How to start weight loss: step by step guide


Before you start reading the material, you should make some caveats: on the way to changes in the body nothing is given easily. Your dream is a war for orderliness and smartness.

How to start weight loss: step by step guide

Every step is one battle in the war. Depending on whether you lose or lose this battle, there is also the result of the war.

Starting weight loss, be prepared for the need to completely change the way of life. Losing weight – this is not a temporary adjustment – it's a turn at 180 degrees.

How to start weight loss: the main advice of a nutritionist

Becoming on the path of losing weight, a person chooses one of two ways: slippery or reliable. Slippery and dangerous path – a diet that promises-10 kg per week, and special drugs that promote weight loss.

Why choose the latter?

Diet, despite its high efficiency, after its completion, returns the extra pounds to "its own": at best, a couple of days after leaving the diet, you will remain with the same centimeters with which you started, at worst – gain superfluous and gloriously spoil health.

Proper nutrition is also a kind, healthy and perpetual diet. Accordingly, reliable weight loss will not only improve the figure, but also the endurance of the body.

Step-by-Step Action Plan

So, where to start losing weight at home? The main guarantee of a healthy and effective discharge of excess weight is to consume more energy than its consumption.

In other words, if the daily calorie content of the food consumed is 2000 kcal, and the consumed food is 1500, then it will not be possible to lose weight.

For rational weight loss, dieticians recommend using standard formulas to calculate the body mass index, as well as the size of the optimal daily calorie for weight loss.

  • Evaluate your weight. To do this, use the body mass index (BMI) formula: BMI = weight (kg) / height² (m)

Consider the example of a woman weighing 70 kg with an increase of 158 cm. Her BMI will be approximately:

This result indicates the need to lose weight.

Before you start losing weight at home, be sure to calculate BMI: calculations will help you to orient yourself in the optimal intensity of your diet plan. Compare the results with the table.

With indicators from 40 and above, you should start to sound the alarm and unconditionally refer to the help of professionals.

There is a risk that a person is sick with diabetes if the ratio of the waist to the hip ratio in men exceeds 0,9 units, and in women 0,8.

  • Determine the physiological (actual) indicator of the daily energy expenditure.

The energy consumption of the body occurs around the clock: for the work of the heart and blood vessels, breathing and other, necessary to maintain life, processes are consumed kilocalories.

The formulas given in the table will help to determine the correct calorific value for healthy functioning.

Consider the example of 28-year-old girl, whose weight is 67 kg.

(0,0621 x 67 + 2,0357) x 240 = 1490 kcal – this is the indicator of the amount of calories consumed to sustain life.

For the male, the formula table looks like this.

Counting occurs in a similar sequence of actions in the above example.

Among other things, in calculations it is important to take into account not only the age and body weight, but also the level of physical activity. So, if it is completely absent, multiply the result from the formula by 1,1; moderate physical activity is estimated in 1,3 "score", and increased – in 1,5.

Suppose a girl from the example stably three times a week arranges 2-x hour walks, respectively, her indicator of the norm of daily caloric content will be equal to the product 1490 on 1,3, that is 1900 kcal.

How to use the calculated figures for weight loss? The main thing that you should be guided by is the difference between consumed and consumed calories.

So, if you want to keep the weight, it should be approximately equal to zero, if you add, then the consumed ones should prevail, and if you throw off excess kilograms – the energy expended should exceed the calories consumed.

In addition to formulas, the competent start of the process of losing weight at home includes studying the basic theory of a healthy lifestyle. It is advisable for a slimming person to use the following tips:

  1. Work on the diet. Boring and tasteless good nutrition – a cliche. In fact, due to the recent rise in the balanced diet to the level of the mainstream, a person who adheres to a healthy lifestyle can diversify his diet with incredible culinary masterpieces from simple and useful ingredients. Just use the query in the search Internet services: recipes for proper nutrition;
  2. Water is the basis of life, therefore maintenance of water balance in human, as well as any other living organism is necessary. In determining the daily rate of consumption of clean water, you should focus on weight (see image);
  3. One correct diet is not enough. It is important to reduce the volume of each meal, while increasing their frequency. Ideally, the average time interval between eating is about 3 hours. However, not everyone can afford such a schedule. Thus, it is worth taking care that the minimum amount of meals is 3 times a day;
  4. Physical exercise. At this point, you can give vent to fantasy: choreography or fitness, walking or biking, yoga or swimming, morning exercises or jogging. Choose something that is closer to heart.

