instead of a vegetable salad. You need to correct the menu yourself, based on what you ate last time.

But remember, in no case do you need to starve. This will turn against you and instead of losing weight, you will gain weight on the contrary, because the body will include the survival function and will store fats in the stock from each meal. Lose weight correctly and you will definitely get it!

Video on how to lose weight on 7 kg

Reviews on how to reset 7 kg

The diet is at least not bad.

Reset 7 kg – it's not so little!

In addition to diet, sports, we should not forget about cosmetic procedures, such as a sauna or a sauna – excellent will remove excess water from the body and the skin will not sag. A girl is better to do face masks more often – so the blood and lymph will be faster chasing and the face will lose weight faster, because many want to lose weight to get rid of the cheeks.

I had a problem a year ago – but how to reset 7 kg? It was at the end of spring, when everyone was actively preparing for the beach season.

So I decided to use the diet described above. But for a start I prepared my body for the upcoming agonizing days: I refused desserts, stopped eating supper, cleared the intestines.

According to the diet, it was necessary to take food 5-6 once a day for a little bit. I did it so that the prescribed daily amount of calories was sent to my body until evening. But after 18.00, I had no choice but to languish with hunger.

But the most difficult thing was not to follow a diet, but in need to additionally engage in sports. And what a sin to conceal, I neglected exercises these days. Well, I took up half an hour of strength once a week.

However, I am satisfied with the result of the diet. For 11 weeks I managed to throw almost 7 kg!

After birth, I recovered greatly and my appearance was huge! I decided to lose 7 kg for a start, according to this diet. Everything that I ate, wrote down in a notebook, it was more convenient for me. The effect was very good!

I advise you to try this diet. It really works. I was invited to a wedding, and in the evening dress I did not fit. Has typed superfluous + 8 kg. So, I dumped in two weeks -8,7 kg. The dress sat on the figure better than before. Now I enjoy eating the right foods. As it turned out, it is not only tasty and useful, but also the figure leads to the norm.


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