How to start playing sports: first steps

You are determined to change your body. But for sure you do not know where to start. This article provides all the necessary information to help you achieve your goal.

Author: Shannon Clarke

Throughout the days you study articles on fitness and bodybuilding, but never started a program to change your body. You are overcome with excitement, anxiety, desire and fear. You need an additional incentive. A little more information before the start.

Whatever reasons you were forced to open this page, you turned to the address.

If you are tired of spending every evening on the couch or if you have not been to the gym for a long time, then this article is for you. You feel uncomfortable and insecure. This is normal! Remember, even Rocky once had to start from scratch. With this guide for beginners, you can achieve the goal.

The body transformation program should be started in the doctor's office. Checking the health status is not the most pleasant procedure, but it is necessary to know the possibilities of your body. During the test, there may be some deviations, from which you can get rid of a balanced diet and proper training. Your motivation will increase, new goals will appear.

If serious diseases are revealed, the doctor will advise the optimal diet and / or training. If you are not able to remember when the last time you had a full medical examination, now is the time to do it.

Most importantly, you will get complex health indicators, the change of which can be analyzed after the completion of the body transformation program. The main attention should be paid to: cholesterol / triglyceride levels, blood pressure, fasting glucose and, possibly, bone density (BMD) for older women. Through 12 weeks it is necessary to re-pass the examination in order to analyze the change in indicators. You need to take care of your health. Fitness is not only a beautiful appearance; this is good health and a high quality of life!

Remove from your life all that may be a barrier to success.

If the shelves in the cupboard burst with cookies, cakes, crackers and other junk, all this must be thrown away. Why do you need an unnecessary temptation? Say goodbye to the Snickers and Tweeds.

However rude it may sound, try to stay away from people who do not understand and do not share your desire for a new appearance. Surround yourself with people who will support you, and not in every way discourage from training and proper nutrition. Remember the movie "Rocky" – now you need Adrian, not Polly. At the initial stages of the body transformation program, you need to spend more time with those who raise morale, and not with those who suppress it.

It is not always possible to control one's environment. In this case, you need to drive away negative thoughts. Success largely depends on the emotional state. Look only forward. Do not get hung up on difficulties (how to set aside time for not training, how to plan a nutrition plan, how to strengthen muscles, how to find a common language with others), focus on positive things.

Try to maximize the effectiveness of the conversion program to suit your lifestyle. If the evening is difficult to allocate time for training, you can go to the gym in the morning. If there is a business meeting in an institution with a bad cuisine, suggest another option. Health should be the top priority in your life. You will see, over time, you will have a mass of supporters.

If you constantly reproach yourself because of the inability to follow a diet or non-ideal appearance, you need to change the tone of such an internal dialogue in a positive way. Each negative thought reflects two positive statements about your achievements. For example: "Today for lunch I ordered a dietary chicken salad" or "Throughout the day I drank 10 glasses of water." This does not necessarily have to be significant achievements – it was possible to lose as many kilograms of fat, gain as many kilograms of muscle; any progress is already progress; even small victories are important.

Replacement of negative thoughts with positive ones improves self-esteem and increases motivation. The more people fixate on their failures and weaknesses, the more negatives and fear accumulate. You need to focus on the goals and change your mindset.

To cleanse your life of "garbage", it will take a lot of time and effort. But with a bright head and an empty candy bar, making the first step to a new appearance will be much easier.

You have to make a revision in the refrigerator and closet. Where it is easier to maintain a diet, if the refrigerator is only useful food. And sports equipment and inventory will transform acquaintance with the world of fitness into an exciting activity. However banal, the desire to train often depends on the availability of comfortable and high-quality clothing.

Below is a list of what you will need at the initial stage. (Note that the list of foods can be adjusted according to the individual nutrition plan).

  • Frozen chicken breasts

These foods are the basis of a balanced nutrition plan. They provide the body with proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

You can not forget about equipment and inventory. It is desirable to have at home at least a minimum set of sports equipment (in those cases when you physically will not have time to practice).

  • Properly selected sneakers

The availability of the necessary equipment increases the effectiveness of training. Try to buy quality sports goods. Even Rocky was looking for good gloves.

If you have not gone to the gym for a while, light homework will help your body tune in for the upcoming hard work. Having mastered the technique of exercises at home, you will feel more comfortable in the gym. It is desirable to start home training as early as possible. Their duration is usually 1-2 weeks (while the rest is being prepared).

Light cardio work improves heart function, normalizes blood circulation and develops mobility. Choose any type of aerobic exercise that you like (most people will go for normal walking), and do 15-30 minutes per day 3-5 once a week.

Before you begin your visit to the gym, it is recommended to strengthen the muscles of the house with simple strength exercises.

For this purpose exercises with own weight are ideally suited – you will master different movements and learn to feel the work of muscles.

Do a cycle of four to five exercises with its own weight in 10-15 repetitions. Breaks should be 30-60 seconds. To work out all the muscles in a complex way, you need to choose one exercise for each part of the body.

Change the exercises on each workout. Muscles will not be able to adapt to the load, and you will learn to perform various movements. After a while you will feel the strength to move to work with weights.

The Italian Stallion had to work hard to win the right to enter the ring with Apollo. The same fate awaits you. You can even go to workout every day, but the results will largely depend on what happens outside the gym walls. If you lead a disorderly lifestyle, you will not be able to achieve your goals.

Monitor alcohol consumption and stress level; sleep well; support motivation. Each of these factors plays a huge role on the road to success.

Sleep is necessary for normal muscle recovery and metabolism. Chronic lack of sleep will not allow you to give all the best in the gym. A person should sleep at least 8 hours per day. Take this recommendation into service. The difference will be felt immediately.

Stress negatively affects the body of any person. But for fitness enthusiasts, a high level of stress can become a real obstacle in achieving this goal. Because of the constant hassle of the body does not have time to recover, there is a risk of overeating. Practice effective methods of stress management: keeping a diary, meditating, communicating with friends, a long drive by car around the city. Better yet, run a marathon, as Rocky did. Determine what techniques help you, and use them to deal with stress.

Alcohol is a toxin that slows down the breakdown of fats. And there is no difference – or you abuse it on weekends, or you allow yourself only a small glass in the evening after work. The ability of the body to burn fat is blocked until the moment when all alcohol is removed from it. In addition, alcohol prevents normal recovery of muscles after physical exertion. Free your life from alcohol as much as possible.

But the most important thing is that before you start the process of transformation, you must develop a strong motivation. If you stand with one foot here and the other foot there, try to find such incentives that will save you from the slightest hesitation. Find a like-minded person, sign up for a section, pay for the services of a personal fitness instructor or simply make a list of the benefits that a new look will give you. Do not forget about self-promotion after achieving small goals. Use any tricks to fully get involved in a new way of life. Repeat to yourself: "At any cost, at any cost."

Remember: maintaining motivation at a high level requires constant efforts – even when Rocky doubted his victory, he did not stop to give his best in training.

Goals should be specific and clear. It is desirable that they combine both physical changes (lose weight, gain muscle mass), and quality (increase the weight in bench presses by 5 kg, run 2 km for 10 minutes). "Double" goals help to maintain a constant motivation – even if one of the components begins to weaken. The most important are health-related goals, as well as lifestyle and relationships. Want to have more energy and energy to play with the child? So write it down.

The more you strive for the goal, the higher the chances of achieving it.

Gloves on your hands, and you're in the ring. It's time to start the transformation. If you plan to study on an individual program, carefully read it to understand what is required of you. "Work the corps," babe.

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