Read here, in which foods a lot of vitamin B.

Why can there be nausea after eating? There is an answer to this question.

How to start running from scratch for weight loss

The most effective method of weight loss through exercise is running.

Morning or evening jogging is the ideal form of cardio training, in which the whole complex of muscles is involved, the body is saturated with oxygen and forces, the heart muscle, blood vessels, lungs and bones are strengthened.

For beginners in the field of running, this sport looks especially frightening, but there is nothing to fear: every professional was once a kettle.

There are two types of running for weight loss: jogging and interval. The first implies continuous movement at low speed for at least 40 minutes.

After overcoming the time mark, active burning of fats begins.

Interval running has a greater effect on the fellow, but contraindications to its "application" are much greater: smokers or patients with cardiovascular diseases should completely forget about the sprint.

This technique allows you to recreate in the body a differential of conditions, which entails splitting of fats in an accelerated mode.

Beginning to run from scratch should be from short distances (regardless of the type of running). Your first workout can last a couple of minutes, but hard work will make itself felt in a few months, when you easily cross the 8-kilometer line.

When it comes to evening or morning jogging, it is important to provide yourself with the necessary requisites: sportswear and the right shoes. The charge of vivacity will give an energetic and dynamic playlist of music in the headphones.

Particular attention should be paid to breathing: it should be done through the nose, not the oral cavity. Put your foot correctly! Your heel should touch the running surface, otherwise you risk getting unpleasant pain in the calves.

Be sure to select the optimal type and time of training. You must be full of energy and have a good mood.

Accompanying recommendations to beginners to grow thin

How to start weight loss: step by step guide

  • A balanced diet, intensive training, an active lifestyle, a positive attitude – ideal conditions for starting point;
  • A sober assessment of one's own body and capabilities will help to avoid disruption. Measure your parameters, determine the weight, take a picture: you have to understand what you are going from. Decide on the desired end result. Find an example to continue working on yourself: this can be a photo of a random girl from the Internet or a figure of a celebrity;
  • Set realistic deadlines for achieving the goal. Of course, getting rid of 10 kilograms per month is possible, but it is worth taking into account how such a difference will affect the health of the body. Optimal indicators of healthy weight loss: 2-4 kg per month. With such speed fatty deposits leave, and not muscular weight;
  • Look for support and like-minded people. There are many different thematic forums or communities on social networks where people united by one goal work on themselves. Perhaps your friend has long wanted to go to the gym, and a friend – to start eating right. The main thing – never listen to those who arise against your changes in the figure. Remember, your body is your business;
  • Diary of nutrition and exercise will help monitor progress. You can write down the food you eat and the number of squats you have done, either in a regular notebook or notebook, or in special applications on the phone that help keep going to the goal. By the way, in communities devoted to weight loss, it is common to hold free marathons. If you manage to enroll in this, then the daily reports to other participants about their successes will undoubtedly motivate you;
  • Praise yourself! In tribute to your efforts, always reward yourself with something long-awaited and charming (only not croissants from the bakery). For example, if in a month you could lose the right amount of kilograms, then buy a pair of charming shoes, and in three months – new jeans, which, while in the old body, you did not dare to dream.

We wish good luck in your accomplishments!

I started training with the fact that I read the book by coach Irina Turchinskaya "A new life in an ideal body." She gave me a lot of motivation, and began to train on the system of training "Slender Mama" of the same coach. The result is already there, I try to eat properly, even I can begin to drink model forms, so that the effect is even greater

There was a problem. I stumbled upon this article, and decided to try to lose weight. For example, took a girlfriend with me, we are almost the same weight (I have an index 26, and she has 26,4). Both respected everything as it should, according to the rules, but in the end after the passage of the month, the girlfriend dropped a little in weight, and this gives her motivation to continue. I did not budge! What's the matter? Maybe in a different structure of the body, and I start looking for a different approach? Help me please.

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